The Best Friend

The Best FriendIt is quite incredible to receive unconditional love. If you have ever had a dog you know this is truly possible and when you are the recipient of this love, you realize you do have a best friend. If only people could live and love so unconditionally. We want to put all types of request and conditions in our relationships. I can love you if you….. I could love you if you…… Fill in the dots. The responses could go on and on. Learn from our best friends this week. Tell someone you love them just to love them, without anything in return. Is this not what it really means to sacrifice?

The Best Friend

Unconditional love.

That is what they give.

No questions ask—

They are there for you.


They are blends of many colors—

Brown, blacks, beige, whites, yellows, and greys.

Fur so soft no one could ever make it or duplicate it.

Eyes so deep that your soul is captivated.


A feel of velvet underneath your touch.

When in your lap they know only peace.

You can feel this from their steady heartbeat

And their rhythmic breathing.


They don’t care if you have make up on

Or if your hair is done.

Your face and pat is all they need.

They can sense your love.

Their ears perk to warn you of any changes.

Their voice awakens to protect you from harm.

They nudge you for a hug.

They sit and speak if they need something.


Cold noses from anything else would be warded away,

But this is so welcomed because it is a kiss.

Sloppy, wet kisses are just given

Without expectations or any returns.


Their whiskers tickle.

Their tails tap.

When you feel alone or lost or sad,

You can always count on them.


They are there to love you,

To kiss you,

And to make you smile.


Woman’s best friend is their furry friend.

Thank you puppy for choosing me.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Accept my love this week. I appreciate your love given by reading with me this week. I hope you experience sacrifice this week.






ReCreationSmall, small moments are so important and so essential. Many times we want to skip over these. We want to hurry and hurry to get to the “big thing”. All the time missing the special, intimate moments we are meant to experience. And what is the “big thing”? Don’t get in such a hurry this week! Slow down and see every “little thing”. Reflect upon what you are to learn through these small moments. Reach into these wonderful moments, let your mind bathe in their special meaning, and wallow in their inspiration. You will be amazed how the “big thing” will be living each millisecond every day!


The old creature fades away

As the new brightness shines forth.

The light is tiny, compact, and dull.

But then the rebirth begins!!

The light unfolds,

The tints are vivid,

And the creature is renewed.


I am amazed!

My Father shows me this re-creation each year!

I am amazed!

His almighty power surfaces through such a tiny fold.


Re-creation can only be through His amazing fuel.

Each small moment makes this happen.

The creature opens its arms to the heavens

And reaches for the face of God!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so glad you joined me in reading this week. I hope this small moment speaks to you.  I wish you the biggest blessings in the smallest ways this week!




Act I

Act IHas your imagination plummeted to the bottom? Has your creativity come to a complete stop? Open a curtain, sling a window back, or crack the door leading to outside. Peep out and take a good look or better yet, get out there and experience the scene! The creative show you see, hear, and smell will send your soul to the sky! One cannot help but to have creative thoughts and hope when you witness this show! Let your creating gain courage again and go do it! Hope will drive your creative process. Do not let another week go by that you don’t pursue this for your soul. It is time and you are in the next act, so be ready to go!

Act I

As I write this morning,

I see every shade of green.

Dark evergreen, avocado, light green,

Jello green, pea green, celery.


All the smooth and bumpy brown limbs

Are budding with tiny leaves.

Amongst the thinning brown pops chartreus,

The purple of all purples.


The redbuds come blasting through

From their winter fortress!

Then I witness the small,

Most delicate tree of all.


One white petal unfolds after another

From around a dense center holding precious seeds.

Then in the middle of the various shades of green,

Comes a glorious white dazzle of the dogwood!


The paperwhites rustle gently back and forth.

Sending the most fragrant smell through the air.

Their stems sway like reeds in water.

All trying to outreach each other.


I see the carpet of green emerging,

Getting thicker and thicker.

Covered with dots of yellow dandelions.

Popping, popping, popping like polka dots!


The cool, but warming breeze blows each dandelion gently.

The smells of sweet and fresh glide on the wind’s wings.

Breaths seem to be much easier to take.

The sky opens up to display the bluest of blues.


Then like chimes in the wind,

A multitude of chirps flood the air

Creating the sound like a choir on Sunday morning.

The sounds swirl and swing into the blue.


I never knew such a performance could be so exhilarating!

How could I have missed this so many times before?

Springtime—you have my attention!

I stand up from the comfy chair

And provide the actors with a standing ovation!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for inspiring me this week by reading. What you gather in your mind is produced in a creative form. Let the scenes you see this week inspire you to make those thoughts a reality!






This week I received a very special surprise! I was given a delicious, perfect in every way, carrot cake! A precious new soul in my life, Katie, presented me this cake to celebrate my mom’s entrance into heaven. My mom passed two years ago this last Sunday. Katie and I had been discussing life and the opportunities our journeys bring when she ask what did I miss most about my mother’s cooking. I told her my mom’s carrot cake. So on Easter Sunday morning I arrive to work and find the most beautiful carrot cake! That night I relaxed in my chair, made a cup of coffee like Em and I would have, and slowly celebrated my Em in the presence of God. Katie had given me an offering to present to God for my mom! The writing today is how I practice offering myself to God. I honor Him when taking communion representing God within Jesus. But Katie showed me this week how God meant for me to use this practice in a deeper way. God gave so that I might give. Feed someone a crumb this week. Share a drink with someone this week. Give your inner soul to another human being, because this is the example God set through Jesus. Giving is providing grace to others. Sip your coffee or tea! Nibble at your cake! And say “Thank you-God! Help me to give.”.


The crumb in my hand is the food of my heart.

The drop on my tongue is the drink of my soul.

The tug in my body is the pull of His journey for me.

All are much more than they seem.


The crumb is the cross.

The drop is the blood.

The tug is the Spirit that is greater than I.

The relief is that the grace has been given for all.


God’s crumb, God’s drop, and God’s tug.

Given for one and all.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

You have given today by reading with me. I appreciate your sacrifice. Katie, thank you for reminding me about giving, grace, and celebration! I hope all of you out there get to meet Katie someday.




The Light of All Mankind

The Light of MankindHope is what we live for. All of our lives we hope for better living, for loving families, for forgiving friends, and just for a more enriched life. Hope cannot happen without belief, faith, and peace. We are born knowing we have a purpose, and we die knowing we have a higher purpose. We all celebrate “Light”, “Love”, and “Energy” of eternity. I celebrate this week because I serve a God that chose to come and experience this world as a human. I celebrate this week because my God lives with me in Spirit. I celebrate this week because my God has set the light for me to follow when my purpose here has been completed and sets for me the eternal purpose I will fulfill. Hope is real. Hope lets me know that no matter what experiences arise in this world, there are other people that also believe love and light can overcome any difficulties. There are other people with faith and peace. The Light of all mankind has and will give hope for all.

The Light of All Mankind

Tears are wiped.

The rain and cold is taken away.

The wind ceases.

The celebration has just begun!


For Your sun shines upon the faces of Your children.

For the greatest gift ever given comes forth.

To rise and carry our hearts into the brightened sky.


To lift our hearts from the depths of sorrow.

To lift our souls from despair and into hope.

The greatest promise to the people is kept.

And mankind gives praises for the Sacrifice.


Glory to God!

Hallelujah to Jesus!

Praise to the Holy Spirit!


God has come.

God conquers.

God loves.

God sacrifices.

Thanks be to God!

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 I pray for many blessings upon you. I especially pray for you to experience hope. I know these writings are letting you know there are people with a faith and peace that you have. Thank you so much for reading with me this week. Please celebrate life and hope!