Wandering People

Wandering People

I have been blessed with a life that has allowed me to see a multiple number of people wander into my life and wander out.  I have even had some wander in two or three times!  These individuals can be loving and giving people or they can be individuals that use and abuse others.  I have dealt with both types.  There is one thing I have paid attention to as both types come and gone, and that is they were there for a reason.  They were placed into my journey in order that I learn a very specific lesson.  In past post I have discussed some these of negative people, but today I want to share the positive blessings I have received from some of God’s souls.

Recently within the last two years, two of these wanderers re-entered my journey after twenty years.  When we were all three younger we met through work, but immediately we knew our relationship was a much deeper friendship than just co-workers.  We watched as each of us discovered different things in life such as new love, new babies, and growing families.  We learned to laugh out loud, share our hearts, and grow our souls together.  Then life happened and some how our paths wandered apart after years of kinship.  We all had our own paths that seemed to not directly connect again for twenty years.  But then suddenly, a connection here and a contact there, we were right back together as “Sisters”!  And right at the times that each of us needed that love and caring again in our own ways.  We have been able to laugh out loud again, care for each other, and be there as each of us experience this journey called life.  This week as people enter your path, pay attention.  Seek how you can learn and grow from these souls.  Always know God places these people for you and for them!

Wandering People

They come and they go.

Wandering in,

Then wondering out.

All for the purpose of love.


Their purpose not always known,

Until they have disappeared.

Then you can see,

Very clearly what they meant.


Some are strong.

Take charge.

Get it done.

And allow you to take pride.


They are the best friends.

Giving you love and strength.

Protecting you with their love.

Sharing all they have.


Others are soft.

Or they seem soft.

But their strength can lift mountains,

And nourish your soul.


They protect those they love.

They give up prayers,

And sacrifice themselves.

So that others may be elevated beyond the skies.


They come and they go.

Not once but twice.

Enriching your existence,

And nourishing your soul and heart.


They come and they go.

Wandering in,

And wandering out.

All for the purpose of hurt.


Their purpose of hate,

Can be seen immediately.

You see directly,

What hurt they desire to bring.


Some are selfish.

Arrogant and vengeful.

Power hungry.

Stomping all in their way.


They deceive others,

In order to get their way.

And only to better themselves,

While others are left damaged in their paths.


Others play pretend.

Pretending to care for others,

While they scheme the best for themselves.

Pressing others until they hurt in the worst ways.


They are amazing actors.

Playing their harmful roles until the end.

Walking away unscathed,

And proudful for their kill.


They come and they go.

Wandering in,

And wandering out.

Designing our journeys along the way.


Each for a purpose of learning,

About others and about ourselves.

Setting our lives into motion,

For becoming better people.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

The piece this week is for my “Sisters” of the soul—you know who you are!  What a blessing they have been in my journey!  There are many others I could have shared too—Carrot Cake, I am talking about you too!  But I have to wrap up.  Watch for the wandering people in your life this week.  And realize you may be the wanderer in someone else’s life.  Live in order to learn you lessons!  May God’s blessings be with you on this journey!












Prayer of the Light Battling the Dark

Prayer of the Light Battling the Dark

During a time in my life, the Light within my soul had to battle the darkness.  Some dear close friends were not what they appeared to be.  I was led, very easily, into believing they were caring, loving people, but the truth became clear.  They were pressing their values and beliefs upon me.  Also, they were not very open to opposing thoughts and the exploration of new ideas.  This left my mind and soul battling.  Why did they lead me to believe I could be important to them?  Why had they nurtured my mind into believing our friendship was genuine?  Why could they not respect my ideas and opinions?  The whys just went on and on.  Know that all of this was not their faults alone. In retrospect, they were trying to care for themselves and survive.  They were at the point they could not engage in new directions.   I was just not mature enough to understand not sacrificing my values and beliefs by succumbing to other’s values and beliefs.  So, you can understand how this Light and dark battle went.

In my case I am thankful the Light won!  I learned to grow and understand protecting my beliefs while still respecting those of others.  I also was able to mature and move on to better understand the nature of people and their survival.  I know my prayer helped tremendously!  Voicing to God how I was really struggling.  I was able to move forward by letting the Light come out!  Unfortunately, these friends are no longer in my life, but their purpose for my life was so important.  Sometimes people are meant to enter your life and leave.  Their presence teaches us valuable lessons.  If your life circumstances are causing a battle—-pause—-let it out—lift it up—stay true to you—and accept your growth!  The Light will always win!

Prayer of the Light Battling the Dark

Bring the joy back to my soul, Dear Lord.

I want so much to feel and experience,

The love and pleasure of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Help me God.

I cannot do this on my own.

The mind is doubtful.


It is the dark side.

The dark side wanders and turns into the shadows.

It leads me to lies.


The mind robs me of the joy.

Leaving hurt and pain.

Sadness envelopes my soul.


But I chose You

To place the light in my heart,

That gives rise to the fire.


The fire of life.

The fire of smiles.

The fire of miracles.


I chose You, Oh! God!

I chose Your flame, warmth, and brightness.

I chose Your glow.


Your glow will remove the darkness from inside me.

