My St. Patty’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day happening this week, I could not help but to think about my family and the blessings I have because of them.  I am Irish on three of the four sides of my family.  I was very blessed that my grandparents and great-grandparents shared stories with me about our family and their journeys.  All three sides were commoners, farmers, and skilled workers.  When times got really bad for survival in the Home country, they had to search for other options in order that my family would survive.  That option for all three sides was seeking refuge in America.  It was difficult and hard, but they made it to the Free country.  However, the difficulties and struggles did not end by just arriving.  They fought elements, poor living conditions, hate from others, and all other complications that come with uprooting from a familiar country to an unfamiliar country.  They did survive and thrived!  And the families after them and the ones following them.  Each generation was given great opportunities and hope for success, peace, and freedom. 

My family became a part of a new family while sharing their own Home country traditions and by making new ones.  I, my children, and my grandchildren are the beneficiaries of this fight they fought.  We have and continue to have so many blessings and opportunities due to their decisions.  When days like St. Patrick’s Day come around, I have to acknowledge and recognize the real sacrifices my family members made and the courage they had that got us here.  Just like we also remember our Home country traditions during Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other holidays.  We never lost the traditions of the Home country.  They just became intertwined with our New country traditions.  Always celebrate your Home country traditions to honor and remember those that brought you where you are today.  Never let the weeks or days go by without celebrating!  Go all out!  Because many sacrificed so you could!  Honor those that have blessed you and brought you where you are!

My St. Patty’s Day

Tales told by the family.

Home country of green and heather.

Gaelic stories of the people and the land.

Desires for a good life began.

Farmers of crops.

And farmers of fish.

Provided by the lush green.

And the sea sides overflowing with fish.

Seeking freedom from governmental domination.

Risky for the whole family.  Would they try?

Packed with their valuables.

A journey across a sea of danger was their course.

Survival of diseases and dangers.

The way of the Lady led them.

To the free America.

The hills and trails led the others.

Both making a new life of hope.

Struggles were real.

New crops to learn and new types of animals.

Some became community leaders in the wilderness.

All finding their place in a new land.

Poor with very little.

Came with only their skills.

Dreams of something better in life.

Dreams of hope for their children.

I sit here comfy in my blessings.

On a day of celebrating.

Gaelic ways joining with Christian ways.

St. Patrick leading the way.

Successful career.

Fulfilled life.

Children and grandchildren with a great future.

Freedom to be and do anything.

How can I be free?

Because of family bravery.

Sacrifices, death, perseverance.

To be free.

The Homeland is in us.

Ways and traditions are kept.

Our heritage celebrated.

Even in the land of the free.

All coming together, old and new.

For our families.

And our family’s future.

Always being who we really are and what we become.

The new life opened new ideas.

The old life included traditions of who we are.

My heart is in the Home country.

And my soul holds the freedom of the New country.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thanks for being with me this week.  I hope you find inspiration in today’s piece to remember your heritage.  Thanks for celebrating one of my family’s favorite holidays this week.  Search out and find what great blessings you have been given from your heritage.  Although we all have the part of our family’s past that may not be the best, we all have many more parts that are great to celebrate!  Celebrate your Home country with your Free country!  You will find out just how blessed you are!  Be proud and know you are blessed!





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