Let Your Soul Rest


The soul is such a precious thing to protect.  I find that much of the time I am the one my soul needs protecting from!  I am really hard on myself.  I micromanage and pick apart my inner being.  I know there are others that do the same.  So for those of us who do this, we must be aware and recognize what we can do to ourselves.  When we feel trends and actions happening that have damaged our souls before, we need to be alert and divert from these happenings.  If we don’t care for ourselves, no one else will.  Sometimes it is as simple as acknowledging to back off and let your soul have a rest.  Your soul needs to reflect in order to relax and expand, and we must allow for that time.  So if you are like me, stop being so hard on yourself.  Start letting peace, rest, and repair seep into your hidden being.  Give your soul a break from yourself!

Let Your Soul Rest

We can be really be tough on our souls.

We abuse them.

We torture them.

We hold back love from them.

Our souls take a beating.

By the one that should so greatly protect it.


We have to love ourselves.

We have to love our soul.

Accepting our soul is loving ourselves.

Our soul reserves the deep thoughts of our self.

This is the place where we can be honest with ourselves.


Each of us is so special.

Made with a soul that has been genetically designed.

The mystery that so many of us seek.

Can be found so easily by looking inward.

All we need to do is to examine our own code.

Our own special soul that acts like no other soul.


What is a soul?

No one body part contains it.

No one body part controls it.

It takes the mind.

It takes the heart.

It takes the chemicals.


All of these connect into the soul.

All of these function by the direction of the soul.

We experience the feelings deep inside.

Deeper than any physical part.

We have the deep belief gathering in our psyche.

So much of the time the belief that our soul is not good enough.


Let your soul heal and repair.

Let your soul accept who you are.

Let the mind be at peace.

Let your soul be.

Let your soul rest.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Watch and catch yourself this week when you become too hard on yourself.  Take a step back, breath, and let the peace consume you.  Your perception and look upon living will allow your soul to grow leaps and bounds!  God bless your soul!










To Love or Not


It is very easy to distant yourself from others.  When you are alone, there are no expectations or commitments.  It becomes very easy to not show love or to love others.  You don’t have to deal with complications or feelings.  You don’t have to sacrifice or be responsible for someone else.  But this is just not how humans were made.  We were made to have relationships.  We were made to love and to engage in companionship.  With a lot of love dancing around this week, I felt it very appropriate to address the true meaning of love and the choice of whether to love.  Love does not always equate to romance with just one individual.  Love is so much bigger!  It is so much deeper!  Although we all seek the most romantic love, love is most often found in relationships with family, friends, and even strangers.  If we allow it.  So after examining how many people have taught me to love, you see today what my choice would be!  With all that is going on in the world these days, I hope you find it in your heart to find love.  It may just be the next smile you give to someone!

To Love or Not?

Love is sitting with me as I mourn.

Love is laughing with me as I celebrate.

Love is hard.

Love is easy.


Love is bathing me when I am ill.

Love is feeding me when I cannot feed myself.

Love is strong.

Love is weak.


Love is being with me in silence.

Love is arguing with me about which bread to buy.

Love is being quiet.

Love is being loud.


Love is taking me to the doctor when you could be with friends.

Love is carrying me to therapy and seeing that I am doing it all right.

Love is sacrifice.

Love is care.


Love is calling me at just the right time.

Love is texting me with the most encouraging words.

Love is being there for me.

Love is pushing me forward.


Love is rubbing my arms, my back, and my shoulders when I am sore.

Love is watching a mystery show with me as we both try to solve it.

Love is simple.

Love is complicated.


Love is you letting me lay my head across your legs to feel safe.

Love is moving concrete pieces in the garden three inches.

Love is security.

Love is backbreaking.


Love is sharing your snores with me.

Love is giving me a tissue when I cry.

Love is sharing your day with me.

Love is asking about mine.


Love is the joy you share together as you hold your children the first time.

Love is your hands clasps tightly when as a team you watch your children graduate from college.

Love is safety.

Love is freedom.


Love is finding the right gift to give.

Love is accepting any gift with grace.

