Mindful Soul

Mindful Soul

Have you ever had those restless nights or fitful moments where your mind just wrestles you down?  I certainly know I have been there.  And I have been there more than once!  Certain types of people have personalities with constant, active minds.  I really believe this also relates to genetics with certain genes generating these personalities.  This a great asset for thinking and brainstorming, but can be detrimental to a mind of a person needing rest.  I feel my faith is strong (although it can always be strengthened!), and I try to turn all over to God.  But my silly, human mind takes control and fights tooth and toenail to win!  Ughhhhh!  I just try not to lose heart or hope.  When this happens I make myself turn and talk to God.  I sometimes just start with little things or jump into the deep conversation of “let me listen to You, not my brain!”.  I at least engage in a conversation that calms me down, and another Spirit that tells my mind to shut it off and stop!  I guess one reason I really wanted to share this today was because I was afraid others were like me, and they may have not been told that this is ok.  It is ok to be wired the way you are.  The important part becomes how you ask God to help you manage your wiring, and how you use this for your great purpose in this life. Engage this week with conversations between you and your mind, but don’t forget God is always there to talk!

Mindful Soul

The mind talking to itself is a scary thing.

It starts with a few seconds,

Then those led to moments,

And moments to hours.


You try to silence it so that rest can come.

But it speaks louder and clearer.

Until you feel like it is yelling to you.

You try to talk back to it.


You ask it to calm down.

You try to reason with it.

You try to harness the thoughts.

But to no avail it wins.


Your peace is taken.

And your rest interrupted.

If it only knew how you needed those for it to keep going.

Will this battle ever be won?


Will it ever just listen to my heart and soul?

Soul hold on.

Because all is not lost if you are there to tame it.

Take the mind and place it in the hands of God.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I certainly hope this piece has helped someone this week to better cope with the stresses of life.  My dearest hope is that everything I write can help someone.  I am thankful how I am wired, and I want you to appreciate how you are also wired,  because that is what makes this life so worth living—-our similarities and our differences!  God bless!







The Leaving Pain

The Leaving Pain

At this time of year parents experience their children having to leave home.  From pre-school to grown children, we all have to go through this if we have done our job as parents.  Of course this happens other times as well, but no matter when it occurs, it never gets easier.  We are having to release that soul tie for them to go out and prepare for the world and for the world to prepare for them!  And I just cannot help it—-every time my grown children head back out into that world, I want to hold on or go with them!  It is a pain that no one but a parent could ever describe.  But—–I do let go, and I am even prouder of them when I know the great things they are doing for people and for God.  So if I need to have this pain each and every time I will.  I will for the incredible miracle I have been given to be a part of and for the great miracles they will become.  Thank you God for the pain!!  I would not have it any other way!!

The Leaving Pain

My heart actually split from the top to the bottom.

The pain was intense.

I know this is what a broken heart feels like.

As a tear dripped down my face and fell upon my chest,

Their absence was already felt so much.


I miss them so much.

Even though the mind realizes this absence will be temporary,

The leaving pain can be felt all over my body.

The instinct to be protective becomes so great.

I know God will really protect them,

But on the surface I feel somehow I am responsible.


I already miss lunches with them.

I miss watching silly movies or chick flicks with them.

I miss them being at the pool or dinner table for long talks and plans.

The leaving pain reaches deep into my mind to distort my hope.

I have to fight the pain so they will know I trust them.


I trust them as adults,

And I am proud that they take risks and really live their lives.

I knew all along that God had only loaned them to me.

His plan for them was to live this life to the fullest for Him.

He would touch others with their joy and love.


That is why I fight the pain,

So they see I know the hope is there for them and for me.

When we are then separated between worlds,

We will have the hope of knowing we will see each other again.

The leaving pain transitions our relationship beyond this place.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for joining me this week.  I send prayers and love as you experience this pain any time during the year.  I say thank you to my children who have allowed me and continue to allow me to be a part of their lives.  May blessings come your way in happenings you could never imagine!








