One In Every Crowd

One In Every Crowd

I wish that I could say everyone I have known or met was just a good soul.  Unfortunately, it would not be true.  There always seems to be that one person that seeks to harm others.  They seek to belittle others, betray others, and even see others as being beneath them.  Sometimes these people stand out and sometimes they don’t.  I know we all handle this type of person in our own way to cope.  I have before.  And it is not always in the best manner.  My piece today specifically says in the first stanza what we all forget, including me.  Who hurt this person, how they were hurt, or what has damaged them in order that they treat others in this way.  We must remember these people may have never really received love.  Now, I am not saying this is easy, nor is it right for these people to display such behavior.  It’s probably one of the hardest things to do in life.  This week when we encounter those that are hard to love, dig a little deeper.  Especially say prayers for this person.  Demonstrate to this person how real love works!

One In Every Crowd

She is so very frightened and scared.

That she tries to frighten and scare everyone else.

We don’t know where she was hurt or how.

But we know it has shaped her into what she has become.


Her perfect world is not suited for others.

They just cannot to the things that are needed to be done correctly.

She never minds pointing these mistakes out.

The pain of others really makes her comfortable.


Her face contains two sides.

Not the same, but different.

One speaks to others with gladness.

The other side speaks of other weaknesses.


Her fear of sharing separates her from others.

If she shares,

Her task is to gain the trust of others.

In order to make fun of the weaker ones.


Pity goes out to her.

Pity that she cannot love without expectations.

Pity that she cannot find joy daily.

Pity that her life is big due to belittling others.


It would be sad being the one in the crowd.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I do want to say in trying to love these individuals, we cannot let them lower ourselves into their hurt.  So, try to help, but do not be hurt yourself.  You know this day to day living is tough.  We like to think everyday is getting up and seeing daisies all day, but it does not always work that way.  We encounter others with issues, we have issues, and its just difficult.  Please remember, we are all here for each other.  We are here to make the journey better and joyful!  So move on through the crowds this week spreading your love and loving yourself!  I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my life, and my love goes out to you for joy and peace!












Faces of the Day

Faces of the Day

My inspiration for the piece being shared today was all the faces that I would meet during a day or during a week.  The faces represent special people with very special gifts.  So many times, we go through our day or week greeting and meeting a great number of faces or people.  But way too often, that greet or meet is just a time to rush through in getting to another task.  We just don’t stop and think why is this face or person in my life this second or even this moment.  My piece made me stop and pay attention to these faces.  To stop and see the true gift that each face was offering me.  It gave me a new look at my day or my week.  I was able to recognize the children of God sharing themselves with me!  Slow down this week and really meet the blessed faces you are gifted with.  You may also be the blessed face to the other person who needs you in their own day or week!

Faces of the Day

It is the faces of the day.

These faces breath everyday into our lives.

Each face brings their own gifts to the day.

These days make the days different and special.


It is the child’s face that comes to work with joy and warmth.

This child may not be the loudest child.

This child has a genuine, sincere heart and others know this.


It is the child’s face that comes to mother others.

This child delivers compassion and care to all the others.

Their loyalty is great to her.

They know she cares so deeply about each.


It is the child’s face that wants to smile and laugh with others.

Her face always has time to share her joy with others.

She listens to their stories and joins into their glee.


It is the child’s face that is always there to listen to others.

She listens to where your mood has been set for the day.

She hears their gladness.

She also empathizes with their sadness.


It is the child’s face that may seem insecure.

She worries that she is not appearing productive.

But the presence of her face gives the others great security.

She is confident yet growing so.


It is the child’s face that is the leader.

Others respect this child.

Not with fear, but with admiration.

This child cares for the others.

But sometimes this child needs to be a child.


It is the child’s face that appears strong and steady for the others.

She persists through all happenings.

She dismisses the small things.

She recognizes and always wants to be there for the others.


Face after face.

Day after day.

Faces that make the day.

Faces that are the day.

There would be no days without these faces.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I really feel this is an area we are becoming less and less comfortable with.  That area being communicating and seeing the gifts of others.  If we recognize the importance of the faces of others, then we can see their great value in this world.  But in order to do this we have to be attentive and slow down!  Don’t miss your blessings this week of the many faces of God just because you don’t have time.  Make time!  Your face may be the face and gift of God that the other person sees and needs!





Why Me

Why Me

With all the days busy and over scheduled, especially during the month of May, we can very often forget to see just how blessed we are.  Obligations can way us down leaving us weary, sad, and depressed.  Even though these obligations may be blessings themselves.  We have to recognize if this is happening.  It is imperative because we all deserve a fuller life and one filled with joy.  There is blessing after blessing around us every second of every day.  But if we are weighted down, we cannot see clearly. Seeing clearly allows us to see every one of our blessings!  We may question why we would be blessed and that is ok too.  But what’s not ok is not slowing down to see the millions of blessings given to us.  Open your eyes wide today and see, name, and say thank you for all your blessings!

