The Educated Masses

The Educated Masses

My sweet man, Danny, completes a 40 year career this week of sharing wisdom with others.  For way over 60% of his life he has willingly gone each day and shared his love of this country with people.  He has taught them how wonderful this country is even with its birth, growing pains, defeats, and victories.  He has carried the masses to Shiloh, introduced them to Theodore Roosevelt, planned out war strategies at Bunker Hill, shared stories of the 9/11 victims, and showed them how America’s pop culture like Forest Gump can really be historical.  He has touched so many people.  And most of the time the importance of this affect has not been felt until these young people were grown men and women.  I am certainly glad that my man chose to educate the masses, because in doing so he has positively influenced so many.  So–congratulations my Babe on a job well done!  Focus now on your life and family, and don’t expect me to watch those World War I and II black and white videos with you!!

The Educated Masses

Never would I leave you.

I could never abandon you.

Especially at such a bridging point in your life.

I am so proud of all your accomplishments.


You work so hard.

Even though it appears we laugh and constantly have fun,

You know the seriousness of the situation.

And when it is time to excel, you do so.


I need you to know I cherish our learning together.

I cherish our talks around working.

Our moments where we needed to cry and laugh.

The moments we celebrated and grew.


Thank you for singing with me.

Thank you for acting silly with me.

Thank you for dancing with me.

You trusted me when I said we could learn better that way.


I did what I did for you.

For you be successful.

For you to understand your growth.

For you to move strongly into your next life phase.


Your determination will carry me.

Your concern and love will ignite my days.

I know our lives at this moment and at this time is for a reason, an important reason.

That reason may not show today, but it will someday.


The only regret I have,

Is this action causing our separation.

I will never regret being patient for you to learn.

I will never regret letting each of you learn in your own time and in your own way.


I am so sad to go.

And to go on this date was not a bad joke.

Time just fell in this space.

Know that I will cry for our lost time.


But know I will smile,

Because I know the greatness you will bring to the world.

Your greatness will come from not just going to school,

But from the time we really lived through the learning.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I wrote this piece from the reflection I experienced 4 years ago when I was changing my life course and retired from teaching.  I did not want to leave my students, but life was offering me new experiences and adventures!  There are teachers that are storytellers, performers, thinkers, and doers, but no matter the type, they go in each day expecting to give their very best in order to serve others.  And actually, we all serve as teachers in our lives to someone.  So send out a special thanks to all the teacher that are making the great effort day to day in strengthening and creating learning paths for our children.  I say a heart-felt thanks to all of my teachers and the teachers of my children.  Blessings be on you and your families!

Thanks to each one of you this week for reading with me.  I hope you reach out and share your teaching ability with someone this week!  Watch for the opportunity!  God bless you!








What Dream Will It Be Today?

What Dream Will It Be Today

We start dreaming at a very young age.  We dream of being heroes, wonderful lives, and magical adventures.  We even act these out through play and make believe.  As we mature, we often keep our dreams to ourselves.  In our minds, our dreams take us through many adventures and down many paths.  As we age, we continue to dream, however it seems the dreams come less often.  As the responsibilities of life increase, sometimes those dreams are still with us, but they are put on the back burner.  We have to make a conscious effort to never let those dreams die or go away.  We must nurture and believe.  You see our dreams are our gifts and purpose in this life.  Our minds would not even consider them if they were not the real passions that we possess.  So never give those dreams up.  Revisit them, seek them, and pursue them.  Let you mind go wild and dream those dreams no matter your age!!

What Dream Will It Be Today?

Will I travel the ocean to explore an unknown land?

If I can dream it,

It can be.


Maybe I will discover it today.

I will research and explore til I find it.

It will help cure someone in the future.


I will create it in such a way that others can understand.

The creation will soothe souls and caress a heart ache.

Because the creation will be from the spirit.


I will be a writer of verse today.

Somewhere inside I will pull the emotion and feelings to put down original words.

These words will meet the needs of others.


Today I will heal with a smile or a kind word.

I will be allowed to go out into the masses and bring hope to a lost soul.

I can be a savior for one day.


The defense I present will protect another today.

They will not be harmed because I will be their protector.

I will stand for the wronged and present the truth.


The seed will be planted.

I will assist it in coming to life.

Gardening will be my dream.


Teaching those who need education can be my today.

The knowledge I have gathered will be shared,

So others can understand and be wise.


My ears will listen today.

They will hear the woes and joys of others.

I can be a counselor for them today.


If I think it,

I can dream it.

If I dare to dream.


If I can dream it,

I can make it happen.

If only I chose to dream.


And if I make it happen,

This world can be a better place by dreaming.

I have a feeling that Jesus dreamed.


What will you dream today?

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for visiting with me this week.  You have helped one of my dreams come true!  One of the best way to accomplish our dreams is through community, and you have been my community.  You have read and listened to my inner and outer thoughts.  You have encouraged me to keep dreaming!  May your dreams come true this week!







