The Search

The Search

We very often think constant motion means productivity. But we forget all this movement does not allow for peace.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do need motion in our lives.  However, too much can bring on complicated problems.  Fatigue and exhaustion are just a few of these problems. For me I am usually moving to search for solutions by myself.  I am trying to solve things on my own.  I have to remember that God and the Holy Spirit are there to help me if I will be still.  Please make sure to carve out some part of your days this week to not move!  Settle down even if for a short time and seek peace!

The Search

Pulling back.

Pushing forward.

Constant movement.

Maybe motion allowing the still to permeate time.


Is this why we like motion as babies?

Does this begin our back and forth struggle to avoid peace?

How can one have peace if one cannot experience stillness or heaven?

Settling is the base of our peace.


We want to be present with those pulling and those pushing—

But we also want stillness.

Stretch backward.

Lean forward.


Searching for the moments,

May lead you to the quiet.

Settle for stillness.

Then others will settle with you.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that you can find a balance in your life this week.  Enough movement to enjoy your journey, yet stillness to seek help.  Some motion with some peace!  You may not accomplish this right away but working toward a balance is part of the journey!  So, journey on this week with a little of both!








Simple Summer

Simple Summer

With life so complex these days, it is so nice to enjoy blessings of the summer!  It is amazing how all those small, wonderous blessings can make a complex day so relaxing and enjoyable.  Everyone has a more laid, back attitude during these summer months.  Stopping to say look at what all the experiences and blessings I have! Recognizing these can be a great thing for our minds and our souls.  Don’t let these summer days slip by without stopping to see one of these miracles!

Simple Summer

Dragonflies abound.

Queen Anne’s Lace scattered.

Smell of cut grass.

Sun rays intense and hot.


Hot, humid air.

Clear mornings.

Stormy afternoons.

Sultry nights.


Butterflies fluttering.

Bees buzzing.

Clouds of fluff.

Trickle of cool water.


Deep voice of the frogs.

Light show from lightening bugs.

Coyote voices heard.

Quiet and still air.


Pool water splashes.

Hungry appetites for lunch.

Sun talks around the picnic table.

Sipping sweet cool tea.


Smell of a grill burning.

Laughter of kids playing outside.

Fresh fruits everywhere.

People absorbing the long days.


Cool air to sleep in.

Bedtimes stretched into the night.

Lanterns lighting the dark.

Chirping crickets.


Soothing and exhilarating.

Chaos and calm.

Relaxing and revitalizing.

Complex yet so simple!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for joining me this week during this blessed season!  Stop and look for these special blessings that are right in front of you this week.  Take it in and feel so fortunate to have all your own personal experiences this week.  Soak up your simple summer!












Free of Fear

Free of Fear

Fear—–a word, emotion, or feeling that brings us to our knees.  If you have never had to deal with the word, you are so very lucky, but you are probably not in the real world.  Most of us have first-hand experience with fear.  Fear of illnesses, relationships, finances, failures, successes, pleasing others, and the list goes on.  Fear can freeze us and cause stagnation in our life.  When I was younger, I really fought fear much more in my life.  I fortunately have lived, experienced, and been in this world long enough that I really fight for my freedom of fear now!  I hope the prose today leads you to a new outlook on facing your fears.  Live and live with freedom!

Free of Fear

When I read in the Constitution that I am free,

It seems I can’t be free.

When I read in the Bible that God and Jesus set us free,

I really did not understand.


Free from debt?

Free from obligations?

Free from choices?

Free from demands and pressure?


Then as life experiences occurred,

I learned that God and the Holy Spirit meant freedom of fear.

I realized the founding Fathers meant freedom without fear for living.

See fear is the base of all of these.


Fear to face the day.

Fear to make choices.

Fear from others.

Fear of pressures.


The living seems hard,

But the living is the freedom!

The freedom of fear allows peace.

Peace allows the giving of the soul.


I live to be fearless!

I am free to live!

My soul will never fear again!

And the Soul is free!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so very much for joining me this week.  I realize your time is very special, and I appreciate you using your time with me!  The things we live with day to day can be overwhelming, especially fears.  I pray for you that fear will not consume you this week.  I hope you are inspired this week to apply your faith and fight that fear!







The Red, White, and Blue

The Red, White, and Blue

Happy Fourth of July!  I mean it!  We have so much turmoil and negativity in our country right now.  I want us to stop and realize how we are so blessed to live where free speech, thought, and life exist.  We really like to complain about a lot of things, which defending and standing for issues is our right.  And there it is!  Our right—-We have the right—We are allowed to express those rights in our country!  I am not saying we don’t have problems, but if we work together instead of apart many of these problems can be solved.  We need more positivity and cooperation among ourselves.  Most Americans are in this category.  They are proud and want our country to be the best it can be.  On this country’s birthday celebration, the Fourth of July, let’s celebrate all the cultures that we are as a country.  Some of our families came long ago, some came yesterday, and some lived here centuries ago.  All together we make up this amazing country!  Let’s celebrate!  Let’s sing and dance to our differences as a country of free people!  Happy Fourth of July, Americans!

The Red, White, and Blue

A country.

Cities, towns, counties, and states.

Country land.

Divided into pieces.


All types of land in pieces.

All under one government.

Each under their own individuals.

A government sworn to protect individuality.


Young strong nation.

Created by people seeking a new way.

What way?

More of a freedom way.


Persecution for speech, religion, and more.

They only sought freedom.

Not knowing how,

But determined to sacrifice all for freedom.


All history of this country.

Most of the time forgotten.

The bravery to seek.

The courage of giving up all.


The flag protecting all flags from all countries.

Celebrated still for the freedom.

Honored for its tribute to the brave.

Stars and stripes for its individuals.


A country remaining diverse.

Populations representing so many cultures.

But represented under one flag.

Representing one nation of people.


Many have forgotten.

And others really don’t care.

But the multiple cultures of Americans,

Are still proud to be Americans.


The glory of being able to disagree!

The beauty of agreeing!

Neighbors beside neighbors loving each other.

All believing in freedom for all to be different.


So many these days want separation of souls.

Some seek uproar and division.

Most just want life, peace, and freedom.

And most are the ones that make this country.


One country of individuals.

A flag representing many cultures.

It is these that seek life, peace, and freedom.

It is those individuals that hold that flag of this country up to wave.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope your holiday is glorious and safe.  Enjoy friends, family, and your heritage as an American!  Keep striving to help America come together in peace and love.  Blessings to all of us that call ourselves Americans!