The Dark Ones


I wish that we never had to worry about evil and the results of evil, but unfortunately we all do.  Some humans cannot resist the side of their soul that feeds fear, dominance, and betrayal.  When this happens, we all feel the chill and distrust displayed by such individuals.  The hope and the future depends on the light of love that each of us has.  The light that can be stronger than the darkness of this pursuit.  The hope is that we reach out and overcome these acts of evil by moving forward in showing kindness and honesty.  I don’t believe we are to act like vampire hunters searching these individuals out, but I do believe it is our mission to stand strong and let the light of the everlasting love shine through us to cover up any darkness spiking its ugly head in this world!  So shine that little light of yours!  All of our lights together will make a bonfire worth attention!

The Dark Ones

You know them.

As soon as your soul sees or feels them,

You know them.

They are in disguise,

But their shadows loom behind them.


Real, everyday people do not matter to them.

Their shadows’ creep over these souls little by little.

Dark negative feelings hidden behind grins, not smiles.

Hidden behind false laughs, not joy.

The real people develop fear and distrust of these dark ones.


Why?  Because the real people know the dark ones strike at any time.

The souls of the real people fear these shadows.

The shadows of the dark ones seep out,

The shadows start touching the real souls,

And creep into their hearts.


The real ones hold in at first.

They keep their fear and anxiety inside

As the dark creeps slowly inward.

Their souls begin to hurt just a little.

Then the shadow covers more and more of the real ones’ souls.


Their souls ache each and every minute.

Their souls question themselves.

Their souls become depressed by the dark black space.

Despair causes pain.

The pain builds and builds.


Finally the dark ones’ shadows try to take the final part of the souls of the real ones.

The real ones’ souls almost burst.

Then deep, deep within the real ones’ souls,

One spark of light from the depths of their heart lightly glows.

The one spark starts to grow

And the spark gets larger and larger.


The shadows of the dark ones begin falling away second by second.

The real ones’ souls sigh as they are relieved.

They are taken from beneath the shadows.

The souls gain relief.

More importantly the light coats the dark.


The light completely drives the dark away.

The real ones’ souls experience joy and peace once again.

The dark ones’ shadows withdraw.

The shadows go back behind the grins and the laughs.

Waiting in the dark to strike again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for reading with me this week.  Thank you for taking your time from your life to share with me.  I know today’s topic is not always a popular one, but I think we sometimes need to be uncomfortable and discuss issues that are important.  Keep your love light flowing!  And never stand in that shadow too long!









Wisdom can appear visually as a sage contemplating life, an elderly person providing advice, or as an owl perched in a scholarly position.  People throughout history have searched for wisdom in many different faiths and in many different cultures.  In this case wisdom being the all-knowing answers.  Many of those people search all of their lives to only discover that true wisdom lies within their soul.  Deep inside where we discuss and search ourselves. Where we have conversations with God.

Wisdom can also be used as a deceptive tool.  Of course in this case it is not really wisdom.  There is a real big difference in wisdom and another person’s opinion.  Obviously, this is not true wisdom.  I really believe if you think you have reached a level of wisdom, then you have really never received it.  The wisest people I have ever known have displayed a continued life of learning and changing.  They never have real answers.  They help you search for your real answers.  Wisdom is the forever learning, changing, and searching that we continue to go through.  So, keep on learning, changing, and searching—-you will be the wiser for doing so!!!


My heart feels the warmth of your touch.

I breathe in the rays of the sun.

My soul is comforted by the grace I am given.

I am so blessed to have loved.


My hurt has driven my heart to grow larger than it could ever be.

Without the sight I have been given in my mind.

I would be so less wise.

My weaknesses show me the valuable life I take for granted.


And the souls I encounter deliver light into my shadows.

The ones I have been given support me and are proud of me.

I witness the colors that make this world so amazing.

This provides such hope for the world I have not yet entered.


Textures and surfaces let me know what feathers and rocks feel like.

The same feathers and rocks make me feel as though I am a part of the Earth.

I live because I have been given a destination.

I have all of these experiences that show me where I fit in.


These experiences also lead me to the places where I do not need to be.

To live is to stand strong with yourself.

To die is to know who you really are.

And to not fear that knowledge is the answer.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for allowing me to have a place where we can discuss issues that really do have not answers.  I have found this life is so much richer when we are willing to be open around topics that do not come to conclusions.  May this week increase your wisdom!  And knowledge!  And insight!  God bless during this ever changing season!







