Faith of Freedom

7  2  2015 trial

Over the last several weeks I have watched our country go through many changes and experience many tragedies. This has also occurred over the past several years as well. I have also heard so many conversations around distress, grief, and confusion in the last few weeks. I felt compelled to share with you today how I feel about the place where I am allowed to live. It seems as though our hope as a nation is being weakened. I felt compelled that this just cannot happen. We as individuals are the people that make this country so incredible when we join American with American. We know by history that when we are united together nothing can stop us! I will believe in this as long as I am allowed to live here. Why? Because…. I am allowed to disagree. I am allowed to voice my opinion. I am allowed to vote for leaders I believe in. I am allowed to worship how I wish. I am allowed to own and live on my own land and in my own home. I am allowed to love who I wish. I am allowed to work where I wish. I am allowed to place this out into the world from this site! See I am really free!! I am free because others have never lost this hope. So join me today. Voice and express to others that we all love this country and together we will remain free. Our choices and support will keep this country free!

Faith of Freedom

The days seem confusing.

Our country torn by strife.

Those still not understanding

What we are built on.

Our own people becoming discouraged

Due to attacks from outside and from within.


Though these days may seem confusing.

They really are not.

This is what our enemies want.

We as a country can never give up.

We can never give in.


Our stand together

Through the many changes and tragedies

Will only build us stronger.

Showing these enemies that we are united

Because of our magnificent differences.

We will be united and stand strong.


Just as our founders lived in chaotic days,

So do we live in hectic moments.

But they did not give in or give up.

The confusion made them even stronger.

We will not give up on such an amazing treasure.

We will stand hand to hand.


Worshipping how we wish.

Loving our children.

Supporting each other.

Burying our people together.

Defending against our enemies.

Marrying those that love each other.

Helping our neighbors.

Celebrating together.


No one will stop us!

Because our creation as a country

Is something far greater than a single person.

It is the greatest collection of humans

Gathered under the name of freedom.

This collection grows in strength

With controversy, tragedy, and conflict.


We will stand united under this banner.

Our hope will not be destroyed.

Because we are not one single soul.

We are the largest gathering of souls

Anywhere in this world

That believes all creation should be free!


So doubters can stumble.

Enemies turn in defeat.

Nay sayers fall onto your words.

We are a nation that unites

And stands for the freedom of all.


Our days will never to easy

But together we will prevail.

We will hold tight to each other’s hands.

Nothing can break our bond of love.

Our faith of freedom

Is our freedom of hope.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

This week is so important as we celebrate our freedom. Tell another American how much you love them, and how you are blessed to join them in this crusade for freedom. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you freely joined me today in reading! I am grateful for your support. Happy “Free” Fourth of July!