You Are Free

You Are Free

As fall gives its last goodbye this week to winter, I am reminded of having to let go in my life to a dear friend.  It was one of those situations where things were said out of honesty.  After all was said and done, it really doesn’t matter what was said, honesty discussions happened in a bad way.  It is very apparent that most of the time this letting go of such love in a friendship and companionship is the same as a death in your life.  You wait for the phone to ring and it doesn’t, or the phone rings and you hope it is the voice you can depend on.  But it is neither.  Your heart hurts, and you doubt yourself tremendously.  But for personal physical, mental, and spiritual health, we sometimes have to say goodbye.  You have to regain your confidence in reaching out to others because of the experience.  Again  in order to heal we must let go.  If you are saying your last goodbye to someone this week or someone in your past, remember you must move on.  I hope todays writing will speak to you in an inspirational way!

You Are Free

I trusted you.

I opened up my pain and hurt to you

And my joy and gladness.

You made me believe that I mattered.


You made me believe that my soul was special to this world and other worlds.

I had thought this was a friendship that was forever.

If only I knew how I went wrong?

What did I do?

What did I say or not say?


How can I turn the time back.

I cannot say I could not do it again,

Because I do not know what I did in the beginning.

I confided about the life I was living,

But I must have not been living right.


I was only trying to make it through a dark time when my heart hurt for family.

It saddens me so and my soul hurts.

I know I cannot let this hinder God’s glory and direction for me.

For it will take time I have found to move forward rather than moving back.


For so often over the year I have questioned and questioned what I have done?

What did I do?

I have allowed you to make me question my faith too much.

I have allowed you to wedge my heart with doubt.

I have allowed you to make me question who I am.


I am trying hard to accept.

To accept this road that has been set.

I have hurt and I have cried so many days and nights.

I have been mad and I have been glad.


You have gone behind me and shared with others my heart’s sounds.

So I know it is time to let go.

We have always said how hard freedom really can be.

But I know I must set you free.


Free to not speak with me.

Free to not talk with me.

Free to not just sit with me.

No obligation to me.


I do not wish harm for you.

I do not wish bad days for you.

I do wish I did not have to be with you nor work with you.

For pain comes quicker than the joy of the past.


I will continue God’s glorious path for me.

With you or without you.

I will hurt more but,

The hurt will grow the heart back.


I know deep down you are a good person.

A person with good intentions.

But your soul needs to grow.

Maybe this is what the hurt and pain in your life has done to you.


Caused you not to accept others for who they are.

Caused you to not accept love for who you are.

Caused you not to accept the love of others.

You need to learn to love thy neighbor as thyself.

But first you must learn to love yourself.


Although I go into the valleys and the mountains,

I know who I am.

I am a servant of God.

I serve children for God’s purpose.

I serve my family for God’s glory.


Go in peace my old friend,

And mourn the loss you have created for yourself.

For one day when the river has been crossed,

Maybe you will want to know me again.

Lori Rennae Chapman

God’s path for you is so much greater than what you can imagine.  Learn from this experience and use it to make your life more incredible and joyful!  Pain leads to gain.  Through this pain take what God has taught you about yourself to gain more spirituality.  Whether that soul ever returns to your life or not, you must joyfully move forward so your spiritual path will not be hindered.  Let go!  Say goodbye!  Welcome the new souls that are led your way!  I am blessed to have you as a new soul!










Yes!! It has finally arrived!  Thanksgiving!  A day of food feast, football, and family fables!  Our family loves to start our day with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We always feel the expectations for the end of the parade and the last scene with Santa arriving in his gigantic sleigh kicks off the amazing Christmas season.  We try to have the naked tree up and ornaments start going on.  Then there is football on every channel!  What a better way, to gather the troops than a good ‘ole football match—talking smack and all!  Discussion of each play provides the most elaborate debates.

While all of this is happening, the scents from the kitchen fill the house.  Preparation of the dressed eggs, the turkey (or ham), cornbread dressing, and giblet gravy has begun!  As the day progresses, everyone arrives and the feast is laid out.  The young ones serve the elders, the children get their plates first.  And when every ones plate is filled, the thanks around the table begin.  Of course, the family fables start to be told.  Do you remember, or I remember at Mama Hicks, or Em just yelled that out, are just a few of the comments that begin the fables.  One story leads to another.

