Children of the Night

Children of the NightMy family has always sought all times of the year to celebrate! My Irish and Celt background especially sparks a little flame deep inside that loves the excitement of Halloween. Now in modern days the idea of a fun scare and beautiful gourd all a glow just says celebrate with family. I remember one Halloween in particular when I was four or five years old. I hid behind my grandparents’ kitchen door, all dressed in dark, appropriate attire to scare my grandfather and great-grandfather, Daddy Hick and Pa Jones. Of course they knew I was there, but I thought I had really sent some chill through their bones! Afterwards we had a lot of laughs and hugs. That was the very best part. Halloween just says have that last night of fun outdoors before we move inside for the Winter. My Em and Jim always made time for us to have a bonfire during this season. The dark, cool night with that amazing glow would just resonate in my soul. So find time this Halloween and celebrate the magnificent gift God has provided us, family. Enjoy the miracle of God changing this Earth and preparing us for thanks in the weeks to come. Return to your childhood this week, and celebrate the leaves, pumpkins, cool air, and the excitement of the night with your family!

Children of the Night

Gourds are all a glow.

Their eerie faces in the dark

Bring shrills and giggles in the night.


Witches fly by in vibrant purple.

Turtles creep in and out of the shadows like ninjas.

Owls hoot above,

As the princess dazzles her scepter through the air.


Batman uses his mask to cover his grin as he moves steadily from shrub to shrub.

The colorful bed of leaves, yellows, oranges, and browns crunch under foot of these sinister souls.

Ghosts and skulls are hung on signs or at doors.

Lanterns and lights bring their glow to the enchanted night.


Through the howling wind,

You hear boos and howls in the distance.

Pails, sacks, and buckets drag through the leaves.

Holding all the delights found.


How can it be such a blessed night.

Because this is one of the last fresh airs before winter.

And this is when we can all return as children to feel and see God!

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for returning to the past this week with me. Remember we always have a reason to celebrate this life that God has given us. Live it to the fullest! Even if it means being silly and dressing in costumes! May the Great Pumpkin enlighten your life this week!





Three Bitches and A Bastard

Three Witches and a BastardToday’s reading is not for the faint at heart. The reading exposes the world of evil. Unfortunately it demonstrates the evil that can be present in this world. If you have ever been in the presence of such evil, you quickly search for the light of goodness and hope. The ironic thought is that this reading references the work of Shakespeare leading us to believe that evil was present then and continues now. I know I am so glad and blessed that I do not have to live as these individuals live, not by what they are referenced as (titles given to them), but with their hurts, pains, and choices. I can have promise in others and enjoy the shining lights of others. I can and will live treating others as I would want to be treated. I can also love others including these individuals by sending my prayers to the Holiest of Lights. Pray today for those not understanding how to love.

Three Bitches and A Bastard

Like Shakespeare’s witches,

The three bitches circle the hot bubbling pot.

They have evil seething from their skin.

Their eyes display darkness.

They pour in deceit and lies.

They add fear and hatred.

Because these are the things they know best.

They conjure up schemes to pit others against each other.

They create stories to pull them into the depths of darkness with them.

The bitches laugh, chant, and circle the pot in order to serve the bastard.

The bastard allures the bitches with power, prizes, and awards.

Then he has them stirring the pot

That contains the liquid that burns and even boils others.

Those that try so hard to do right.

The bitches and the bastard know their plans will never be found out.

The liquid and gases get hotter and hotter.

The solution begins to float above and outside the pot.

One of the bitches goes after the other two bitches.

Each one of the bitches attacks another one.

They have all been slinging hatred, lies, vile thoughts, and ugly words at others.

But now they sling at each other.

The bastard, being haughty, bullish, and deceiving, as usual

Steps in between the bitches.

The bitches surround the bastard.

The evil from all four grows faster, stronger, and hotter.

It encircles them all,

Pulling them into the vortex of the dark.

The circular wind becomes so strong in the vortex,

That the souls of the bitches and bastard break apart into millions of pieces.

The pieces of the bitches and the bastard soak into the dark shadow of the sky.

All four will be held by eternity to live in an empty world of love.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for reading with me today. I realize the last two weeks have contained some dark sides of life, but we sometimes need to examine these to truly understand the wonderful, enlightening sides of life. Thanks for your patience as I have needed to work through accepting these individuals and their situations. Also as I have learned to love such individuals and looking past their choices. I am honored to have your light reading and shining your love in my life!




