A Day In Paradise


Paradise pier into water

With the busy world going on around us, we just sometimes forget where we are, what we have, or where we are going. In this writing, I just wanted to remind myself and others that we are always looking somewhere else for that “paradise”, when “paradise” is right in front of us! Muse upon your pieces of paradise as you enjoy reading!


A Day In Paradise

As my eyes open I see the fingers of the trees reaching to God in His blue sky.

I stretch and smell the hint of vanilla in the coffee.

It is so good to feel rest.

It is so good to feel peace.

As the tree’s fingers slightly flow by the invisible winds, your heart knows this is heaven.

You hear family having conversations about movies or games or songs.

You watch as the chickadees make their first advancement of the day to the nourishing seeds.

The sulphurs and other butterflies make paths around the clover and dandelions.

Free as the wind.

Free as the flower seed.

This is heaven.

The big pups stretch and yawn after waking in the grass and under the sunshine.

Little brown dog finds the sun at the front door and lies so her belly feels God’s warmth.

You can see the plants grow with each ray, and the flowers pop against the green and blue.

The slight snores out of his masculine body provide a sound of comfort.

“Are you up and about yet?” in a call lets you know you are blessed to share another day with two beautiful souls.

As you settle into the chair, it wraps warmth and comfort to your soul.

The light provided in the book of choice reminds the mind and journeys to thoughts of reflection.

You become thankful for the warm water God provides to splash your face.

Your eyes open and you realize—

It is another day in paradise.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me by reading the blog.  From one vacationer in paradise to another!