After our tummies are full, we lean back and let our hearts be filled as well.  Clean up begins, and we all then settle out the evening in a comfy chair, couch, or floor with a big comforter and talk about how rich we really are.  Family, memories, love, servitude, grace, healing, and the list goes on of the many riches.  Today’s piece is one of those little acrostics, but each word and phrase is precious.  See each word and how it fits into your life today.


                          Traditions with family.

                          Home where you are.

                          Autumn colors.

          CelebratioN with loved ones.

                   ThanKs for everything.

                           Scents of the Harvest.

                           Grace is free.

               InspiratIon to move forward.

                     SerVing others,

                   CookIng the meal together.

                   ShariNg with those who have less or more.

                           God’s blessings.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

We all know life is difficult, and we cannot have the fantasy family Thanksgiving Day every day.  But we can share a moment or meal with a spouse, parents, child, or friend.  We can be responsible for ourselves in providing a thankful heart for someone else.  We can be their blessing any day.  Like on black Friday, when tensions and expectations are overly high, go out and bless someone else, so that they can be thankful too!  So really look for and see your blessed world today and be thankful!  Happy Turkey Day!

Love, Rennae





The Thankful Heart

The Thankful Heart

This is the time in our world and our country that we just need to pause for one moment and count our thanks.  We are so very twisted up in whose wrong, whose right, why don’t they change, we disagree, I disagree, she said, he said, I’m right, they are wrong, and on and on.  There just needs to be a halt!  All people every where especially in our country need to put the brakes on all the “mouthy” talk.  Instead of complaining about everything, we need to just stop and give thanks.  Whether you are Buddhist, Islam, Christian, Jewish, or any other religion, faith, or belief, we all have one thing in common.  Our choice of belief requires us to be thankful.  We are required by our beliefs to display thankfulness.  If we will be voicing these thanks instead of rhetoric, hate, complaints, or other negative emotions, we can change the atmospheres and environments around us.  This takes all of us, not just one or two.  My piece today is very simplistic, but it conveys my thanks.  So stop today!  Don’t feed into the negative—-feed the positive!  Try this week voicing somewhere or somehow your thanks!

The Thankful Heart

I am thankful for the warm water on my face.

Thankful for the porcelain coffee cup to drink from.

Thankful for the person letting me go first at the stop sign.

Thankful for my Starbucks friends that always bring me joy.


Thankful for a safe place to work.

I am thankful for food on my table.

Thankful for clothes that warm and cool me.

Thankful for heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.


I am thankful for the companionship of my furry friends.

I am thankful for a building to live in that I can call home.

I am thankful for the man that chooses to love me.

And thankful for the parents that believed in me.

I am thankful for my family to love me.


I am thankful that the Divine anointed my head to be His.

I am thankful for His servants that give me comfort in their words.

I am thankful for the signs He sends me.

I am thankful for His unconditional love.

I am thankful for His intervention in my life.


I am thankful for the soft coverlet that tucks under my chin and gives me comfort.

I am thankful for the person that bakes my bread.

I am thankful for the server at the restaurants that cares enough to get to know me.

I am thankful for my comfy houseshoes.


I am thankful for the light and warmth from the sun.

Thankful for the dark so I can see the stars.

Thankful how my eyes meet those of a deer,

And we know where each stands in this world.


I am thankful for healing.

I am thankful for pain in order to grow.

I am thankful for thanks!

I am thankful that my thanks will never be done!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for you and your family this week that you can find thanks in your lives.  Even though there are all types of negatives in this world, we can be thankful.  It will not only improve your attitude, but it will also relieve stress!  I feel now days we way to often get rushed and pushed through the day.  We become tired and try to just get through the day.  Then our emotions are played upon by various means.  Instead take that last little bit of energy you have and don’t listen to the negatives, but speak your thankfulness.  So, make it right this week by expending your energy on being thankful!



PS  I am thankful for you!!!