The Room


I yearn so many days for a space to just be.  A room as described below where I can listen as much as I talk.  I feel so blessed that I do not have to formally go to a building or a location to find peace.  The more I understand how deep our love from the Creator is, the more I understand why it was so important that the Creator lived as humans did and do.  Taking on the day to day living that takes one through so many emotions, reactions, and interactions.  And especially to have that room in our soul that allows one just to be.  If only our mind would yearn as the soul to seek peace.  Our minds get way ahead of our soul and wants to respond and react.  It is the soul’s job to keep that mind on track seeking that room of peace.  A room where nothing is expected and nothing is demanded.  Get busy and search out your room this week.  A room where you can cry, laugh, and contemplate.  A room where you can listen, talk, and just be!

The Room

She was soothed by the aroma of the coffee, God’s nectar.

The three tiny candles gave warmth to the room

As if God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit sat with her.

Her mind silently,

Yet loudly ask for forgiveness, gave thanks, and ask for blessings.


Each day she went to this room to not only go inside herself,

But to also listen to God.

Her pauses allowed God to come forth

And take His presence where He wished.

Some days she heard clearly.

Some days she strained to hear.

And some days there was silence.


But everyday she felt comfortable, silent, and loved in that room

As she thumbed the pages of her favorite Book,

She left it up to God for directions on the message.

When the page fell to the words in sight,

She immediately knew that Jesus and the Holy Ghost were with her.


How many days had she found words that jumped off the pages and into her soul.

How many days had she been led to those many or few words that relived themselves throughout the day.

How many days was there quietness in the pages.

Whether there was quiet or noise, she would go there to search and find.


In this world, we have to find those sacred places.

We have to find peace.

We have to find goodness.

We have to find hope.

And of course where these are found,

We also find God.


The rooms within this world are few,

But the lives that are born within them are precious.

She was reminded that God guards the room for those that seek.

She felt grace as she blew out the candles.

The light had changed form not only within the candle,

But also within her.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for sharing your peaceful time with me this week.  I pray you receive blessings and hope from our reading.  May this blessed season of color, warmth, and changes be your room that brings you joy and just being!





The Pumpkin Place


There are very few real farmer’s markets left in town.  You know the ones where strawberries and tomatoes are available in the spring and summer and Christmas trees in the winter.  The large mega groceries have filled the demand of fresh produce which has caused many mom and pop stands to go by the wayside.  I find this so sad.  I am so happy we still have one left called Reed’s.  There is no better way to celebrate the beautiful harvest than with a visit to Reed’s.  Just all the colors alone will spark up your brain cells!  Combine that with the great alluring smells and you can’t help but be thankful.  We would always take the family for each person to pick a pumpkin and then of course we would pick the one to carve.  If peanuts or a jar of relish got in the mix, we were even happier!  It just was a great way to share love, excitement, and appreciate the harvest given to us so freely.  So don’t let the miracle of this season pass without enjoying it.  Get on the computer and find a pumpkin place near you.  Take someone you love, indulge in the bounty, and truly realize how thankful you are!

The Pumpkin Place

I drive by slowly.

Looking intently.

Just waiting in excitement!

For what?

For the arrival of the pumpkins at the Pumpkin Place!


The Pumpkin Place has white-wash wood boards that support a tin roof,

Which provides a dry spot during the afternoon rains.

The little building has withstood the rise of the river during early spring.

And the winds that howl through the cemetery during the winter.

The same winds that toss the leaves and pile them up against the stone fence.


Why all the excitement?

Because the pumpkins come in and parade their colors and special shapes like a line of floats at a homecoming parade!

All wanting to be chosen as the special one to go home and find their perfect place to shine.

Whether it be in a pie or on a porch.

Large and small tables hold the beautiful specimens.


What colors will there be this year?

Rust, spice, sunburst, white, green and orange, speckled, burnt sienna, and bright orange.

The rich colorful hues float in my head!

What shapes can I expect?

Round, oval, tall, small, bumpy, smooth, short, and large.

All having their own special spot.

Making the Pumpkin Place a rainbow of fall!


I can smell the strong scent of the mums sitting amongst the pumpkins.

The tan and crunchy corn stalks surround them like soldiers guarding a treasure.

I feel the rough Indian corn with its multiple colors to soak in the warmth of the season.

The canned goods all lined in a row capturing all the flavors of summer that will make our Fall meal complete.

The dry roasted peanuts just waiting to be scooped up as a snack!


The Pumpkin Place will open like a magical land.

Row after row of excitement.

Moment after moment of anticipation.

All that venture in should be prepared—

Prepared to be overtaken by the autumn haven!

And go home with your Pumpkin Place prize!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

May the miracles of this blessed season be yours to enjoy and share.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.  I pray you have received something insightful and can truly take away a blessing!  Happy Fall!