It’s Time To Dream Again


We all need a reprieve.  When we go day after day and week after week, it is imperative to rest.  Rest and relaxing allows our minds to be at ease.  Our souls have a few moments to contemplate our dreams.  No matter who you are, you have dreams that need to be fulfilled.  Dreams represent hope.  And hope proves that we believe in tomorrow.  So rest into this time of holiday transition and take time to examine your dreams.  Examine and explore hope!

It’s Time To Dream Again

She pulls the warmth of the covers under her chin and against her cheek.

The smell of the clean and cool is intoxicating.

Her eyes glance and wander out the window.


The thumb of the frost has imprinted the grass with its touch.

The berry bush patches pop red against the dry and beige grasses.

High in the tree’s body,

The grey limbs sway from the winter breeze that flows across the sky.

Everything else is still.


All creatures remain quiet from the night.

Day break reaches her glow through the shadow of the limbs.

A soft muffle sound comes from the pup balled up next to her.


A deep breath comes from her mate as he rest.

The daylight provides warmth.

She smiles and pulls the covers tight under her chin.

She closes her eyes to dream once again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for reading this week.  Keep yourself resting around your important dreams this week and during the holiday seasons. God bless your hope!






Shadow of the Frost


Do you ever find yourself frozen in time? It’s like you are standing by watching your life pass but not participating in what is happening.  It is easy to find oneself in this predicament, especially as fast as life moves these days.  Sadly we really don’t even know how little by little we have frozen our own view of time.  Demands of work, relationship work, and even what may seem your choice of activities can become overbearing.  So overbearing that we just stop our focus and become stagnant.  When you get that little chill in your bones, and you feel as though you are watching life instead of living life—-get by the fire!!  Surround yourself with family, friends, warm comfies, hot coffee or cocoa, glowing lights, fulfilling activities, and most importantly the Holy Spirit.  Shake the frost off and skate right back into life!

Shadow of the Frost

You lay yourself across the grass.

You are between the trees, shrubs, and bushes.

You provide a frosty glow that lights the land.

You come upon the grass and the plants little by little.


What is your purpose, frosty shadow?

Does your moisture seal them and feed them?

Even though I know you are chilly,

I am warmed by your presence.


I watch out my window as you are gently overtaken.

The rays of the sun soak you up one wave at a time.

You go as quickly as you come.

You disappear.


Then your shadow falls again another night.

Crystalizing all that is under your watch.

Chilling, but warming the Earth.

Shadow of the frost-

Do not let me freeze.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

As the skies darken early and the temperatures drop, we have a tendency to seclude ourselves.  Seclusion leads to depression, and depression can even lead to physical illness.  Fight the frost!!  Thank you for making the choice to be with me this week.  May the remaining Fall bring you and your family blessings and warmth!





The Ghost


Change and growth are both just so amazing!  It is transforming!  The piece today describes how beautiful and magnificent change can be.  How one can remain strong and stand out even though all things around them are changing whether for the good or the bad.  We so often want to fight these different times and various seasons, not realizing this revolution is your path and destiny.  Not realizing that we should celebrate each moment and time as a new awakening of life.  Think about your stability and also the changes you have experienced during the past year.  I hope your growth and changes are as beautiful as the ghost!  I pray you paint the sky to the heavens with your colors of change!

The Ghost

The background is blue.

A blue that is bright and light.

The white skin pops against the blue canvas.

The white, pasty arms show the signs of growing and living.


The cracky flakes display the effects of the wind and the water and the sun.

The sounds of the ghost are soft,

But constant as the winds swiftly move by.

In the dark the ghost makes it sound as a whisper in the air or the blow of a kiss.


Against the dark, grey sky, the figure fades into the grey wash.

Then within a season of change,

The once obscure figure pounces forward with multiple greens.

The ghost feels a burst of revival as it displays one shade of green after another.


Birds find a home within its arms,

And insects discover their haven within its body.

As the ghost grows, the greens turn to gold, brown, and orange against a crisp cloud in the sky.

The gold, bronze, and orange drop to unveil the naked beauty beneath.


Another moment has past,

And another year has gone.

And the Ghost continues to breath the wind,

And paint the sky with its life and soul.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I wrote this piece about nine years ago.  We still have this tree, and I have still been given the great honor of watching year after year.  Find the gift you have been honored with this and absorb the glory of it changing and growing.  Thank you for being with me this week.  Another distinguished honor I have been given is to share with you.  Blessed changes and growth this week!