The Thief

The Thief

Environments can change radically sometimes.  This might be a work environment, a home environment, or a friend environment.  Some source, a person, several people, location change, or a number of factors, enters the environment and boom—things change!!!  The environment is turned upside down!  The change can be a positive one or it can be negative one.  In the piece today, I address the negative.  Change that turned an environment into total chaos creating fear, distrust, and pain.  One so toxic that you can start to lose yourself from so much doubt and fear.  When the change factor removes love from an environment, people feel lost, abandoned, and alone.  The source, or thief, will not give in until the situation is best for them.  They will steal all the joy from everyone.  Being in this type of environment is a danger to ones’ well being and soul.  It can cause great doubt.  If you find yourself in this type of environment, you really must leave or remove yourself from the situation.  There is too much good in this world to live under such stress.  We are all too precious to be treated in such ways.  Some might say you are just retreating and hiding, but this is not true.  When your soul, your inner being or your inner self, is in danger of being lost, it is time for you to make the move!  Be on the alert if you ever find yourself in this situation or environment, you always have choices and you are certainly worth it!  Do not let the thief get away with it!

The Thief

It is a sad place.

Why have people turned on people so?

It makes me sad to see such pain.

Pain pushed down and hidden.


This is not a good place to be.

Us against them, them against us, us against us.

Souls that once were happy for those they served,

Are now gloomed and seek to serve other places.


I feel like my soul is being sucked out of me.

I am trying to be something that I am not.

I hurt.

My heart hurts, and my mind is in chaos.


I cannot satisfy anyone.

Everyone has ideas of who I should to be.

Ripping my inner self from my experience and confidence.

Smearing my character.


My purpose is no more.

The love for my journey has been stolen.

And my worth has been minimalized.

Leaving me empty.


How did this happen so quickly?

Why do people strip others of their dignity?

Never forget you are precious.

Don’t let the thief steal your soul.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for being with me this week!  Never let a change thief steal who you are.  God wants you to flourish with your gifts, and He will lead you where your heart needs to be and where you can be at peace and be joyful.  Remember, always read your environments, in order that you are being nurtured and not stolen from!  Protect who you are in your environments this week!






Little Heart

Little Heart

Love—-a very simple spelled word.  But wow!!  What a complicated word past the spelling!  It is really easy to say we love someone, but to actually do it is difficult.  It is truly a journey to accomplish.  Some people make it easy, but others try everything they can to stop you from loving them.  However, it is not only others that can make love difficult, it can be our own hearts that present a problem.  We must grow our own hearts in order to be able to love others.  It really starts with loving ourselves.  Now that is where many of us fall short.  We have great difficulty loving ourselves whether it is our physical appearances or emotional situations that hold us back from ourselves.  Usually patterns engrained that we factually or falsely perceive, negative environments, DNA wiring that can cause us to do this, or any number of other reasons.  We have to work very hard to reach deep, deep inside and love ourselves!  Then we can reach far, far outside to love others!  Just remember life is about love!

Little Heart

Oh!  Little heart!

How much love can you hold?

Or how much love can you give?


At times you give all you have.

And at other times you withhold your love.

Little heart, you can learn to grow.


Precious one, you have loved your spouse.

You also have shown love toward your family.

And you have not spared your love to friends and strangers.


So, grow little heart!

Become stronger and wiser.

Reach past the stars to find love!


Love looks for you.

You don’t always look back.

You have looked and searched for love before.


My little heart, you are fragile.

Sometimes it hurts and cries because of love.

Other times it smiles with joy!


Love is always there little one.

You just have to see it.

And you have to believe in it!


The love might be big like a lover.

Or it maybe small like a glance on the street.

And the love may very well be a deep satisfaction of safety.


Little one, you may be scared,

But don’t fear!

Because love is what this world was built on.


Reach deep inside little one,

Because to love outside,

You must love inside.


Little heart, love.

Love always.

For life is the pursuit of loving!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope you can love inwardly and outwardly this week.  Try to work at loving someone difficult this week.  It may be as simple as saying, “Let me love you!”.  I so appreciate you coming to my spot and sharing in my writings.  I certainly understand your time is very valuable, and you joining me shows love!  Lots of loving this week!









Ode to the One I Love

Ode to the One I love

This Valentines Day I have to acknowledge the love of my life, Danny.  This piece today touches upon why he is the love of my life.  This love story was not planned, nor was it ever imagined to be so long.  Right from the beginning we each knew where we stood with each other.  There was honesty and trust right from the get go.  Our story started in our youth, has grown immensely, and continues to grow.  We have always grown as individuals, which has made our couple connection even stronger.  We have never placed each other in a mold.  We have always understood we are each who we are.  It was not always easy, but it was always worth it.  I hope you find your love this holiday or if you have your love, tell them how much you appreciate them and love them.  If you have not found your soul mate, never give up, because there is someone special for each of us.  Everyone doesn’t love early in life—-But everyone loves sometime.  Blessings on your journey to find the right relationship this Valentines Day!  May love come to you at right time!

