Looking Beyond

Looking Beyond

It is very difficult to love everyone. We say we want to, but when reality sets in there are those we cannot bring ourselves to love. Even though this is a human thing which is why we are not like God, our purpose should be to strive for this type of love. Past the barriers, past the differences, past the difficulties, and past the hurts, you should not deny anyone your spiritual love. As we have honored Dr. King within the last week, I pray that we are not just still trying to have the dream, but that Dr. King we are living God’s dream—Love your neighbor as yourself. And that is where the real issue comes in—most people do not love themselves. If you have not looked beyond, start today, and start by loving yourself—then others will follow. God set an example, Dr. King posted the challenge, so let’s strive to make that example and challenge a reality in our own lives.

Looking Beyond

 God denies no one His love.

Only people deny other people love.

An old soul once told me this.

She was so very right.

People make others beg for affection.

They make others ask over and over for attention.

They feel stronger when others have to ask for a thank you.

And deny those that do not see the world

Or eternity the same as they do.


What makes these people think they can hold back love?

When they hold back love,

They can never be loved.

They can never have joy,

Because they cannot give.


Nor can they receive.

They cannot see beyond.

They cannot reach beyond.

God has no limits like these.

God sets no boundaries like these.


Why can we not find peace and comfort?

Because we cannot go past the boundaries.

We are not capable of looking beyond what we see.

Those of us that do look beyond what we see receive stigmas,

Because our gifts are frightening to others.


God looks beyond.

He looks beyond all our faults to see the goodness we all possess.

But we just have such trouble.

Looking beyond what we want to see.


I don’t want to see that worry.

I want to see the resolution.

I don’t want to see that problem.

I want to see a solution.


I don’t want to see that angry soul.

I want to see their hurt so I can help.

I don’t want to see the pain.

I want to see the joy.

I don’t want to see the abuse.

I want to see the love.

I don’t want to see the lies.

I want to see the truth.


I don’t want to see the fear.

I want to see the hope.

I don’t want to see the crying.

I want to see the laughter.


God help me to keep trying to look beyond.

So I can really see.

So I can see the light that denies no one the love, especially me.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Look through, look out there, and look within this week. There is so much more for each of us if we will only practice loving! Thank you so much for reading with me this week. I hope love fills your heart and soul this week.





Crystals II

Nature has brought us wonderful scenes over the past week! The cold has brought spectacular visions of jewels all across the land! The frost and the ice that form on the Earth’s surface makes for the most amazing light show helping us feel we are planted in the middle of diamonds or emeralds or sapphires! It also reminds us that beneath what appears cold and barren can really be warming and giving. Our perspective has to be open to witness the miracle. Look inside something or someone you may feel is cold and barren this week. Be ready to see the blessing that may be offered when you are really ready to view the crystals they have buried inside!


Is it diamonds I see?

The lights sparkle.

The space gives way to jewels amongst the weeds.


It is as if I can see through them,

Yet they reveal all by watching them.

One light turns into another light.


Even though the cold permeates the air,

The light pierces through the air and creates visions of crystals.

Each crystal leading another soul through the grain and grass.


One is a diamond, one is an emerald, and another is a sapphire.

Although the growth appears colorless,

The crystals reveal all the colors of the brightest light!


Like a rainbow across the ground.

This fills my soul with warmth.

The light is not contained,

But spreads across the heaven and the Earth to be seen in another form.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 We are given so many souls to reach and love this week. Some of these souls may not appear warm and giving, but remember we must be open to see what is inside and how our gifts can provide a new perspective. The light reflecting upon water always bears amazing colors and shapes!

 A very special thanks to Matt Stonerock for getting our technology up and running again so that we could visit and share! You are a sparkling jewel in our lives!

Thank you so much for reading with me this week! I am blessed to have many crystals that sparkle and make my life an amazing trunk of jewels on and in this beautiful Earth!




Time and Space

Time and SpaceI am back! Sorry to have been away so long—major computer issues (sad face).  I have missed all of you so much. How ironic though because this week’s writing is about our perception of time and space. I cannot believe how the time has passed so quickly over the past month. I hope you have cherished each moment of each day especially with family and friends—because we are where we are suppose to be right now! Make the very most of that time. Do not count your blessings by the clock or calendar.  If you have not yet, start 2015 off riding a beam of light! Take in all that you can in this very millisecond—you do not want to miss any blessings that are meant to come your way!

Time and Space

Someday I wonder—

Time seems important yet so unnecessary.

I know my spirit is not where my body is,

But I do know that my heart is where my soul lies.


We don’t need time to tell us who we are,

Yet we number our years, our days, our hours, and our minutes.

The sun disappears in one spot and reappears in another.

Rainbows seem to have an ending and beginning,

Yet the ending and beginning are only real to the visual beholder.


If I could ride a beam of light in all its color,

I could go on forever!

Is time real?

Some days it is real,

And other days it is not,

But today is where we are in time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Hold in your soul and heart all that you experience on your light beam ride! I wish all the wonderful new year blessings that God will have for you and your family. Thank you for taking time to read with me this week. I am honored how you spend your time!