Lady of the Shadows

Lady of the ShadowsBe prepared! Today is a writing about darkness. Darkness and choices of evil made by souls in this world. I wish we could say this does not exist, but unfortunately we have all experienced someone that is surrounded and enveloped by darkness. Not someone that is simply down due to circumstances or one who has experienced some tough life knocks. This person has made the choices to be consumed by the darkness. Even though this person seems far from the light, all it takes is one small step toward the warmth and light. Sometimes that person simply needs a nudge from us. We may be that only person to stop and love this one and ask for God’s blessing upon them. God has not lost hope for this person even though we and others may. But God may be using you to invade that darkness and bring that person into the light and goodness of others! So do not hesitate—reach into the shadow of this lady and change her destiny!

Lady of the Shadows

She left a highway lined with corpses and carcasses.

She prostitutes her soul.

For what?

For the power only.


At least what she thinks power can be or what power can do for her.

Her soul has slipped into the dark part of the shadow.

Her arrogance is worn through her personality.

Too good for others.


No compassion.

And no care toward the souls of others.

She frightens others with her demeanor.

Those that have dealt with her cry to be released.

Released from her dark spirit.


Will she ever see the damages she reeks on mankind?

Or worse will she see and not care.

She runs from the demons that have caused this dark shadow

By destroying the hearts of others.


She will continue to die a little more each time she kills.

Until it is too late to be redeemed.

She will be sentenced to live in her own dark shadow all of her days.

She has successfully conquered and enveloped the evil of the world.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 There are many people that fight internal demons we cannot imagine. That does not give them the right to persecute others. However we must be especially aware of how these individuals need help and seek that help for them. Most of all offer your prayers for them. There is always hope.

Thank you for reading with me this week. I so appreciate the time and love you give to me by sharing your time. I pray that this week the light will brighten your life to help others.




The Waiting Room

The Waiting RoomIf you are a female or you have a very special female or females in your life, you have experienced the writing today. Some of us walk away with that sign of relief for another year and others of us breath very deep and begin the biggest fight of our lives. Many people, including women, would rather not speak or talk about this, but that is exactly the opposite of what we need. I am so proud of the many people that have made this fight public and built up the awareness of women’s breast cancer and other diseases. Also I feel very blessed for the public push on women’s health awareness. I know we have all been affected in some way by this issue. Just know we are all a family with each other when we fight this battle. You are never in that waiting room alone.

The Waiting Room

The one place where women are very quiet.

Very few words are spoken.

Each sits waiting.

The anxiety hangs in the air.


Breaths are held in.

Each one is so tense that no one would even know what to say to each of them.

Each waits to be called back.

Just hoping it will soon be over.


Each waits to see if they have the ok.

There are no smiles.

There are no relaxed faces.

Only tense facial expressions.


Each pretends to read, check messages, or scan magazines.

Finally the first call comes.

As each one gathers her things, a slight relief comes.

She is welcomed and then the door shuts closed.


Staff try in every way to make each one comfortable,

But they also know the fear and the unknown are present for each one.

Each returns to the holding area.

Each returns to their reading, checking, and scanning.


Waiting patiently for the happy farewell.

Finally the staff member returns and indicates all is well.

Each one rushes to re-dress, to re-collect, and sigh a relief.

Now each one can take a breath, a deep and long breath for another year.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 A special prayer goes out to all the loved ones we have lost to these diseases and to the courage of these women. The ones we have lost and those fighting now are our great warriors. God does deliver miracles. Thank you for reading with me this week. Know we are all waiting with you.






I just get so excited this time of year! I just cannot help it. The Earth just comes alive displaying all of God’s amazing miracles! Also the whole season makes me relax, rest, and feel so comforted in all that is provided for me. I just cannot seem to get enough of the warmth and color! Stop for one moment and bask in all that warmth surrounding you!


The air is so clear.

The smells are so aromatic.

The wind is so crisp.

The colors are the deepest.

The sun is just brighter during that moment.


The senses heighten with all the stimulation bursting forth.

You just do not want to miss anything!

The rich, deep colors make us feel warm.

I lean back and bask in all the comfort around me!

The colors and the warmth also make me feel exuberant!


Sometimes I wish it could be Fall all year!

But then would it be so special?

Would I appreciate the moment I am experiencing?

Just last longer!

Don’t go away for a little while!


Sun shine a little longer!

Leaves glow a little brighter for a while!

Cool wind blow beneath my sweater for a moment more!

Clear scent settle with me for a little more time!

My cheek can feel the touch of miracles from the air.

I want to bask in this season forever!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I know in my part of the world today, it is raining. So hold out and don’t give up—those beautiful Fall colors will be bursting out! Get your “bask” in this week! And may God bless you even more!