Why Me?

I am so blessed!

I wake and know that I have been given another day to live.

Also to love and to laugh.

The sunshine says smile.

The breeze says to fly!

Your rain shows me it is ok to sometimes hide.


I don’t know why I am blessed.

Its not like I have done anything to deserve these blessings.

I get to witness trees grow and flowers bloom.

And the blessings of all the colors and shapes.

The flowers give me a canvas of wonder!

The trees cool and protect me.


The blessings not only touch my heart.

But they delight my nose and my fingers!

The basil and lavender give me their scents for joy.

And the scents of cinnamon and apples satisfy my hunger.

Then a butterfly lands lightly on my finger for a kiss.

It floats and flitters away telling me to be free.


The blessings continue!

I see my life in my grandbabies.

I have seen the miracle of life in my children.

Warm, soft puppies wake me and put me to sleep.

Coffee soaks my soul with thanks.

I cry to experience joy and hurt.

And realize how great my blessings are!


Why you have chosen me, I could never guess.

But I give you thanks in my blessings of prayer.

Prayers are the blessings of speech that allow me to talk with you.

Your blessings of light from the moon show me the ways.

And your lightening bugs demonstrate your creations!

The rainbow after the storm gives me hope.

As your light shines through the refreshing water.


My blessings don’t always look like blessings.

When I did not get the job, your job for me was better.

The person I just knew was the right one for me, was not.

Because you had a soul that fit my soul perfectly.

I thought the one city was just right for me.

You knew it was not.

Your place was better for me in my earthly purpose for you.


So, I ask again.

Why do you bless me?

Why have you given me the hills and the rivers and the oceans?

The deer and the birds befriend me because of you.

You provide me with dull things, like shells, for query.

And shiny things like rings for pleasure.


There are so many!

I could keep going because they keep coming!

I must stop and see them all.

Oh!  I am so blessed.

I just can never forget how blessed I am.

And I have to ask why me? 

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that you can see many more blessings than trials.  Your life is glorious!  In the south we would say stop and “wallow” in the glory of your blessings not your trials!  Thank you so very much for being my glorious blessing this week!











For The Mothers That Raised Me

For All The Mothers That Raised Me

Mothers’ Day!!! What an amazing day!  We get to celebrate the ones that gave us life, the ones that cared for us all our lives, or the ones that showed us how to live life!  Many of us are still lucky to have our mothers with us.  However, many of us have had to let our sweet mothers continue their journeys without us.  It does not matter—if they are with us or not—birthed us or not—we always need to respect these women for the great examples they are or were in our lives.  They gave themselves, so we could have a part of them in us.  My Em was a special woman who gave everything to me.  But I was also blessed with many other women that put their own little pieces of DNA into my life.  I am so blessed for this and wanted to celebrate their contributions.  I also want us to understand it is the legacy of these women that paved the way for so many women today.  They may have not organized a rally or testified in court, but they gave what gifts they were given with others around them.  Celebrate this Mothers’ Day all of the strong, beautiful women in your life.  They will know wherever they are on their journey and appreciate your love for them!

For The Mothers That Raised Me

They have all passed by now.

Their lives lived to the fullest by serving others.

My mothers include all types of women.

Each with their own unique awareness and gifts.


Em graced my life by providing a free but protected environment.

She encouraged taking risks.

She provided the physical and emotional needs I had.

Her love flowed over me like a blanket lies across a newborn baby.

Her love of flowers brought color to my world.

The textures and mediums she exposed me to showed me how to love the arts.

She was absolutely a leader for women in the professional work place.

A brilliant woman that worked with technology on its birth.

She showed me how to provide a loving home while still being a professional.


Then there was Ma Jones.

The one that spoiled me.

Whatever I might want, I was given.

But the wants always came with the work to get them.

She always showed me that hard work and diligence would bring good things.

The crust of the cornbread was always mine.

And her egg salad was always kept for me alone.

She taught me to respect the offering.

I learned from her that size does not matter in the strength of a woman.


Mama Hick was my hugger.

She provided safety for me and gave me freedom at the same time.

Just to snuggle right into her arms against her soft chest,

And with arms encircling me, I did not fear anything.

My curly head fit right under her chin where no one could touch me.

When things were wrong, my fit with her was always right.

She showed me that companionship is so important.


Then there was my doppelganger.

Or rather to say I was hers.

