He Is There

He Is There

Loneliness—what a thief! It sneaks upon us in seconds. Especially after times where we have enjoyed friends and family. Or after times where we were able to find enjoyment. When everyone has gone home or you return to an empty house, the culprit sees the opportunity to enter your space. Maybe you don’t find yourself in this situation, but I really believe many of us do. We try to continue our joy and our feelings of blessings, but when we find ourselves in the middle of no one, the thief hits! It tries to steal our happiness and our feelings of joy. I think one of our best defenses against this trespasser is acknowledging and realizing we are never left alone. God is always there. He can always fill the space that the thief tries to occupy. He provides us with these amazing minds that allow for memories and thought patterns, so we can store those wonderful times. So put your smile on and welcome the quiet times, because God is always there! He has given you the power to defeat the thief!

He Is There

Sometimes I just can’t describe what it feels like to be close to God.

The times my heart fills so full that I can’t keep it in!

Or the times joy brings tears to my eyes.

I always know that He is with me.

He is there.


But when I see the faces of my children or grandchildren,

I know He is right there.

When someone sacrifices to give to me when I really don’t deserve it,

He is in them shining through.

He is there.


When I have been delivered from an almost accident.

Or when I say something I should have not said.

Or when I did not say what was on my mind.

When I should be bold and brave.

He is there.


He knows me.

He knows me more than my own soul knows itself.

God fills me up and lifts my soul into the space of the night.

Allowing me to soak in the darkness so that it can change into light.

The emptiness becomes illuminated.

He is there.


He cares for me.

He protects me from myself.

He provides people that love me.

He is always there.

He will always be there.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Remember—if you find yourself in that alone spot, there is someone, somewhere that depends on you and your love. And God is there to show you that someone! Reach out today—Stay connected today—God loves you and he has given people to love you! My love goes out to you today. He is always there!

And thank you for reading with me. I hope God has blessed you with our time together!









As humans we find it so much easier to blame than to forgive. Our nature and emotions jump on a rampage and want to blame everyone or anything for our discomfort or dissatisfaction. And usually we are talking about just forgiving one person. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to forgive an entire human race. This is probably why it is such a miracle! Because the human physical makeup is just not as open as the spiritual genetic makeup is to forgiveness. You know we celebrate our Easter as the event of resurrection and life, but the bottom line is our Easter is all about forgiveness. Just imagine if every practicing Christian or spiritual person would forgive one person this Easter Sunday morning—how uplifting and resurrected this world really would be! So rise like God’s miracle and forgive!


Forgive me,

Please Lord.


Forgive me.

When my selfish ways come out.

When I forget the sacrifice of You and others.


Please forgive me.

When I forget the moments that are heaven here.

When I forget Your love comes through others.


Forgive me, Lord.

When I take for granted Jesus and his pain.

When I forget the Spirit.


Forgive me.

When the hope I desire is not You in my heart but hope in something else.

When I let the darkness overtake my joy.


Please dear Lord, forgive me.

When I deny You.

When I turn from You.

When I forget who You are.


Forgive me.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 I hope you find it in your heart to forgive someone this week. And most of all if you have not forgiven yourself, start there. True healing really happens when we start within.

Thank you for being with me this week. I pray for blessings upon you and your family at such an amazing season!

Happy Easter! Thank you God!









Who Am I?

Who Am I

We all wrestle with this question. And usually not just once in our lifetime but many times. It is difficult to stay true to yourself with so many external variables. This is God’s freedom for us. This freedom is difficult many times, but what a wonderful thing! The freedom of choice. However, you are probably like me. I sometimes want God to give me the pattern for the tapestry I am making. He is so clever! He says here are your parameters—now use your beautiful gifts to create the majesty! And so the questions begin. And the questioning is good. The more questions you ask, the more reveals you discover. And of course these reveals lead to more questions. All of this—weaving the tapestry of your life. So don’t be afraid. Ask yourself, “Who Am I?”, and then weave to find out!

Who Am I?

 Are you your mother’s child?

Or do you sometimes feel you would not be.

Do you have your father’s ways?

Or have you watched so much you have adopted your father?

We have to ask this question to become who we need to be.


It cannot really be who am I?

It is really who I am becoming.

I cannot become by myself.

It takes mother, father, family, friends, and the Holy Spirit to become.

I cannot fear, but I must use faith for the future to become.


God laid the frame and has given me the choice to weave the tapestry.

What will the tapestry look like?

Will the tapestry be worn in spots?

Will it have bright colors?

Will its design intersect the cloths of others?


Who am I?

I am who I am.

I am all of these.

I am all of these and more.

The thread of the Creator.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for letting me be one of your threads for weaving this week. I so appreciate your company on this journey of life! Blessings in the most Irish way today!                             Happy St. Patrick’s Day!









Alright!! You caught me!! I played hooky last week and headed to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. There could have been no better place to practice this week’s reading. You know we are all born to create. It is our divine purpose. God demonstrated this amazing process to us in the beginning so that we would emulate this process in our own lives. Many people say I can’t create anything, but they don’t understand the meaning of the word or the meaning of the process. At the garden show there were so many creative people. People designing gardens, people doing floral designs, people sharing new inventions, people organizing the lectures, and the list goes on! Some people are creative with numbers and some with words. Others create cakes or furniture. While other people create organizations and mergers. The list is endless! So stop and think before you say you cannot create. Identify what you create. Name what you create. And own what you create! We are all such unique and creative people. It can be very difficult to create because it hurts emotionally. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from God’s intention for you. Now—Go—CREATE!!


 When we create,

We go deep inside ourselves.

To a place that is hidden even from the soul.

A place where we will not even let those we love come in.


Whether it be pictures, laughter, buildings.

Whether it be meals, words, problems, or solutions.

We go deep, deep inside.

For those that choose not to tap into this level,

It is hard to understand why the creator hesitates to share.


Sharing exposes everything.

Sharing makes us vulnerable.

Sharing exposes what is felt the deepest.


That’s why the creator waits so long.

The sharing soothes the souls of others.

But the one creating still hurts.

Because it takes deep commitment to create.


It takes courage and bravery.

It takes persistence.

The creation may be accepted or it may be rejected.

Creations are not easily made.


Creating is painful.

Creating is digging into the soul for that one special creation.

Creating takes joyful.

Creating shows ones’ weaknesses.

Creating can shows ones’ strengths.


No one knows how the pain comes and goes for the creator.

How the pain stays in their mind.

How with each breath,

The creator has to fight for the creation.

The creation has to win.

Because the alternative is to lose one’s soul.

And to lose one’s soul means to lose the creating.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 With spring upon us what better time to explore our personal creating. Reach out and go for it! I hope you are led this week to create and share your creation with the world! Thank you for letting me share mine with you!   Happy spring creating!