The Prayer Flags

Our faith requires us to use many mechanisms in order to reach God.  However, many of us get in a rut.  We tend to approach God and communicate with God the same way over and over.  We become very complacent.  Of course, we are given the freedom to approach God in silent or spoken prayer anytime or anywhere.  But let’s not get stale in our approach to God.  We can plant a special area of flowers or plants where we seek God.  A field of crops is sometimes where we honor Him.  Many feel closer to God on or near water.  Some say prayers while others write prayers.  Some people use art to show their faith in God.  And yet others use their voice or an instrument to show their faith to God.  This week I chose to write about the use of prayer flags.  What a binding way to love God by a group of people!  This week I challenge you if you do nothing else, find your special way of showing your faith to God.  If you do not learn to speak to Him, how do you ever expect an answer?  I challenge you to seek a different way and watch God work in your life!

The Prayer Flags

My heart had been heavy due to the weight of life.

Troubles had built up in my mind.

I felt defeated.

I decided to take a stroll through downtown.

I was trying to give my worries away.

And then I saw them.

Their bright, beautiful colors attracted me. 

The wind softly swayed the many colors,

As if a person was slightly blowing on them.

Each had writing and symbols on them.

They were bond together by a string.

My curiosity had the best of me.

I saw an elderly lady.

I could tell she was not rich nor well off due to her clothes.

But she was kind looking and humming softly.

The care she gave each cloth was very noticeable.

This showed me she was patient, intentional, and caring.

She was gently attaching one of the colored cloths when I approached her.

I politely introduced myself.

I told her my curiosity was raised when I saw her.

With her soft voice she replied these are prayer flags.

I inquisitively asked “Prayer flags?”

My mind then went into a million questions.

But I had to make a choice of one.

I ask her “What do they stand for and whose are they?”

Touching my shoulder gently,

And placing the next one in my hand,

She said “These are the voices of our town.

When we desperately need help beyond ourselves.

We place that request on this simple piece of cloth.

The cloth is attached to a string.

And the wind blows these to God.

When our answer has come,

We find the flag blows off the string and into the heavens.

Sometimes the flags are still bright and sturdy when taken to God.

Other times the flags are faded by the sun and worn from the rain or snow.”

She continued to say “It does not matter which.

When they are blown to the heavens, God has answered.

We say these prayers silently many times. 

But other times we show our faith by giving these up to God on our prayer flags.

When they are strung together,

It means we all are behind that prayer as well and we all become stronger.”

She asked “Child would you like to place your request on one?”

My heart became a little lighter,

And my head was so relieved.

I wrote out my situation in letters, words, and symbols.

I handed it to the lady.

She attached it to the string.

As my cloth joined the others,

I felt the slight breeze lift the worries from my heart.

I became as free as the flags.

I felt the wind carry me up into the heavens.

I had always voiced my quiet prayers to God,

But never had I physically given them away.

If you ever see a small cloth on the ground,

Or one flying through the air.

Or one gently swaying from a branch of a tree.

You will see a great act in faith right in front of you!

God has already answered these prayers,

And given faith to another Soul that needed soothing.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Find your faith in a special way this week by flying your prayer flags!  Your way may be a song, art, a written piece, and the list goes on!  It is our faithfulness that God seeks.  Why would we ever hold back on that?  Thank you so very much for being with me this week.  I may not be with you next week.  God has answered a great prayer for me—one whose request was raised to God from many!  Back issues have troubled my life for a long time.  In order to correct some of these problems, I am having a minor(outpatient) back surgery next week.  I know in my heart this is part of God’s plan for me, and I look forward to receiving the healing he is providing through skilled medical personnel.  Please lift an extra prayer flag for me this week!   I hope spring is filling your heart, and the time of the year is filling your soul.  I can never thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your life.  Praise God for recognizing all of our faithful ways!





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