Shoulders of the Earth


At this time of year, I am amazed how exposed the earth seems to be.  It is as if we can see all the secret hiding places and all the special nooks and crooks holding treasures.  I can see how supported I am, and what really gives us all our solid footing.  I am allowed to understand what helps provide me clothing, food, and support.  I am given a glimpse of my spot on the earth itself.  You know our hearts and souls feel this way many times.  When our hearts open, we can feel our souls being exposed.  Our secret spots and vulnerability are visible revealing our true being.  Even though some might see this as weakness, this is really when we are strong.  We expose at the base of our soul, a deep seated faith and strength.  As our earth exposes itself during this season, we must also expose our heart to reveal to the world our true spirit.  To reveal to the world the love we are capable of giving.  I am thankful to the earth for teaching me this lesson!

Shoulders of the Earth

Your shoulders support the white cloth across them.

You hide this strength until the wind blows and brings change.

I wish I could see you so open through all the seasons.


The foundation of your base shapes my view and provides beauty to my eyes.

Your shoulders spread forth and provide a slope for the waters from the heavens.

You guide these elements to refresh us and to replenish us.


You nourish the green foliage that scatters beauty and at the same time gives so much to the creatures.

Your shoulders of strength slide all beneath us even when we cannot see them

You fold and fracture to produce the lines of contour that lead our way.


We walk, build, play, and work across your strength.

You feed us, clothe us, and protect us.

We honor your service in our lives.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Enjoy the earth’s exposure this week.  Remember to respect that and learn from it!  Explore your soul’s exposure this week!  Don’t be afraid and open your heart—you never know the possibilities God is providing!





Purpose Within Eternity


Purpose is such an important matter in our lives.  Everyone is searching for it.  Knowing why we are, what we are to do, and where we are going are all parts of purpose.  And just about the time we can reach and answer one of the searches, another of the searches comes into question.  But isn’t this the wonderful thing about freedom!!??  Choices.  Possibilities.  Chances.  We have to continually search for that purpose so that our passion remains on fire!  Don’t let doubt and fear hold you back.  Practice true faith.  Our searches change as life changes.  Accept this with positivity and joy.  Look at this freedom of purpose as never ending, because it is!

Purpose Within Eternity

Purpose is your eternity.


Live with passion.

Dream with no limits.


Go out and live.

Live your dream and your hopes.

Don’t let fear control you.


Let your soul guide you in stepping out.

There is so much out there for you.

So many possibilities.

So many choices.


You cannot reach your purpose if you don’t step out.

Fear is normal.

Let it inspire you.

Somewhere out there your soul knows its purpose.

Or better to say somewhere in here your soul knows its reason.


Your soul yearns to learn and to give as the Creator planned.

Our souls cry loud for attention from the masses.

Not to be glorified or idolized,

But to send out strength to those who find no hope.


We are brave.

And we will go forward as brave people into the future.

Our hearts will live, dream, and survive to better this existence.


So reach and touch the soul of another.

So your purpose can be reached for eternity.


Eternity is your purpose.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


This piece was for my Lori Lynn and my Cam.  Lori Lynn has been so brave in searching for her purpose in life.  She left what was a comfortable and safe environment and reached into a big world searching for her purpose.  Cam stepped out and made choices to brave the world out of his comfort zone to fulfill purpose.  I hope you are blessed to have examples in your life like Lori Lynn and Cam.  Always continue to strive for your purpose!  When your life circumstances change, so does your purpose—-even into eternity!






The First of Everything


With January being our first month of the year, I just couldn’t help but remember a piece I had written several years ago.  It was after the first year without my Mom, Em.  My dear family member, Jeff, also just lost his Mom late Fall this last year.  A couple of years ago, a dear friend , Brenda, lost her Dave on Christmas Eve.  So I was again reminded how much we miss those that we love.  We have to move on and do, but the soul still yearns for that physical touch.  It’s also so amazing how much an integral part people play in our lives.  How their small day to day actions affect us.  How we sometimes take for granted those little moments that build up to all the big scenes.  I know that my Mom will never leave me, because she is a part of me, but I know every little moment with those I love is a defining moment.  It is a defining moment to never be taken for granted.  So this week catch every second and hold it tight for those you love and have with you.  If it’s a phone call, a text, or a quick get together.  Cling to it with your heart, because it is these moments that make the memories of the soul.  And these memories are the last and the first of everything in your heart!

