Signs of Change

Signs of Change

Oh boy!!! Now this is a really, tough matter to deal with today, change.  It is inevitable.  You either adapt or die!  That is the bottom line!  But I am going to tell you, many times I just wish the change could be slower.  I think as we get older, we always reflect on “the good old days”.  “The good old days” were good sometimes, but not always.  I am very proud for many changes, like more equality (although it can be even better), technology advances including medical, being able to voice and practice our beliefs (1st amendment upheld), and so many more.  At the same time, I am saddened to know that changes with families and relationships has changed and not necessarily for the best.  I know with our families, when the matriarchs passed away, no one stepped in to continue all the connections.  The same goes with friends and relationships.  People have to make life changes and move on.  I even see my Dad, who is 83, has lost many simply due to death.  I feel that is why today’s subject is so important.  We must make sure we are not losing these relationships in the middle of the constant changes.  We have to reach out to each other, contact each other, and make those connections.  Of course, we also have to embrace the change as well.  Face it with joy and celebration for the great things that come out of it!  Make a change this week!  Also reach out to someone and strengthen one of those relationships in the middle of the change!

Signs of Change

Gone are the days of simplicity and naivety.

Gone are the laid-back family gatherings and swings on the porch.

Days have been changed.


Sometimes I feel the good change.

Then other times I feel the bad change.

No matter there is change.


The pace scorns the day with missed relationships and unmeet obligations.

The days are hurried and exhausting.

All energy is low in everyone.


I search for the simple signs.

The simple signs allowing for a moment of peace.

The simple signs telling us to not rush somewhere else or to something else.


I yearn for the moments when a conversation can be shared.

Not to be dissected,

But to be accepted and just heard.


Changing times frighten me.

I fear relationships can be lost forever.

Just slow down change!


There needs to be time to grow!

We all want more time to love!

I need more time to change!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I must end up saying today how thankful I am that you reach out to my writings for a connection.  I pray that some inspiration is gained by the time you spend with me.  I have experienced many changes since the beginning of this site many years ago.  I did not always make these changes without kicking and screaming, but I did make them!  As I reflect, God led me through these times for the best things in my life.  I have been so blessed through this guidance.  Embrace your changes, make connections, and count your blessings this week!










Obedience: The Art of Listening


I always think about obedience as an action.  However, one action I forget that obedience can be is listening.  I sometimes get all caught up in the acting and doing, but I forget to just listen.  The year I wrote this piece lots of things were happening to me.  I could not see the big picture or plan.  I was trying to be obedient, but I was not slowing down and stopping to listen.  Remember, obedience is listening so you will know the Creators next big step for you.  Don’t get lost in all the chaos and acting.  Get more into listening for the answers and solutions!

Obedience:  The Art of Listening

God please forgive me for fighting.

I really do not mean to collapse into my own wants.

I try so hard to know what You want me to do.

Please forgive me.


I think I know.

Then circumstances through Your grace show me that I am so ignorant.

I promise I am trying.

Please forgive me.


I am trying to be obedient.

I am trying to listen.

My ears hear, but my mind is deaf.

Please forgive me.


I cause such pain to myself.

I drown in despair.

I lose hope.

Please forgive me.


I am not strong for those that I love.

I forget my lessons to them about obedience.

I forget to let go.

Please forgive me.


I know obedience is freedom.

I know freedom is You and Your Son.

I know You use me for Your glory.

Please forgive me.


Obedience is freedom.

Freedom is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is living.

Thank You God—-for Your forgiveness!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

True listening is a very hard task.  We all want to inject our opinion, our viewpoint, or our experience.  But listening can help us learn so much about ourselves and other people.  Go into this next week trying to practice listening, if only for a little bit of the time.  I am right there with you practicing too!  See what a difference it can make in your life!







Real Love

Real Love

I was so blessed to celebrate 41 years of marriage with my sweet man this last week!  I just could not help but to reflect on what 41 years of real love look like.  As I did the realistic view of life, commitment just came to the surface.  I understand these days that long-term commitments seem few and far between.  I am sure there is research documenting the reasons for this.  As I evaluated how my husband and I had made it so far, it was quite easy to see.  A lifetime of commitment takes a tremendous amount of work.  It also takes a lot more giving than taking.  I also recognized a lot of people do not take the real time to know the person in the beginning before a long-term commitment has been made.  Why?  Very few people really change their personalities throughout life.  Sure, we grow with age, but we are who we are.  Many people believe that person will change when they enter marriage or a long-term commitment.  Believe me, we have learned this by living it!  With June being the big wedding month, I hope and say prayers that all those committing can enjoy a life like we have had.  This piece is a thank you and a love note to my wonderful friend and soul mate, Danny.  And I look forward to many more years of growing apart, growing as individuals, in order to grow together and learning more about you!

Real Love

Young and naïve.

We thought love was so shallow.

The giggles and anticipation

Of time spent in hugs and kisses.


If we had only known.

Just how deep and wide love could be.

The understanding of another’s soul.

Accepting of another’s heart.


You don’t look at me the same.

And I am so glad you don’t.

Because your look goes all the way to my heart now.

As the years have passed you have learned to see deep within me.


You give me your hand in helping me up.

I am supported as I move by your strength.

I am held as I cry in your arms without question.

You see that I am protected from harm.


We now accept being exactly where each of us need to be.

At first, we did not have the idea that allowing one another to be quiet and alone was ok.

Presently we understand giving love from a deep spot takes quiet moments and loud ones.

It takes both for each of you.


When you allow someone to grow, you show real love.

If you each do not grow apart,

Then you cannot grow together.

We have made room for both.


I love you more than I ever could when I was young.

Your faults have come out.

Yet your greatness has come out as well.

Mine has done the same.


Your love for me is so tender.

And mine for you the same.

We are mouthy and loud toward each other sometimes.

But only to work out our differences because that is what good friends do.


You do for me what others would never do.

I have done for you what others would not do.

We have been there for the blessed times.

And we have been there for the tough times.


Love is giving someone all of you when you have nothing else to give.

It is giving all from the deepest place in your being.

There is no room for selfishness.

Only room for giving.


The love now recognizes so many important things.

Not small, insignificant things.

But the big important things like presence and knowing.

Love recognizes just how special your soul and being are to someone.


When my heart hurts and cries.

You touch my arm and patch the cracks of my soul.

When my body crumbles,

You piece it back together with you care.


I never question whether I would do this with you again.

There is no doubt my choice would be your spirit.

I also will be with you forever.

Our souls will journey throughout eternity.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

If you are in a committed relationship try to remember it is work.  Be ready to do the work!  If you are on the edge of one, learn all you can about each other and make sure you are willing to give.  And finally, if you have come out of a failed commitment, learn and use that experience in preparing for the true soul mate waiting for you.  I wish blessings and love to all of you tackling and engaged in commitments!