My Aunt Katie was the one all of us went to for the great recipes.

And she even built and supervised the building of parts that helped us explore space.

Her warm sense of humor made everyone comfortable.

She and I were Pisces together.

We were two peas in a pod.

We always understood each other in a quiet way.

Her faith was so strong that she always reminded me that prayer works.


Then to the woman that taught me how to really make sweet southern tea, Aunt Janice.

She said southern tea wasn’t tea without a half of lemon.

A little, thin lady that barely weighed 110 pounds.

She could straighten up a group of fighting boys in about 5 seconds flat.

She knew just when you needed a hug.

Her small arm would go around your shoulder and you just knew all would be ok.

She also led me to Elvis and that amazing sound!

I found out life is always better with a dance in your step.


Who was Louise Davis?

She was the mother that I called Ise.

A Native American goddess.

Cold black hair and beautiful dark skin.

Ise was my second mother to Em.

If I ever needed anything, I could just call Ise.

She, Em, and I would get into so much goofy, fun trouble!

She taught me to laugh and live.

Our junking days brought adventures.

Camping and lake days brought me into a whole new world with a new home.

She was the most courageous woman even to the end.


I could not forget my cousin, Irene Craig or better known as Rene.

She taught me the special ingredient to a great slaw was sesame seeds!

Nights at her house included getting baths, getting into pjs, and all of us piling onto the big bed.

Storytelling, tells of the family, tells of friends, ghost stories, and wise sage advice.

These were just a few of the things during this enjoyable time.

She taught me how to share history and how important family is.


One of the mothers I could never forget was Mrs. Nelle Wilson.

She and Walter lived in a log cabin surrounded by a country setting.

This mama showed me how a fashionable, professional lady can enjoy and love the outdoors.

She had a magic thumb for growing strawberries.

She taught me to pick them, prepare them, and how to eat them!

But she could do all of this while still sporting a pair of gloves and bracelets.

They looked like they came off the pages of Vogue!

She taught me that a gardener can still wear a variety of rings and still garden.

My love of herbal smells came from her.

She was my fashionista gardener!


All of my Mothers were so special in their own ways.

They are all celebrating their gifts with God now.

But their gifts will never be forgotten,

Because they have shared them with me, and I have shared with mine.

So–for all the Mothers that raised me, I give you a legacy that you all deserve!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope the reading today has also shown you that you may be raising women of your own and not even know it!  We always set examples of those around us.  Let’s be willing, strong women that show others what exceptional Moms are all about!  Happy Mothers Day my tribe of leaders!












Is It Life or Is It Living?

Is It Life or Is It Living

Over the years I have observed that way too many people just exist.  They simply trudge from one second to another never feeling love or joy.  I am not sure if this is a learned behavior or just an emotional behavior due to environment where someone has lost hope.  Then we see these other individuals that are joyful, loving, and hopeful every second of every day in every situation.  They understand they must live to have a life in this realm.  And they know this cannot happen without a purpose and passion.  Examine where you are in this journey.  Are you exhibiting life and living or are you just existing?  Let your life live a little bit this week!

Is It Life or Is It Living?

It was on that day that I knew what life was about.

It was also on that day that I discovered what living was not.

Life begins with our souls being placed in our bodies.

Living begins when that body finally catches up with the soul.


Our lives are composed of years, months, and days.

Of hours, minutes, and seconds.

All coming together to make up a life.

A life in one realm from beginning to end.


If only we could discover that living is really what is in our souls.

People could be happy and childlike.

They would be able to experience real joy.

Their joy would lead to loving others unconditionally.


Simply living from year to year.

Or second to second.

Is only the body moving through time.

Not the soul experiencing life.


Our souls have to feel and love.

We are created from a place of feeling and loving.

Our bodies are created from a place of miracles.

And they carry those atoms of those before us.


When the two meet.

We have life.

Living becomes our way of feeling the earth and loving the heavens.

Living gives us passion and purpose.


As the body catches up with the soul.

The living process becomes so important.

Not to just travel through time.

But to reach that purpose and passion.


Then as the body weakens and comes to an end.

It gives in to the soul once more.

The soul reaches past the stage of just life.

It has to leave the body in order that it can once again experience living in creation.


And we are again welcomed by the Creator.

The soul uses all that it has learned.

To live again.

Feel and love again even more.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that the piece this week has provoked you to think about this special place we all need to be, life and living.  I hope you are questioning, thinking, and examining what’s really happening to you here in this time and at this moment.  Try to not always engage in just something to do.  Don’t fill the space within a schedule that cannot let you have life and living!  Especially the life and living God has so freely given you.  Blessings on this journey!