Only One

In this world of “I need to be like the Jones”, in is a relief to know you really don’t have to be. 

We are not supposed to be like the Jones!  Each and everyone of us are so very special and different.  That is for a reason.  If we all were the same and contributed the same way to mankind, something would be left out and missing.  We were made to each have our own purpose, our own qualities, and our own path.  Be inspired to work more on celebrating you and only you, and not being like someone else!  Be you because you are the only you!

Only One

I will dance among the flowers.

Sit in the grass.

Fly with the butterflies.

And sing with the birds.

I can do anything.

Because I am made special as my own.

I was made to imagine.

And dream and believe and go anywhere I want to.

Deep inside no one else can be me.

I have qualities all put together.

Each one supporting the other.

To form me only.

I will sit in the rain and feel its cooling.

The fire will give me the comfort of warmth.

The leaves of all colors will provide me a picture show.

As I look up into the portrait they make within the sky.

I will float through the water.

I am light and lifted when it surrounds me.

It softens sounds to my ears.

And supports me with very little effort.

I hold my warm coffee cup to my chest.

The warmth permeates to my heart.

The heart that holds my compassion, love, and kindness.

All the wants I will give away to all.

I will prance and skip with the fireflies.

They light the path I take.

I watch as the movie develops.

As the fireflies blend into the stars of the night.

As the day turns to night.

I catch the wing of a firefly.

And it takes me to a star.

Who leads me through the universe!

I lift the dirt of the Earth.

And let it sift through my fingers.

Its warmth touches my inner soul.

I know I am a part of it.

I walk under your shade.

And your flowing arms of green.

Gently reach down and take my hands.

Leading me off into the brilliant blue sky.

Because of who I am.

And who made me.

I will go anywhere.

And I can do anything!

I am special.

Just like you are special.

We will follow who we are.

Into the everlasting.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

This week enjoy yourself and celebrate being the one and only you!  Also appreciate everyone else being themselves.  A garden with only one flower, with only one fruit, or with only one vegetable is so boring.  But the variety makes such an exciting experience!  Each of us being so different in our own way in this world provides the same exciting experience.  Be you, and only you, this week! 





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