Celebration in the Middle

Celebration in the MiddleThis week is one of the most amazing! A time to celebrate being thankful! Make this Thanksgiving a special story of your time by celebrating with those you love. Cherish every second and every moment you can share. And remember every day of the year is really Thanksgiving-because we are allowed to love others and ourselves!

Celebration in the Middle

Old stories of love told over tea.

Young faces of the heart

Smile across the plane.

Older faces of the body

Grin with pride.


The youngest ones

Insecure with their plans,

Yet feeling so safe with these spirits.

The old ones gathering

For the celebration with the young ones.


Hugs and friends with good food

Represent not just having a meal together,

But love for each heart seated and each heart serving.

The spirit of the room warms the soul.

The conversations open the heart.


With the busy life

They each work through complications to get there.

And when there they never want the evening to end,

Because they cherish each second, each laugh,

Each story, each thought, and each touch.


The older ones never dreamed they would be there,

And the younger ones wondered why they were going.

Both upon arriving

Knew exactly why they were to be in this place at this time.

It was not fate but destiny.


The food is rich like the conversation.

The dessert is shared as a family would share cherished stories.

Celebration is rich, shared, and decadent.

The drinks are sipped

Hoping to spread the time for an eternity.


The evening goes on forever in the souls’ of the family.

Although they will never return to that time,

They will not need to-

Because this celebration becomes the stories of their time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am very thankful for you! I know you care about others and what you mean to them, because you care about reading writings of inspiration, love, and hope. I wish all of God’s blessings upon you and those you love. Happy Thanksgiving this week and everyday!










The Lantern

The LanternAs I watch our lantern, one of the last yellow maple trees, lose its leaves this week, I have to reflect on the brightness of its body and the eternal joy it provides me as this season comes to a close. The visual in my mind is etched there to bring peace all year. The tree reminds me so much of the joy I have experienced through the eternal flame of God from others in our lives. I have been given the opportunity the last few weeks to begin cleaning out my Mom and Dad’s home since the death of my Mother. I am so reminded how my Mother’s eternal flame is like the tree. I will always have the warm eternal love of my Mother with me, just like I will always have God’s everlasting love through the visual of the golden lantern. Remember the special lantern in your life today and give thanks you have been given this eternal flame!

The Lantern

The glow stands out as the dark gives way to the sun.

The flickering is very quick, but fluid.


As the flame dims—

The deep grey of the lantern’s body appears.

Year after year and season after season,

The lantern remains.


God nourishes and keeps the lantern glowing deep inside.

The light of the lantern provides my soul with faith.


I know God is everlasting

Because I know the lantern will continue to glow another season.

I know I will grow another season.

We will all continue to search for the lantern of eternal life.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I so appreciate you choosing to read with me today. I wish for you to find the most bright and loving eternal lantern in life! Search for the beautiful flame you have this week and etch those pictures in your mind to enjoy God’s blessings forever!






Colors Come Home

Colors Come HomeThe phrase “home sweet home” seems so much more relevant this time of year. All of the colors in nature come to us in such an amazing palette! The palette makes us yearn for a place of comfort-our “home sweet home”. Find your place of comfort this week, and let that place make your colors explode! It may be a home, an apartment, your favorite coffee shop, a chair with a comfy, your bed with a big comforter, or even your rocking chair on the porch. Wherever your “home sweet home” is located, nature’s colors will help your colors know you are home!


Colors Come Home

The orange emerges as the brightest sunset.

The red glowing like the embers of a fire’s sparks.

The yellow shines forth like a star in the sky.

All set against the deep browns of the earth.


It is a time we want everything to stop

And not go forward, nor go backwards.

The air changes not only in its direction,

But also in its feel.


It is a time we all become vibrant.

We prepare for the cold.

We prepare for the hiding.

We prepare to be home.


The color and geometrical designs lead us home.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

You will discover your vibrant colors and your unusual shapes when you find your “home sweet home”, and you are the only one that can determine that special palette and place! Thank you so much for reading with me this week. I am so blessed to have you as company in my “home sweet home”!








CocooningYou feel in your soul-that satisfied feeling! It is as if we are given permission to go into resting. God signals us to slow the pace, stop and listen, and to feel the comfort. Don’t let the week speed by without “cocooning” this week—it’s not just for butterflies! It’s provided for a reason.


You glance out into the beauty.

The trees have thinned.

The breeze has changed direction.

The clouds hang close to the Earth.


You just know it is cool and brisk.

You know the air has changed.

But you don’t care!

Cocooning can begin!


Pillows are re-fluffed.

Soft comfies are gathered over the sheets and blankets.

Breaths are deep and soothing.

The first frost crystals cover the grass.


Arms have reached to the ceiling,

Feeling a nice stretch.

Legs have stretched past the end of the bed.

Then all slowly, but steadily

The body re-circles like music notes on the paper.


The covers tuck under the chin.

The head buries slowly and softly into the pillows.

The dreams, hopes, and joys gather under the closed eyes.

God’s voice gives peace and comfort.


Let the cocooning begin!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope you make time this week to monitor the pace at which you are moving. Let God and His marvelous earth give you a reason to rest. Thank you so much for reading this week. I am so grateful for you sharing your time with me.