The First of Everything

You think you are moving on.

You think the pain is lessoning.

Then there is the first of everything.


Cooking the hog jaw without her to lead us is so hard on New Year’s Day.

Sugared cabbage, black eyed peas, and crackling bread is just not the same without her sharing the table.

Valentines arrives and there are no small boxes of candy hearts from her.

Your heart breaks for this little gift that was loaded with love.


Your birthday arrives and no call comes saying “Happy Birthday Baby”.

No card, no cake, and no kiss.

The Easter season arrives and she is not there to make the dressed eggs.

She always knew just the right seasoning.


The days move forward, the first Mother’s Day comes, and she is not there to smell the red roses.

She is not there to be taken out to dinner.

The first Fourth of July fireworks go off,

And she is not there to sit at the grill while the burgers cook.


The week of her birthday arrives,

And you realize just how much you miss shopping for her.

You miss giving her wishes and watching her have so much fun opening her gifts and eating caramel pie.

Although she always said it was not as good as Mrs. Polly’s.


The first Halloween arrives and she is not there to light the pumpkins, cook weinee worms, or greet the children.

The first Thanksgiving comes around and the dressing does not taste the same without her touch.

The day is empty because she is not there to say what a great meal it was.


Christmas arrives and her stocking is not hung any more.

There are no gifts for her.

You know she is watching,

But she is just not there.


I guess it is better that we don’t know the last of everything, because then the first of everything would not hold the memories we so much need.

The memories we so cherish.

The moments of relationships shared.


The first of everything is hard,

But I am so glad we have them.

The first of everything allows me to never forget the last of everything.

And the last of everything can never be taken from our souls.                                                 

Lori Rennae Chapman

I ask that you are blessed this week to make memories with those you love.  Enjoy the love that reaches beyond this world and don’t forget those that have been with you.  Always remember, because remembering is the greatest love you can give them!  Acknowledging the influence they had upon you and how they enriched your life.

God speed this week with remembering and loving in the new year!


Family and Traditions

Tears of Change


Hello!  Friends and family– I am back!  It has been way too long for me.  I have missed you all.  An accident in late November really put me out of commission for a short time.  But what better time to return then the first of a new year!  A time when changes are everywhere!  I hope today’s reading will bring you hope for the New Year.  Of course a new year always brings about change for us all.  And for many of us these changes drive out the tears hidden deep in our souls.  Sometimes the tears are of happiness or sometimes these tears are from sadness.  Also my fear will many times bring me tears.  Fear of the changes.  You know a lot of people would say don’t cry, but our shedding of tears can provide a comforting release.  So if change is tampering with your life and emotions, open up your soul, and let the water works flow!  God’s hands are large enough to catch them all!  And more than large enough to turn those into wonderful blessings!

Tears of Change

My tear tumbles down my cheek.

It is like pearls breaking and falling slowly to the ground.

The tear rest upon my chest as my sorrow wells.

I don’t want God to see me cry.


I want Him to know I have faith.

I do have faith that He has all in His hands.

But the emotions of my heart stream forth like a wound just opened.

I know You gave me these emotions.

But so many times they just get away from me.


They open up like a bloom exposing its scent to the world.

My soul pops open releasing it hurt.

It knows change is coming.

It is afraid and scared.


The one change doesn’t cause this sorrow.

It is the change after change after change.

It happens when the changes are so close together.

And they keep coming.


And my soul says no more!

I am not telling God no more.

I am saying I am tired.

Of course He knows.


I cry more and more.

I sometimes wail when no one is listening.

Not because God is not there,

But because He is listening.


He catches my tears and feeds them to the sun.

It is then that I see the light through the tears.

The rainbow created lets me know hope is here.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that rainbows come from your tears this week.  Let the change that comes be a time of growth.  And remember a physical release can always bring about a mental cleansing!  Happy New Year and many blessings as our changes toward goodness carry us through 2017!