Only One

In this world of “I need to be like the Jones”, in is a relief to know you really don’t have to be. 

We are not supposed to be like the Jones!  Each and everyone of us are so very special and different.  That is for a reason.  If we all were the same and contributed the same way to mankind, something would be left out and missing.  We were made to each have our own purpose, our own qualities, and our own path.  Be inspired to work more on celebrating you and only you, and not being like someone else!  Be you because you are the only you!

Only One

I will dance among the flowers.

Sit in the grass.

Fly with the butterflies.

And sing with the birds.

I can do anything.

Because I am made special as my own.

I was made to imagine.

And dream and believe and go anywhere I want to.

Deep inside no one else can be me.

I have qualities all put together.

Each one supporting the other.

To form me only.

I will sit in the rain and feel its cooling.

The fire will give me the comfort of warmth.

The leaves of all colors will provide me a picture show.

As I look up into the portrait they make within the sky.

I will float through the water.

I am light and lifted when it surrounds me.

It softens sounds to my ears.

And supports me with very little effort.

I hold my warm coffee cup to my chest.

The warmth permeates to my heart.

The heart that holds my compassion, love, and kindness.

All the wants I will give away to all.

I will prance and skip with the fireflies.

They light the path I take.

I watch as the movie develops.

As the fireflies blend into the stars of the night.

As the day turns to night.

I catch the wing of a firefly.

And it takes me to a star.

Who leads me through the universe!

I lift the dirt of the Earth.

And let it sift through my fingers.

Its warmth touches my inner soul.

I know I am a part of it.

I walk under your shade.

And your flowing arms of green.

Gently reach down and take my hands.

Leading me off into the brilliant blue sky.

Because of who I am.

And who made me.

I will go anywhere.

And I can do anything!

I am special.

Just like you are special.

We will follow who we are.

Into the everlasting.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

This week enjoy yourself and celebrate being the one and only you!  Also appreciate everyone else being themselves.  A garden with only one flower, with only one fruit, or with only one vegetable is so boring.  But the variety makes such an exciting experience!  Each of us being so different in our own way in this world provides the same exciting experience.  Be you, and only you, this week! 





The Hushed Woman

As a young girl, I remember the days when I would see some women with bruises and marks.  Although they would claim that these came from some accident, they always seemed to have them somewhere.  Even though I was not as wise as I am today, I always felt uneasy about these stories of accidents.  I felt like there was something deeper.  These were admired women of the community, as well as those not noticed in the community.  This seemed to be a secret that was just kept, never talked about, and of all things never questioned.  It was “that time” in the scheme of things.  Well thank goodness my wisdom increased as I grew.  Upon reflection I was able to decipher exactly what had gone on with these women.  I would be able to stand up for these women and pull the rug off the buried crimes.  Fortunately, today is “the time” that we can speak up and say no more abuse.  This will not happen to well rounded, independent strong women.  If I did not learn from what I witnessed as a child and become better in helping, then I would be letting life pass by without responsibility.  If you or I see this happening in the world today, we need to intervene. There is no stronger force than one amazing woman helping another amazing woman!

The Hushed Woman

The strong woman I perceived,

Worked outside the home to help her family.

As well as doing all her work at home.

She made her home like one out of a magazine.

She was always full of grace and style.

Her presentation was elegant and stunning.

I saw her as a woman of faith and love.

She always had a kind hand for others.

The more I watched her the more I noticed.

There were horrific injustices on her body.

These showed me she was far stronger than I thought.

But it showed me her need for help.

Her small wrist showed a bruise around it like a rubber band. 

She said she caught the ironing cord around it while ironing.

The delicate fingers were marred black and blue.

She said she mashed them in the refrigerator door.

The beautiful cheekbone that accentuated her face showed life’s harshness in blue and yellow.

She said she ran into a cabinet door she left open.

Her neck had a circle of red where her pearls normally laid.

While cleaning she said she had caught the window blind cord near her neck.

The speckled bruises up and down her arm showed from beneath her spring tops.

She had poked herself with kitchen utensils as she cooked.

Above her eyebrow there was a bruise that ran into her brow.

She had hit it while getting a pan from underneath the bottom cabinet is what she said.

The inside bruises were as bad as the outside.

Her emotional soul was damaged.

Her goal was to always be perfect.

Because of the intimidations, threats, and harsh words.

This was a woman that lived during a time of hushness.

The quietness of society was accepted.

And she would not dare speak against society.

Her life goal was to be society.

The woman I once thought was free.

Free to work and be the woman she so believed in the magazines.

Was not free at all.

The bruises were her chains to society.

The marks, bruises, and burns indicated she was owned.

Her life was not hers.

If only my wisdom would have been there then rather than now.

I could have broken her chains by seeing better.

I could have helped her escape.

I could have shown her how strong she really was.

I could have soothed her bruises.

I would have stood with her against her persecutor.

The times have moved on.

The times have now changed.

In my wisdom she and no other perfect woman will ever stand alone again.

This woman’s bruises made us all perfect women.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

It is easy to say that is not my business when we witness abuse, but it is not the right thing to do.  Abuse is wrong, physical and emotional.  All some people need is the acknowledgement that someone hears them and is there for them, especially someone to support them getting out of the abusive situation.  Be the support soul for anyone you see that needs it.  Help lift these individuals up out of the abusive situation.  The strength of souls together will use these marks and bruises to step high above the abusers!  Grace and love be with you this week as you serve as a soul lifter!