Ode to the One I Love

As I admire him from afar,

His hair is silver and white now.

But I see the young man with chestnut hair.

The dimple is still there from forty years ago.


The once runner and ball player,

Now he consciously tries to stay in shape.

What I only see is the strong man,

I knew years ago.


He has held me to cry.

And he has laughed with me about the silly, little things.

His prayers are made to God daily for me and our family

He does not always appear religious, but his soul is so very spiritual.


This soul has worked hard.

To provide for me and our children.

Extra jobs plus his career.

Sacrificing his own wants for ours.


Beach lover.

Free Bird dancer.

Rocker on the back patio at dusk.

Chocolate connoisseur.


His hands have washed me after illnesses.

He has set quietly during recoveries.

Our children were soothed by his rocking,

And comforted in his arms.


This humble man carries my concrete pieces wherever I want.

He awkwardly and with humor shoos armadillos out of the yard.

He takes the garbage out.

And the clothes are washed because of this loyal man.


This brave person fought to return to us from a stroke.

He regained consciousness,

And pushed himself further than anyone could have.

Recovering to be with us for more time.


Although light bulb changing is more difficult these days.

Loving me is never.

His silly jokes still amuse me,

And his passion for sports prevails.


The pride I have for him is beyond what he would ever know.

His dedication to education,

And his contribution to the martial arts is above the bar.

But most of all his love for us exceeds all.


Watching him play with the grandbabies is the most fun!

Talking sports with the kids brings him such joy.

We have found delight and companionship as we watch our tv shows together.

And he makes me smile when he says “Take it home John Boy!”.


The conversations we carry on are interesting,

And the silence to just be together is so comforting.

Our pups think that he rules the world,

Because of his love toward them.


Who else rents a boat to take his love to an island for shell collecting,

And hauls her decorations back and forth for every season.

Who else knows just the right time to bring flowers,

And still remembers to get me juice and coffee every day.


With the car windows down,

Headed to the beach,

Our laughs and smiles echoed in the Florida night,

As Copperhead Road blasted in the background.


The days with you were and are the greatest love.

Sitting hand in hand by you in the lounge chairs.

As the waves wash up,

And the warm wind blows past us.


These memories of your love for me

Are only a few of a thousand.

They remind me of our love,

And will always be in our hearts and souls.


This man is my love.

A good, hearted man I have always known.

I love you more than anything.

You have taught me how to love.


I am not sure I could ever define love.

I certainly know love is many things.

It is small and large.

But I am positive about one thing, this man lives love!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for being with me this beautiful time of the year!  Thank you for letting me share about my love and what he means to me.  I really believe the way I have grown to love Danny has increased my love for others threefold!  My wishes and prayers are for you to know love in the way I have been able to.  God bless you in your enthusiasm, optimism, and continued journey with love!












The Natural Gifts

The Natural Gifts

It was one of those spring days in winter!  If you live in Tennessee, you certainly know what I mean.  I just had to stop and take in all the natural gifts we have.  They were just right in my face!  I told myself, “Why do you not do this more often?  Stop and admire all these blessings right in front of you.”  I am so silly in this everyday life!  I forget to pause—It does not have to be for long, but just a pause in order to capture a glimpse of these amazing gifts.  I realize I count my blessings for family, friends, shelter, clothing, food, and the list could go on.  However, I just forget the freebies sometimes!  The beautiful, natural, free gifts of everyday!  This week don’t miss out on your freebies.  All it takes is a pause!

The Natural Gifts

The sky goes on forever,

Just like infinity.

One row of trees after another,

Fills the horizon.

Lined up like soldiers.


My face with eyes closed turns upward.

Receiving the light.

Breathing the deep, clean air.

Air that holds hope.

And breaths that stroke the soul.


I can hear the wheat dance.

As the soft, wind moves across the land.

Each bird has their own voice,

When joined together like a choir of angels.

I am serenaded as if I am the only one in this world.


As the sun moves across the sky,

And displays a magnificent color show.

The moon peeks at me,

Waiting for its appearance.

On the stage of the dark.


The stars appear one by one.

Like little candles flicking in the wind.

Circling in the night around the moon.

They make designs like an artist,

And paint us pictures of the past.


Even in the coldest of winters

Or the hottest of summers

Sounds of all the animals are heard.

Sounds of joy, mating, fear, or being.

Letting us know there are many gifts beyond the sight of the eye.


How can I be so blessed?

To be given all of this freely.

All of these natural gifts!

Would I ever be so ignorant?

That I could not recognize these gifts.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for pausing with me this week!  I know you could choose other things to be doing, but you chose to spend time with me!  Take in all the freebies this week and count all your blessings!  There is so much out there for us to appreciate, if only we would pause and look.  Count each of the natural gifts you see this week and give thanks!  I am counting you as one of those gifts!  Happy week!