I am so pleased that we have a day set aside for giving thanks. In our fast pace, tech world, our ways and minds think more on what can I receive and what can I get. It is refreshing to say thanks for what I am given, who is special in my life, and I am blessed to be who I am. I realize commercialism has tried to capture this truly blessed day, but we actually make the choice to participate. So I remain thankful for a day of celebrations and prayers! I understand that there are people in the world that think if they do and carry out horrendous acts of cruelty that will stop us from celebrating these types of days in many countries, but I truly believe as human beings we will all stand together and these people will know that all of our prayers in our various countries will block out and remove these types of injustice in this world. Just remember prayer can happen any where and any day. Prayers can be made for anyone anywhere. I would hope and pray that every day and every part of every day we experience thanksgiving! No one can take away our minds of thought and prayer. So today is truly a thanksgiving!


 I come to You in the morning.

The sun is rising and the sky turns blue as the light hits it.

The outside awakens with birds of all types.

I ask for direction in the day.

I ask for you to focus my mind.

I give thanks for the drink and bread you provide.

I give thanks for the house to have the nourishment in.

The morning speaks back with Your hope.


I come to You in the heat of the day.

When it is busy and rushing.

I ask for strength to make it through time.

I ask to be used for your work.

I ask to be a blessing for those I meet.

I thank you for a job.

The mid-day speaks back from You through others.


I come to You in the quiet of the night.

It is still and dark.

Comforting and safe.

I ask for safety and Your forgiveness.

I ask for the protection of those I love.

I thank You for all the gifts I have received that day.

The night answers back with Your peace.


I come to You every moment.

To hear and see where I have been and where I am.

I come to You and ask for blessings.

I thank You for blessings already given.

I come to You and thank You for talking back to me in my head.

I ask forgiveness.

I ask for love.

I worship You.

I pray.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I want to thank you for sharing your thanksgiving with me! I am so incredibly blessed to be able to share with you. My prayer for you and your family is peace, safety, and love. May you be filled every day with people that love you and have prayers for you! I have been able to so enjoy my family, and I wish the same for you. Our prayers go out to France and other countries in the world where people are being hurt. We wish their families may have peace and experience love from all of us. We pray that they may be lifted up beyond the evil that does exist and be held safe within our arms. And for those that make the choice on this pathway of cruelty, we ask forgiveness and mercy because their souls will have to carry this burden for the rest of their lives. “Happy Thanksgiving” every day because we are a blessed human race.









The Retreat

The Retreat

So many big holidays are right around the corner. It is easy to get caught up in the bustle and hustle that we exhaust ourselves. We over commit, we want everything to be just right for the perfect holiday, or we become a soul that no one really wants to be around! This is your year to go on a retreat. And not the kind where you haul all the food, make all the travel arrangements, shuffle all the gifts to get there, or pull together all the matching sweaters. This retreat is about you and your pace of living.  It is the retreat where you bring yourself to rest with God. You don’t have to prepare food, you don’t have to buy gifts, and you don’t have to decorate. God has done all of that for you. All you need to do is sit back and let your mind open to God’s gifts and life that He has created for you. Really look at what all you have right in front of you. I use to think that my retreat had to be in a condo along the beach or a cabin sitting amongst the trees next to a lake–But I found my favorite retreat to be right at home! I can hear the silence of God. I can appreciate all my blessings, and I can discover myself. The key is to commit yourself to do this. Be selfish for once, so you “can be” for everyone else! So as the hurry and scurry times arrive, find your retreat. Go there—be still, listen, talk to God, and let you mind rest. The real “retreat” is where the resting of your soul can be found!

The Retreat

Steam rises from the cup.

The outside looks chilly,

But the aromatic liquid gives warmth to my hands.

The smell is so good,

And the sips are God’s comfort.


The only sound is that of the chimes singing in the wind.

The air unit slightly blows like a soft summer’s breeze.

I sit the special cup against my chest,

And I feel the warmth of God’s touch.


The soft comforter strewn across my feet provides a spot for the pup to lie on.

The outside appears bleak.

The white ghost looks dark against the grey sky.

But the comfy chair holds my body

And caresses my back like a mama caresses her baby.


The small fire flickers with warmth.

Rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

This retreat provides all of these.

No phones, no e-mails, no meetings, and no demands show the comforts of this retreat.


The mind can rest.

The spirit can talk with God.

The heart can revel in the joy of safety.

The soul rebuilds and rejoices.

This retreat is called home.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

It is time to enjoy family this holiday season, but you have to enjoy yourself first! Retreat this week! Thank you so much for being with me this week. I hope you have received a blessing and hope with this week’s reading.






Hues of Hope

Hues of HopeHave you ever been so exhausted that everything was just a challenge? I know I have been there. Your focus becomes blurred and your energy is at a low level. I feel so blessed that God knows exactly what he was doing when he provided me seasons in my world and seasons in my life. This time of year described in the writing can often be seen as a time of dying and depression, but we are given the colors such as the berries, grasses, and trees to show us it is a time of hope. In our lives we are many times chilled, and we develop distance between us and our living. This is why we are given time to rest and reflect. This time provides us the moments to know how blessed we are and how God takes care of us. It is a time we can say take this burden. We can see our purpose and meaning clearer. Open your eyes this week! Don’t miss the hues of hope in your life right now!

Hues of Hope

The Earth is very damp.

The wind chills you.

You pull the jacket close to your chest.

Even though the Earth seems to be dying,

There is something coming alive!

The quiet lets the surroundings be defying.

All at once colors come out that we would never notice.

The muted browns and beiges allow these to strike us immediately.

Deep red berries.

Flowering white grasses.

Green cedars with blue berries.

Everything pulls itself inside to avoid the dark and dull.

God says to us be very quiet and listen.

He says I am giving everything rest.

Time to rebuild and gain strength.

Time to refresh.

Time to reflect.

God says take this time to come inside yourself and share your soul with Me.

And the hues of hope,

The berries, the grasses, and the trees.

Let us know there will be another day to go out and play.

But today I will rest with my God.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I just cannot thank you enough for reading with me this week. Being able to share with you my feelings and emotions is a true blessing in my dull and depressive times. I just have always loved the Psalm that says “Be still and know that I am God.”. When I am with you on this blog, I can be still and know that God is truly there by all of your support! Thank you! The hues are there—just stop, focus, and look!




The Thinning

The ThinningUp through the back north side of our property runs a knoll with many different trees. During the summer this area becomes thick and lush providing all types of hiding places for creatures of all types. As the Fall comes on, the leaves begin to fall leaving the scene exposing the trees and their thin branches. This is what we call “the thinning of the woods.” We all have “thinnings” in our own lives. Our “thinnings” fall away a little at a time, each time revealing our dignity, our shadows, and our open skies. Each time this happens we can become frightened, anxious, or nervous. When the “thinning” for that time period is over, we stand strong and can tell our story because we have survived with God’s grace. My family gave me the encouragement and permission to expose my creativeness after my “thinnings”. I also gave myself permission. That is how this blog came about. So whether your “thinnings” expose positive or negative hiding places, know the “thinnings” allow you to open up more to God and experiencing your life to the fullest! Welcome your “thinnings” this week! Stand tall and strong because these “thinnings” will let you grow into who you were meant to be!

The Thinning

The thickness and the beauty are so green and so deep.

Each hugs close to one another.

As if to hide a secret home dwelling deep within.

Its’ inhabitants covered from the unknown.

Then as the sun changes it shadow.

Some start to thin.

It begins with just a few leaves.

Five or ten or fifteen fall to the ground.

A glimpse of the hide away becomes visible.

Then as the wind picks up,

A cool crisp breeze arrives.

The thinning begins to happen quicker.

The leaves begin to rain.

One after another will let go from its security.

Gently flowing from the sky to the ground.

More and more of the sky can be seen through the thinning.

Suddenly all are there to be seen.

None are hidden.

All stand tall and strong.

And the dwellers find new shadows,

Within the thinning.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for sharing with me this week. I always so honor your time, interest, and thoughts that you share. Can’t wait to hear from you and the wonderful things going on in your life!

Today is such a special day in my life and my family’s life. God has given us Norah Katherine Chapman today! He sent her to this world to be with us and carry out his amazing plan. Thank you God, and happy birthday sweet Norah! G loves you so!