Those That Follow

Those That Follow  supermanMy wonderful, middle son celebrated his birthday this weekend. I could not help but to reflect upon his childhood and his love for the superheroes. I can remember him dressed in either his Batman, Spiderman, or Ninja Turtle costume, standing on the couch or a higher surface, to swoop down and save the world! I was so proud of his courage and faith to make those jumps. Immediately I thought how he is now displaying that faith by leaping to help others. He is not doing this in his home any more, but rather in his world. He reflects that mankind always honors helping others and coming to their assistance. And that these individuals are our real heroes and heroines! So this week make sure and thank your superhero!

Those That Follow


When your hope has been filled into the dreams of others,

They stand a little taller,

They walk a little stronger,

They speak a little louder.


You can never live through another,

And you would not want to.

But the gratification of another soul shining

And exploding into the world makes you feel they take part of you with them.


Not just genetically, but spiritually.

They are scared but proceed with confidence

Because you have given them a safe place to go.

They are being primed to help others.

They will touch the world with their own energy

In order that humanity becomes a better condition.

They share the compassion they have for others

And the help they want to provide.


Your hope explodes!

Because God has given you one small peek into the future!

A future filled with the glory of mankind.

Mankind being better because you were willing to give yourself for someone else.


Those that follow–stand tall,

Push your chest to the sky,

Speak with God’s exhortations,

And march forward into the new world!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

We can all be these heroes in our families and communities. How we do this may not look alike for each of us, but we can do our part. So do your part today in helping mankind be God’s true blessing!

Thank you so much for being with me this week! Look in the sky—it’s a bird—no it’s plane—no it’s you!! The superhero!!