Dog and Deer

  • To Inspire: Inspire individuals to live, laugh, and love for hope is present for all of us as we celebrate our special purpose and place in this world.
  • To Encourage: Provide encouragement that enhances the lives of others in the various seasons of life.
  • To Celebrate Creativity: Honor and celebrate the creativity provided by the various season’s in ones’ life.



2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Rennae — I love your website and have now read some of your posts. I think we might be similarly inclined — spiritually and philosophically. Maybe. So glad to have met you in person.

    Sarah Barnes(*)

    (*)This was my paternal grandmother’s maiden name. As a child growing up, I was told I was much like her. She was a strong, independent woman for her time. I considered it a compliment.

  2. Ah! Rennae,
    Your words came to me in such a timely fashion this morning. We have turmoil at work with a couple of folks leaving our department and leadership something less than could be desired. I have reached That Point. The one where I am looking to the horizon for when I can retire and get away from the chaos. So, I often find myself in retreat away from the fray. I am trusting God as that really is all that I can do at this point.

    Hope your days are peaceful and full of laughter!

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