Space, Time, and Presence

Space Time and Presence

There are times in life that are just really difficult.  We become “stuck” in place due to the journey of life.  We cannot seem to move forward, nor go back.  Our directions or paths are there, but we cannot focus to see those paths.  For some reason, our society just does not always accept being “stuck”.  Society deems we are either going forwards or backwards.  However, there is something to say about being “stuck”.  Being “stuck” makes us live in the present.  If we live in the present, we can learn to relish every blessing and actually enjoy that blessing.  We can find the pure joy in life!  The joy of each happening!  Even though it may be hard, try to enjoy your “stuck” state of mind right now.  Revel in each and every blessing in this space, time, and presence that we are in!

Space, Time, and Presence

I just do not know where I am in my life.

Have I done all that was meant for me to do?

Are the accomplishments all done and stand as they are?


It’s hard to be in a space,

To be in a time,

And in a presence where you are not sure.


Where do I go?

What do I do?

What’s next?


I have hope.

My hope is not lost.

But I seem to be floating in space.


Watching time just pass.

Stuck in the presence.

No more where or how or when.


One day we head toward this path.

The next day toward another.

Still just in the present.


How does it all fit together?

When does it all come together?

Does it ever all come together?


The hopes, the dreams, and the desire to serve God are all there.

But where is there?

Are we here, there, or everywhere?


We can’t live in the past.

We can’t jump to the future.

But we can be present.


Present for God to send us.

Send us any way, anywhere, or anyhow.

His space, time, and presence are not always ours.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week you can be uplifted and encouraged in your present state.  Also, we pray and send love to all people hurting from this disease and its results.  May blessings be upon everyone.  May your “stuck” joys outnumber your anxious moments!  The Great Creator is always with each of us, and we have been given each other !







The Daffodil

The Daffodil

It is so amazing how the first little growth of spring appears to be so fragile.  The daffodil (aka the buttercup!) has always been my flower!  Their bright colors just blast us with sunshine, telling us winter is on its way out.  It appears fragile, but it can withstand the last snows of winter and the harsh winds of March.  It very much reminds me of the people of our nation right now.  Because we love each other, we celebrate each other, and we stand with each other, the outside world might consider us weak.  Like the daffodil, we may appear fragile, especially at this time, but we are far from it!  We are strong and have been withstanding adversity all our lives.  During these difficult moments of disease, political bickering, and natural disasters, we may appear fragile like the daffodil, but underneath that appearance, we have a firm foundation built on love and caring.  I have seen story after story the last several weeks of people helping people.  Our bright colors will be like those of the daffodil!  We will blind the world with our bright colors of American tenacity!  Our fragile story will be one of overcoming!

The Daffodil

Thin skin.

Yellow tints.

Designed like china teacups.


Lightweight structures.

Tossed in the wind.

Yet straight as an arrow.


Your bodies tolerate snow.

And you stand at attention to the sun.

Your bright color makes me smile.


Slender leaves.

Protective but delicate.

Floats like kites.


Your scent is the perfume of queens!

The room is filled when you are present.

You are an aphrodisiac to our senses!


You dominate the bouquet,

With your appearance.

Prancing around the vase like dancers!


Year after year.

You return from your bulb.

To surprise and enlighten us again!


You are the first signs of hope,

Especially after a hard winter.

You tell me I have tomorrow.


Smell sweet little one.

Shine bright.

For you lift my heart this spring!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Our prayers and love go out this week to all, especially those affected by this disease, natural disasters, and other issues facing friends and families.  We will carry on by the love of the Creator through every American!  Stay grounded and positive!  We were given the natural world, like the daffodil, to know we are resilient.  Blessings of strength this week!  Show your bright colors!





End of a Birthday Year

End od a Birthday Year

As we step further into our journey, the years seem to shorten.  What once seemed to take a thousand years to complete, now is gone within seconds.  Birthday years shorten themselves, leaving us to speculate on where we came from, where we are, and where were we are going in our lives.  We begin grasping life double fisted in order to make the most of every second!  Also, our reflections on our journey are essential in understanding our growth.  This allows us to be prepared for the next leg of our path!  If you have not stopped to see this on your birthday anniversary, please do.  And don’t even wait until your special day!  It will be so beneficial to your mental health and to you understanding your blessings and joy.  Reflect and celebrate your life this week and every week.  You are a very special creation that has offered this world a piece of your soul!  Never cut yourself short by not understanding this concept!

End of a Birthday Year

I am who I have become to be.

I am happy with me,

Even though others may not be.

As I have said to others,

If I die today or tomorrow,

I have no regrets for living.


I have done for all that I could.