My Mothers

My Mothers

I realize we are all born of one Mother.  I was just blessed that my true Mom, Em, saw fit for me to be surrounded with some of the strongest and most amazing women alive.  These women won’t be remembered by the masses, and they will not be recognized in the news.  They were and are what this beautiful world is made of—-Gifted women that rise above their stations in allowing God to use them in teaching others.  I can vividly recall their specific touch on my life.  My Mom was so wonderfully confident to allow me to know these women.  I hope you remember all your Mothers this week.  So whether it be an aunt, a grandmother, a sister, a cousin, or a family friend, I hope you remember the influence they have passed on to you.  I say thanks to each and every one of them!

My Mothers

Each so creative.

Each sharing their lives and their gifts with those they love.

Never knowing they were each mentors.

Never knowing how they guide and provide others with direction.

They molded minds and imprinted their gifts upon the young.


Her gentle, worn hands loosens the dirt as she places the seeds in the shallow opening.

Her touch alone brings the seed to life.

She would grow and gather these blessings showing me the love of God’s natural world.

She never knew she had the “real green thumb.”


She would hold my hand, gently caressing it.

Reading the lines of my heart.

Knowing what the future would hold for me.

She always gave me hope.


She would always be seen with many bracelets, earrings, and gloves.

Her head would be held high as if she was walking the runway.

She would pronounce to all that everyone can walk in life like they just stepped off 5th avenue.

She showed me it is ok to be eccentric and own it!


Her small hand would caress my cheek and my fears were always calmed.

She would let me get away with eating the crust off the cornbread.

She did not have to speak, only touch and I knew I was protected.

I was always safe to take risk with her.


She would prepare the food with perfection.

Her table would be overrun with delicacies.

But as the chairs were gathered around the table,

It was the conversation she allowed to be shared above the food that was the richest.


Her expressions and tones made all stories the most exciting.

She would teach us that all people are story tellers.

The dullest visit to the supermarket was turned into an adventure.

She gave me dreams of lands far away.


Her giggle and laugh would turn the worst situation into fun.

She spread sunshine through smiles.

She took me in as her daughter.

She carried me along on her fun runs.


She really danced to her own dreams,

As if no one was watching.

I would watch her float across the floor like she was dancing with the angels.

She taught me that music could lift you to heaven.


Her fingers would glide along the keys bringing the written notes to life.

But her bravery when she lost her youngest taught me to go on and be strong.

She showed me how to use your gifts through the tough time.

She also showed me how to love God during all the times.


She gave me the love of the arts and museums.

I was free to touch and take in all the beauty of her sculptures, paintings, and creative pieces.

In her home I was allowed to learn about the arts in joy and love.

She taught me that anyone can enjoy God’s creative riches, no matter your position in life.


She could make all the aromas of the green herbs spring forth.

I learned to not only look at the plants,

But I learned that touching and smelling them was just as important.

I learned to smell the love of God through her blessings.


All of these are my Mothers.

Loving me in their very own way.

Guiding me with their gifts.

Holding my heart in their hands and caressing my soul.

And everyone becoming a real part of me.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for reading with me this week!  Thanks to God for my children!  My children thank you for choosing me as your Mom.  I have been so blessed!  Remember you are the Mother or a Father to many people, so use your gifts in order that others can also pass the torch in being strong, brave individuals  Especially brave in being who they really are!








Gods’ Tears of Joy

Gods Tears of Joy

When the clouds gather and the landscape turns grey, we know rain will soon be coming.  We can face this with fear and dread, or we can embrace the opportunity to be washed by God’s tears.  As I reflect upon the flood that occurred in our area several years ago, I can certainly understand why some would develop fear.  We have to keep perspective of knowing these situations do not happen often.  Instead we can relish the time to reflect, dwell on hope, and cleanse our souls.  As the spring brings God’s rain, look this week for all the healing points in your life.  Look for the times God’s tears have healed you.  Sit back and soak in the waters of joy!

God’s Tears of Joy

They tap the window softly putting me to sleep.

They gently wash the mane of the horses relaxing in the field.

They nurture the blades of grass.

They fill the spaces left in the ground,

So the birds can bath and drink.


They flow through the creek feeding the small creatures underneath.

They touch my forehead and roll down my face cooling my heated body.

They stream down the waterfall creating a cool breeze.

They fill the spring in the woods so the deer can sip the cool drops.

They sweep the dirt from the fountain leaving a cistern of clean water.


The tears refill the water well so His refreshing touch can be felt another day.

The tears fall on the dirt that causes the mushrooms to spring up in circles.

The tears wash away the leaves and small brush down the hills,

Making a place for animals to hide and bed.

The tears cool and heat the chemicals that make electricity come to life.


They travel back by warmth to the sky,

And collect back into the clouds to be used another day.

They fall upon the ground.

They warm the seeds to sprout and burst forth.

Flowers follow from the blessing.


God’s tears of joy are good, pure, and clean.

They give me hope, relief, and a calming.

His tears are to clean us.

They make us new.

The tears nurture our souls.


And God said, “It is good.”

As He smiled a rainbow that reached across the sky.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for being with me this week.  I am humbled knowing you chose to share your precious time with me.  I pray that God’s tears will wash many blessings your way this week!