The Hallowed Picture

The Hallowed Picture

Have you ever been in a time and place that you knew was just a holy place? This was one of those places for me—my Mama Hick’s home. Especially during the fall and at Halloween, when the colors of the leaves were so vibrant, the smells were so wonderful, and the family places were so warm and comfortable! Fall and Halloween have always been such a special time with my family. A special time that God provided to cuddle around bond fires, to help each other dress up in fun costumes, and to decorate with some of the most amazing colors that are seen all year! Don’t miss out on God’s opportunity for you to paint a hallowed picture this week with your loved ones. Carve a pumpkin, roast a marshmallow, dress up in silly costumes, and most importantly do it with those you love!

The Hallowed Picture

She steps off the bus

And the leaves on the gravel appear as jewels in the stones.

As she makes her way to the back porch,

The cooler air has moved into the trees.


She is welcomed with arms that hold her warmly in the nippy atmosphere.

Cookies and warm chocolate wait for her at the end of the big table.

The glow of the lights provide lights that warm.

She pulls the brightly orange colored paper and crayons out of the leather satchel.


As she gazes out the kitchen window at the colorful display,

She also sees the silhouette of a woman with strong lines and soft hands stirring the simmering pots.

Her attention is drawn to the blank sheet of color.

The poem is transferred onto the vivid orange.


Her mind fills with fun, anticipation, and excitement!

She adds the fence and then the pumpkins appear on the fence—

All wearing different smiles and fiery eyes!

The moon appears in the sky

And the cat’s perch symbolizes the strength of the night.


As she sits back,

Smells the cookies and warms from the hot chocolate,

She knows this is not just all hallows night—

This is a hallowed life!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so happy that you could read with me this fall and Halloween week! I hope you and those you love have a safe and fun week to celebrate another one of God’s amazing experiences in this life. Also pass a little bit of that “spiritual glow” into the lives of others!










The Bone Pickers

Bone PickersI wish light and love were the two things we could always see in people, but unfortunately this is just not the case. Some people allow darkness to consume them and in turn try to punish and torture others. When I wrote this particular piece, I was experiencing such individuals. I hope you do not have to experience such individuals, but if you do, just remember we do need to cry for these people. When we cry for them this also means we pray for them and love them. Have mercy on these dark souls that they may experience the love of others and of themselves.

The Bone Pickers

You have met them.

You know them.

Bone by bone.

Flesh by flesh.

They pick you apart.

They pick, pick, pick.


Carnivorous animals just get it over with.

They come in, ravage, and it is done.

But the bone pickers take their time.

They rip each piece of flesh from the bone.

They scratch away at the soul.


Sometimes we wonder if they know what they are doing.

One tries to see their innocence.

But with each gnaw and claw,

Their true nature comes through.


They dig into your spirit with their sharp teeth.

They pull muscle and tendon apart,

Until human parts fall from the bones.

Then your bones hit and rub against each other.

This makes the pain and hurt unmanageable.


You know their hurt is deep.

They cannot face their own reality they have created.

They must fulfill their inner self with the pain of others.

You pray for them.

You try to appease them,

But they see this as weakness.

They cut you deeper and deeper.


A day comes when their own teeth turn on them.

The day can be days from now

Or it can take years,

But it does come.

Their teeth chew within themselves.


When the turnaround comes about,

They will meet their actions.

The hurt and the pain for them will be so great they will beg to die.

But death will not come for them.

They will suffer by their own gnawing.

This will also destroy those they claim to love.


Their bones will be pierced and pierced, over and over.

Not one cut,

But many cuts.

Flesh will be stripped from their strong frames.

Their own eating will consume the structure on which they stand.


Their victims will not celebrate,

But rather have pity for them.

Because they know the bone pickers cannot love themselves.

Much less love any other human.

God and the victims cry for the bone pickers.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Thank you for reading my blog this week. Please keep in mind there is always hope for individuals I have described. Hope that love will consume them and win back their hearts.

Hope is also there for those of us dealing with these individuals. We can demonstrate to them true love. Thanks again for being with me this week.








Mirror of Colors

Mirror of Colors

Look into your reflection this week and examine your own soul. Don’t be afraid. You will find all the beautiful gifts that you were given! Reflect those gifts onto all the other souls that will be blessed to be with you this week. You are truly a special soul, so don’t hold back on the opportunity to bless someone else!

Mirror of Colors

Your skin is cool,

But warmth is felt inside.

As the walnuts fall like rain,

The breeze gently touches your cheek.


It appears someone’s paint brush touched the Earth and trees.

If Monet where here he could not do as well.

One color after another blends

To make the beautiful palette of the land.


The last lady bug and butterfly rest and fly

Before the winter breeze changes coming from the North.

The breeze causes the water to ripple.

The leaves ride the waves like a swan glides across the glass.


Then of course when she sees the palette

As the reflection of the painter,

She also sees the reflection of herself in the mirror.

And knows the painter has created a masterpiece.


She settles warmly into the curves of the bench,

She contemplates the image.

She breaths in the air which is cool,

But warming and knows who she truly has become.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Reflect your beautiful self this week! I so appreciate you reading with me this week, and I hope I have reflected some beauty into your week!







Seasons and Souls

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Celebrate the souls you have in the particular season of life you are experiencing! The beautiful colors of fall are individual colors yet together create such amazing scenes. The same is true of the many different people we live with or encounter day to day. Find the souls that help you create that spectacular scene! Stop, rest, and breathe in the amazing richness that you all create together this time of year!

Seasons and Souls

I do not know whether it is the brightness of the hues.

Or the richness of the textures.

The various oranges, reds, and yellows.

Golds, browns, and greens.

They all contrast each other,

Yet they hold to the specialty of each other.

They complement each other.


So much like people,

Each brings great depth to the full scene.

Yet together the scene becomes alive

And engraves the beauty in our minds.

Each has their own special place.


All the colors just make my heart rise in joy!

Mixed with the path of the butterflies,

The ironweed and golden rod line the rows.

Yellow and deep purple,

This sight gives us such hope.


The different feel of the breeze gently tosses the colors and hues.

They dance around or move back and forth,

Making them reach higher for the last moments of sun.

Some flicker with silver and gold as they are blown.

Just as souls shift and glide and blend with other souls

To make the dance so rich,

So do the colors.


As I take in the fresh air

And I see the extreme variations of the art,

The scents are intoxicating with their soothing blends.

No wonder the bright yellow bumble bee searches for the last hints of nectar.

The birds nibble on the last beautiful, bright fruits.


I know these scenes could only be painted by one.

That one has chosen us to have this precious experience.

A small touch of His coolness creates such warmth.

There is only one that can create such beauty

Within our lives through seasons and souls!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I really appreciate you being one of the souls I can visit with this week! I ask for blessings on the scenes you see this week and the souls you touch! Thank you again for reading!