And everything I have done was out of love.

And it has made me the woman I am.

A woman molded and designed

By all the women in her life.

A woman that will carry the beings of her queens.


Oh!  It has not been fast or easy!

I have grown so fast sometimes,

That I have cried into the depths of my heart.

And I have laughed sometimes as high as I could reach.

Even to touch the angels,

And to see the smile of God Himself.


Every day is the process.

I forget, I remember.

I shout, I moan.

I forgive, I am forgiven.

And I smile with each start of the day!

Knowing I have another chance.


But when it is done each day,

I am who I am supposed to be.

I am a strong woman.

A woman who makes decisions with her heart,

But most of all with God in mind.

Seeking her true path.


I was given chance after chance.

And day after day to practice living.

I am a woman who has lived each day.

Really lived it!

All the joy it brings,

And all the sadness it delivers.


What is true though—

Is to always look back,

Smile upon those precious memories.

Always bask in the present moment.

Always look forward with dream, hope, and love.

Because God did say it is all good!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

This is a celebration of birthdays this week!  No matter which month or day your day falls upon, celebrate all that is you!  And keep in mind you are still evolving into the great creation God made you.  Happy birthday Januarys’ through Decembers’, and everyone have a fully blessed birthday year!










The Chapel Is Open

The Chapel Is Open

Growing up in the South and the Bible belt of the U.S., going to church on Sunday morning was just a given.  And sometimes Sunday night and Wednesday night!  This is where we worshiped God.  This was our formal worship.  I am not sure any of us realized our worship was so much more than inside the four walls of the churches.  Upon reflection the little faith we had inside grew by leaps and bounds outside these walls!  We learned to worship God in the garden, at picnics, on sunny days, on rainy days, at births, at weddings, at funerals, at the lake, on the beach, on the front porch, and you probably get it now!  Anywhere we felt very close to God!  For me at the back of my folk’s property was a small wooded area that had some cut down trees.  The stumps made a perfect seat to just sit and talk to God.  Everywhere and anywhere is where God and His chapel can be found!  He doesn’t call us just sitting on a pew or standing in a choir.  This doesn’t mean that church isn’t important.  It is very essential to be in the midst of a caring and loving community when we find one.  Although many of us have that outside the church building as well.  Today’s piece is a reminder that God is always present, wherever we might be!  His chapel is always open!  The question becomes “Is your heart always open to Him?”!

The Chapel Is Open

The view of green.

A slight breeze.

Birds dart about.

The chair is comfy.

The front porch is serene.

The chapel is open.


The valley leads into the hills.

All shades of green.

The hills are so astute.

Sounds of animals can be heard.

The holler opens up to my heart.

The chapel is open.


Butterflies abound in the grass.

The waving of the sun.

Brings a quiet scene.

His breath blows the wheat grains.

The field holds my hand.

The chapel is open.


Waves carve prints in the sand.

Sounds go flip and flap.

Shells find their resting places.

The breeze taste of salt.

The horizon opens my eyes.

The chapel is open.


Fishing boats dot the water.

Trees overhang on the banks.

Little waves beat the muddy bank.

Wearing the rocks smooth.

The lake brings my mind rest.

The chapel is open.


Sticks holding each other.

Sticks that are the trees of winter.

Layers of beautiful white and brown.

A blue bird comes out briefly to calm me.

Settling on the branches.

The chapel is open.


Trees become silhouettes.

Multiple colors fill the horizon.

The sun peeps its final rays.

Rocking in the chair brings rhythm.

The back porch soothes my soul.

The chapel is open.


Sky becomes dark.

The land is pitch.

Then small twinkles appear in the pitch.

A light show begins.

The fireflies are the final act in my show.

The chapel is open.


The snow falls like feathers.

Landing on the scape like cotton.

Winds toss the bits about.

Trees and grasses are outlined by the snow.

The snow sets the winter scene for my job.

The chapel is open.


Soft chair.

Fireplace crackling.

Warm coffee.

Swaddling comforter.

The Good Book speaks to my being.

The chapel is open.


Light paints the stain glass.

Silence brings reverence.

The cross speaks of sacrifice.

The pew allows me to relax.

And the sanctuary sets my being at peace.

The chapel is open.


Anywhere and everywhere.

Quiet or loud.

Peace or chaos.

By oneself or with others.

Our minds and hearts go there.

The chapel is always open!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for being with me today.  Our love and hearts go out this week to all of those affected by the tornadoes here in Tennessee.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  I hope you can be drawn closer to God or your spiritual needs by being with me this week.  May all your chapels be open this week and may your communities be close this week.  March blessings for an amazing Spring from God!