Love is giving.

Love is taking.


Love is putting my sock on me when I cannot bend.

Love is getting my medicine.

Love is driving all night to the beach so you can both see the sunrise.

Love is sharing your hot fudge sundae.


Love is reassuring my mom when her Alzheimer’s flares up.

Love is giving me grandchildren to love. 

Love hurts.

Love feels good.


Love is signing on the line with me to own a home.

Love is giving up the sports car to buy a van.

Love is a risk.

Love is sacrifice.


Love is letting me win even when I am wrong.

Love is giving in when I am right.

Love is power.

Love is powerless.


To love or not?

If you haven’t loved, you cannot understand how to live.

If you haven’t lived, you cannot love.

I would have it no other way but to love!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Don’t take the easy way out this week.  Purposely give your love away.  You will find that you will receive so much more in return!  Love to everyone!



The Past Chase


It may come in the form of a nightmare.  Or it may suddenly be like a deja vu.  You catch yourself focusing on it.  Every other thought returns to it.  You just cannot shake it!  You begin to make up scenarios of how to handle it.  Your emotions move to their highest.  You just finally want to scream at this “thing”!!!  I know for me letting go is the hardest to do.  But we have to in order to move on our life path.  If we choose to hang on, chew it while, throw it around, attempt to always solve it, or grip with all our strength, the “thing” becomes controlling.  A controller of your peace and love.  If the “thing” bothering you holds on this week, just stop and give a scary scream—-get out of here!!!!

The Past Chase

Let go of me!

Please let go.

Keep your hold away from me!


I had hoped once a certain week was past that you would let me be.

Your grip continues to strangle my peace.

Your want and fear chases me.


Just stay away!

No one wants you in their lives.

No one wants your arrogance or selfishness.


You grab souls trying to extinguish their lights.

Trying to hide them from being seen.

Because you are so afraid.


So afraid of love.

So afraid of losing what you think is power.

Afraid to see others loving.


The light you seek to destroy can never be trapped so stop trying to capture it.

Let the light be free!

For it will burn through you to be seen in its purest form.


Let me go!

Let my light go!

Go away forever!


For my light will consume you until it returns to the great warmth from which it came.

And your grasp will slowly dwindle to nothing,

Because you have no light within the Devine.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope your week can be peaceful from “things” of all sorts.  May God help you rest your soul and your mind this week.  At least if you scream, you are really getting some good deep breaths and exhaling all that negative stuff!

Sparkles in the Sky


Have you ever heard of the saying “star struck”?  I get that way every winter!  There is nothing more wondrous than the sky in winter!  When you stand alone in the pure dark, illuminated by these magnificent spheres of gas, one cannot help but to be in awe.  I feel like I could just look up and stare for hours.  And the emotions that rise up in you when peace has covered you in such a majestic way.  I normally take a breath that reaches deep into my belly, and then I release a long, slow breath taking in the miracle.  You just know that there is something bigger than you, but that you are such an important part of it.  This knowing brings comfort to your soul.  Seek and search that sky this week.  Take comfort in knowing that you are as important to these stars as they are to you.  Let the miracle of light flow through your bones and into your living!

Sparkles in the Sky

So many.

So far.

So bright.

So dark.

So clear.

So quiet.


A million diamonds.

Sparkle and make patterns.

The air is so fresh and crisp.

Breaths can be seen.


You feel a cleansing.

A cleansing of not just the land but the soul.

The light of each billions of miles away touches right upon your eye.

You feel so close to each.


The chemicals that keep each one sparkling is so pure.

You become pure because you know purity is in the eye of the Beholder.

The Beholder creates the sparks again and again.

The sparks strike out again to reach a view.


So silent.

So transparent.

So black.

So brilliant.

So distant.

So much.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for a blessed revelation in your life this week.  That you can find comfort in our natural miracles and hold on to your faith with peace.  Through these miracles souls are with you through God’s grace!  My sweet baby told me one time to never forget that when I was looking at this great vast sky that she was too, so we would always be together.  This week let the sky keep you with those that you love and those that love you!