The Portrait Within the Window

The Portrait in the Window

Do you have that favorite spot that you go sometimes, so that you can just “be”?  You may find yourself there for a few minutes or even a few hours, just stopping your world for a short time.  We all need this safe spot.  It may be an art piece, a view, or even a watching spot.  It doesn’t matter, what matters is that the spot allows us to step back for a brief moment in this busy world to see things clearly.  We find answers or encouragement not just visiting this place once, but many times throughout the year.  Notice where your spot is in your busy schedule.  It is probably right in front of you and you have just not paid attention.  Stop and don’t miss the view!  You may see something unexpectantly!

The Portrait Within the Window

Its lines are straight and defined.

They are crisp and clean.

Yet the lines themselves display shapes of all kinds.

Shapes and characters that move and act inside the lines.


I find many colors.

Greens of all shades.

Then bright oranges, golds, and reds.

After a while the lines hold nothing but a blue sky.


I see many things that move.

The wind is visible because it tosses the tree limbs and leaves.

The squirrels hop limb to limb or tree to tree.

Birds of all types dart in and out.


The portrait also displays what is not really seen.

The absence of leaves exposes the beautiful colors of the bark.

The bumps and holes show us the hiding spots of the many insects and animals.

The space between the lines allow me to see the light and the dark.


Time is held within the lines.

I can see day moving to day.

A month moving to another month.

And a year moving to another year.


The glorious portrait gives me such views!

The shooting stars as they reach the Earth.

The moon as it makes faces at me.

The lightening bugs as they dance in the dark.


This portrait paints the days for me.

It tells me how my life has changed.

It cast a spell on my soul to watch and look for the changes.

For I will always remember the pictures the window has provided.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Pay attention this week to what spot draws you for time.  Find the time and be selfish for just a moment.  It may seem selfish, but if you allow the time your selfishness will turn into selflessness quicker!  Because you can be a better you!  Enjoy your “be spot” or “view spot” this week!  May God show you unimaginable visions!








Settling Down

Settling Down

It is the time of year that we start moving activities indoors.  Especially if you are in Tennessee this morning.  A front moved through with rain and coolness.  It seems nature was saying the outdoor times are over.  The warm, long days of summer have shortened, and the cool, crisp dark creeps upon us faster.  There is not a more perfect time than now to settle, relax, and reflect.  The physical comforts at this time of year that you grab up and hold onto allow you to get comfortable.  You can settle into who you really are!

The settling allows time to remind us of reflections that we have for ourselves.  These reflections may be where you have come from in your life and also where you plan to go.  Settling will also let you hear what God has to say to you.  Your mind can settle and be more focused.  So as you read this week, grab your comfys, coffee, and pen with pad.  You never know what might settle out of you!  And you don’t want to forget!

Settling Down

I sit the warm coffee cup against my cool chest.

Its warmth permeates my cool body.

Yes! It is Fall!

When the world starts settling.


The leaves fall slowly.

And the Earth starts cooling.

The breeze turns from warm to cool,

And it wisp around in smooth swirls.


As I pull my big, leaf comfy across my shoulders,

I think about us moving inside.

I feel the cooling air refreshing and at the same time calming.

It is saying move inward.


I hear the acorns drop slowly one by one.

The squirrels make little scampers as they head after the acorns,

Before the acorns hit the ground.

When the trees drop their acorns,

They are getting ready for their last show.


Here in the middle of this cool air.

The grandest color show on Earth begins!

Bright orange, ruby red, and glowing yellow!

Just a few of the colors that settle within the leaves.

And each slowly releases its grip on the limb to drop and settle on the ground.


As we settle beneath the stars,

They are their brightest this time of year!

They settle into their alignments.

To project the most amazing characters.


And for some reason the fall breads just make our settling delightful!

The tastes and aromas with some warm coffee, tea, or cider.

Settle us into a cozy dinner dessert.

And the aromas give the house a way of bringing in the time of the year.


Now as I settle into the bed with a warm quilt or blanket,

I can tuck in warm and satisfied.

The air shifts into the house subtly,

And I will always know this settling is provided by God!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for you this week that you can make time to enjoy what this season has to offer—settling and comfort.  Life is way too busy, but it is imperative that we find time.  There is so much to enjoy from the natural earth, don’t be too busy that you miss all the offerings!  Now—just settle down!  Blessings in your comfort!