Humanity’s Self

Humanitys Self

It is amazing how complicated it can be or become when you try to love people.  When you try to love your neighbor as yourself—the Great Commandment.  We put ourselves out there.  They put themselves out there.  We reach out.  We get involved.  We pray for them.  However, when those we are trying to love go to places that we cannot reach or go, it appears we are not loving them.  When we realize they need professional care that we cannot provide.  It becomes very complicated of how to love and continue loving our neighbor.  We cannot give up.  Our hope has to maintain itself even if we have to step back for those we are trying to love.  It hurts us to step back.  We do feel selfish.  I really feel this is why some people would rather write a check to a far off charity, or pack up some items for someone they will never see, than to love someone right next to them at work.  I am not denying that we are responsible for everyone in this universe of time, but we can start right where we are at the moment.  Some people simply do not feel selfish, but I feel those of us really trying to follow humanity’s greatest rule do feel this way when we cannot give love the way we know we should.  Some people do seek to hurt others, but I truly believe that most of us do not want to hurt others.  Our greatest job becomes providing prayers for that neighbor.  Our greatest job is to not lose hope for them.  Our greatest job is loving the person right beside us at the stop light.  Our greatest job is knowing God has a much larger plan than we do for that neighbor, and we can still love them from afar without abandoning them.

Humanity’s Self

Growing up opens your eyes to parts of humanity you would rather not see.

Niceness becomes smaller and smaller as truth becomes larger and larger.

People, thus humanity, are selfish.

They like to pretend to be nice, but in the end, they seek things for self.


If they can be nice far from home,

Where they are not committed to others—

They are comfortable. 

They satisfy self without commitment.


But when niceness is required in their daily space and time,

Self seeps in and the needs of others becomes thorns in their character.

Growing up shows us this in people, family, friends, and colleagues,

Who we never dreamed could be this selfish.


This brings sadness to the world of one who surely believed that humanity was good in spirit and soul,

Close at home and far away.

But the reality is that others put self above others.

The reality is also that others are then appalled when someone else places their needs above them.


The hurt and pain of others and the reason for this prioritizing becomes an inconvenience.

Is this humanity’s greatest sin?

Is this what Jesus meant when he said “Love their neighbor as thyself.”?

There is no wonder that the reason this commandment or parable is so difficult to live.


Self always gets in the way.

Growing up with humanity hurts not only the heart,

But also the soul and spirit.

Hope must help humanity carry out the great commandment.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

It is so hard for us all to trust.  And that is what we have been talking about today—Trust.  Trust that your neighbor will accept your love.  Trust that love can be stepping away as well as going forward.  Love this week even if you do have to step back for a moment.  Stepping back for a moment does not mean to abandon.  Try to not let self get in the way this week of loving those that need it!

Thanks so much for being with me this week.  I have left off the reflections lately.  If those were helpful, please let me know, because I would certainly reconsider providing those!  Happy neighboring!





Tears, Touches, and Time

Tears Touches Time

Healing hurts so badly.  It does not matter your age, personality, or status in life.  But it is so necessary to heal and move on in order to recognize the worthiness of life.  I have known many people that just could never get past circumstances that have affected their lives.  They lack hope, joy, and peace.  I have struggled with difficulty moving forward just like you have in certain situations.  We have to move forward.  The alternative is to move backward which brings resentment, depression, and fear.  God intended for us to be the very best we can be in this life.  We cannot do that if we allow fear and pain to control and manage our existence.  Stop and don’t let it in!  You can do it.  I know if I have and can, that you can to.  Think positively and with hope!  You are the only you in this world and God has great plans for your life!  And mine!!

Tears, Touches, and Time

It is so hard to understand why life hurts so much sometimes.

One experience or two or three,

Can make small holes in your soul.

Not holes in your heart, but in your soul.


Your soul tries to heal by letting the pain go through,

But one can feel the pierce,

Then the puncture,

And then the pain piercing completely through.


The Spirit touches the hole with people,

With miracles,

And even with His majestic art.

But this is a slow process.


People remember at first,

Then they forget.

Time expands between miracles like it should,

And the majestic art turns into a bleak and rainy day.


Of course if we would not feel, see, or touch these helps,

Healing could not happen.

If we did not experience pain,

We really could not experience the joy.


Then when the holes start healing from inside out,

The pain becomes less,

But also changes.

With each pang,

The soul can smile at that one memory or that one joy.


It might be a small bunny in the grass,

It might be a field of red clover,

Or it might be dinner with a friend.

God’s touch creates layer after layer to cover the hole.


The soul starts creating again.

The mind sees the beauty in all things even death.

The heart searches again for peach, love, and happiness.

Just as God forgives us each time we cause a hole in His soul,

We forgive others.


Just as God’s tears fill the hole in our souls,

So does our kindness and giving heal the souls of others.

Life does hurt.

Living is a process that is not easy.


God’s tears, touches, and time—

On these experiences make heaven even more real.

Tears soothe, touches caress, and time refreshes the mind.

The realism of hope brings healing.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

May healing bring you peace, love, and hope this week!  Thank you for being with me and reading my thoughts of this world and beyond.  I so appreciate your time and effort to think, dream, and love!