I know Your glow is stronger than the dark.

The dark will hide and shrink in Your presence.


I will once again smile.

See the miracles.

And thank You for all the blessings I have been given.


I give You the glory and honor for me.

How Your touch has healed me.

The joy will touch all I touch because of You!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

My love and prayers are with you this week, especially if your Light is battling the dark, no matter your situation.  This is a time that we must never put down the torch!  We must battle to win for a better life!  Remember—the Light can never be put out!  My dear friends and family shine your Light this week!







I do not know about you, but sometimes I need for everything to just be quiet!  And most of the time the everything is me and my internal talking!  I get so caught up in all my speaking, I forget to just stop and listen.  I mean stopping to listen to others, everything around me, and even myself.  Listening is such an important skill but for extroverts this is so hard to develop.  If we can do it, we get so much out of listening.  We can hear all the good the world offers us.  Listening helps us to learn and search for answers.  Listening teaches us about others and ourselves.  It can bring joy to our lives.  Stop this week and listen.  Listen to what the Spirit, your soul, and the world has to say!


The flowers speak.

Telling us where we are in time.

They carry us from one year to another.

Delighting us with their joy!


I hear the conversation between animals.

Their chit and chat delight my day!

They discuss their flights to be made,

And they share stories of their adventures.


The trees whisper in my ear.

Either come out and feel the cool air.

Or retreat inside from the storm coming.

Whispers in all tunes.


The creek babbles to me,

As it delicately crosses the rocks and the dirt.

It is a language soft far away,

But strong when it drifts across my foot.


I listen for the sky to spell its words with clouds.

It slowly shifts them,

From space to space filling the sky,

With sentence after sentence.


The quiet sings soft lullabies.

Speaking its message.

Soothing our hearts,

And making our time be still.


I hear the rain talking to me.

As it moves across the hills.

Very light at first saying cool yourself.

Then stronger saying refresh yourself.


The snow muffles everything else.

It softly tosses around,

Leaving a blanket of silence,

And a touch of quietness.


Your soft beat tells me there is life.

I can hear you in my chest and my arm.

The rhythm you play,

Puts me at ease and leads me to sleep.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week you can enjoy listening in your life.  And I ask for prayers.  I am an extrovert most of the time, and I find it difficult to listen.  This is a skill I have had to work on and continue to work on, so your prayers are appreciated.  Stay safe as we all go out more!  Pray for others in our communities that need our patronage and support.  Continue your love and concern for others.   And especially listen to your heart!







Never Forget

Never Forget

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  As this day of celebration day approaches, I of course think about my sweet Mama, Ella Mae, or better known as Em.  She continued her journey to heaven seven years ago.  I miss her every day.  As the years move forward since her passing, I get so worried that I will forget things about her.  I really believe many of us are this way, we just do not come out and say it.  We all work really hard to move forward and try not to live in the past,  but I know deep in our hearts we yearn for so many of those things about our Moms.  I know I will always remember her, but I worry about the small things.  Her touch, her smile, her hugs, her laugh, her mad face, and I could go on and on.  I do not want to ever forget all of the small things that made her so very big to me.  I work really work hard at it by keeping pictures close and memories on the standby.  And I catch my children or grandchildren doing something just like she did!  Or I see myself in the mirror and I go “Oh!  I am just like Em!”!  Do not let this Mother’s Day go by without either being with your Mom or close to her.  If she has traveled on like mine, take this day to honor her in memories and stories.  What ever your situation, this is absolutely the day to celebrate these strong, amazing, warriors that raised us!  Celebrate them and their contributions to our lives!

Never Forget

I fear I will forget you.

Not who you are or were,

But the touch of your hugs,

Or the kiss on my cheek.


I know you are right here.

In my heart and soul,

But I miss your laugh.

I miss your touch.


The pictures remind me of our times.

Our smiles, our laughs, and our cries.

The many places we went,

And the times we shared.


I do not want to ever forget.

It is just the further away it gets,

The harder it is to remember.

To remember all your details.


The sound of your voice.

The sparkle in your eye.

Your hand upon my arm to soothe me.

The beautiful script of your handwriting.


The more steps I take away from your leaving,

The more faded the memories.

I really miss you so very much.

Tears fall upon the page as I try to remember.


You are in my inner being.

My heart beats only because yours did.

You go where I go,

And I remain with you in your soul.


I can still taste the special food you made.

The soft fabric you sewed for me

Seem to feel so close.

And the flowers you grew remain in my smile.


I so want to feel

You hold me during a thunderstorm.

Your support as you let go of me

When I swim or float.


Hope remains that I never forget.

As the time of your passing grows longer.

My yearns for you are greater,

But I know it is selfish.


I will never forget.

Even though it hurts to remember.

I know our times will return.

When our journeys parallel again.


Until then the pictures will keep me close to you.

My memories will soak in your touches.

You are in my heart.

Smiling and laughing with me.


I will never forget.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Never forget these wonderful women that made our lives so full and joyful!  Also, if you are a Mom, celebrate yourself!  You are giving to this world in ways you could never imagine.  Never forget these contributions that make us better than we could ever be!  Prayers and blessings during this great week!