The Hallowing

The Hallowing

I know many people and cultures do not celebrate Halloween and Harvest.  With three sides of our family being from Ireland, our family has always celebrated with joy and fun!  Being farming families, we were always so grateful for the bountiful harvest, and Halloween just topped off the season with some last outdoor fun before winter.  Although our families really started celebrating Halloween for protection against spirits of the night, we have now moved on to the more fun and imaginative side of Halloween.  At seven months old, I was dressed in a costume, we ate a delightful fall meal especially including baked sweet potatoes, carved the family pumpkins, scared the relatives with our costumes, pulled a little trick here and there, and the night always ended with a bon fire!  My grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents had always celebrated this way.  And I will always honor my family’s way of life from our original country.  I realize the celebration reaches back to protection from the fear of spirits and things that we cannot explain.  I also know sometimes the celebration can be taken way too far.  As for my home, we will always celebrate and in the appropriate way.  I hope you and your family enjoy a safe and fun “hallowing” in your home too!

The Hallowing

The skeleton held his tight little smile.

One gourd grinned through its one tooth.

Another smiled through its many teeth.

And yet another rounded its mouth in a boo shape.


The ghosts glided easily in the wind.

All making a slightly “ooooo”.

The only thing visible were their mouths and eyes.

They dance around the trees resembling ballerinas.


The dark, pitch night displayed tiny groups of lights.

Some from the faces of the pumpkins,

Others from the candles glowing.

The moon cast the final glow for an eerie night.


There is excitement in the air,

But also a little fear.

All the costumes come out in a full gala.

Hoping to scare the one next to them into a laughter.


Treats line the counters of the kitchens.

Caramel apples and a banquet of candies.

Many hosts wait in their doorways,

Or on their lighted porches to distribute the prizes.


Bones line the driveways.

Ghosts linger in the windows.

Jack-o-lanterns adorn the porches.

Waiting for the ghouls.


Hosts and ghouls alike on this scary night,

Wait to be frightened and delighted.

The night of imagination and fun.

As the spirits walk the Earth.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Celebrate in a fun and festive way this week!  May you be blessed by sharing goodies with others and demonstrating your love for God’s blessings of such a wonderful season.  Thank you for being with me this week.  Happy Halloween!  Oh—and yeah—Boo!!!




Family and Traditions







Little Piece of Heaven: Fall

Little Piece of Heaven Fall

Fall!  Autumn!   Harvest!  Oh! So many names for such an exciting season!  Over the last several weeks I could not help but to think about all that this season brings.  Although, the weather has delayed many of our beautiful colors, seeing everyone’s cornstalks, pumpkins, and mums go out, just gets me excited! Nature gives us so very much splendor.  The problem is we don’t always slow down or stop to see the heaven we are in.  We overlook our heaven on Earth.  Slip away this week, if even for only a few moments in time, and see where you truly are.  Touch the grasses, see the butterflies, and smell the breeze to get just a touch of heaven.  You will start to realize how many blessings you are given, and you can better enjoy your life!

Little Piece of Heaven:  Fall

The wind carried the colors across the grass.

The geese loudly announced their exit.

The seeds and the grains scattered themselves.


Your touch flows against my skin like silk from pure cloth.

As the last of the butterflies take in the golden rod.

The grasshoppers make their final dance around the yard.


Between the sun and the shade,

The oranges, reds, and yellows blast the umbra of their colors.

As the stillness in time holds the calls of the birds.


The last sip of nectar is enjoyed by the bees.

As the trees sway their arms in a dance of delight.

It is their time to steal the show.


Dragonflies make their last hunt for water.

As the tall grasses clap their blades.

And strut their plums.


The morning glories make their final climb and explosion.

As the Earth beneath them becomes damp and wet.

The acorns and the hazelnuts wait to be absorbed back into their hidden burrows.


I hear You in my mind.

I See You in my soul

As I rest in this little piece of heaven called Fall.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for being with me this week.  I pray that blessings will abound for you in your little piece of heaven.  Hey—who isn’t to say the streets of heaven are paved with goldenrod instead of gold!  Oh!  I hope without allergies!  Live a little this week in your fall heaven!  And as we say in the South—get your Fall on ya’ll!









Hollow Uprising

Hollow Uprising

There are some places that are just sacred places.  I think we all have our own.  A spot where your soul gives out a big sigh of relief and peace when you are in it.  Your body and mind can relax and take a moment of rest.  For me, it is our hollow.  I bet as I drive down our road leading into the hollow, my blood pressure goes down twenty measures.  The trees overhang the road, the chipmunks and squirrels greet me, and then the road opens up to these amazing hills filled with wonder!  For me this hollow has to be protected, because it protects me.  Your spot is probably the same way.  Your spot may be a comfy chair in your home, a spot under a tree at the park, or your kitchen table with a candle and a cup of coffee.  Wherever it is, it is yours to protect.  It has to be protected in order to allow you that safe and peaceful feeling.  Find your “hollow” this week.  And make an uprising to protect your “hollow”, in order that your soul can have peace in this busy and distracting world!

Hollow Uprising

Reaching for the leaf,

It was shriveled.

But its colors were vibrant,

And its stem was strong.


As I sat upon the edge of the pond,

I remembered this hollow.

Days ago it was vibrant.

And it was strong from the souls that inhabited it.


Now the colors are dull.

And the faces of the souls have changed.

Some have gone on to the valley beyond.

While others have returned for peace.


It is amazing how a place can set our souls.

A place that can provide comfort.

One that gives protection.

These hills and hollow always bring a satisfaction of peace.


The hollow stands for the people that searched for sanctity.

People who used the land wisely.

Providing food and shelter for their families.

Giving grace for their times of rest.


The trees held by the hills will again present life.

Their strong trunks will produce the greenest of greens.

And they will again show a magnificent array of colors.

All for the inhabitant’s delight.


But for now the hollow will bare its soul.

As the summer gives way to the fall.

And the fall to the winter.

We will see the hiding places of the animals and humans alike.


Once spring arrives our vibrancy will glow again.

And the hollow will feed us internally and externally.

The new ones will understand the ways here in the hollow.

They will also fight for its protection.


As I look at the leaf again.

Its strength seeps into me.

Putting the leaf down,

It once again had the color of life!


The hollow rises again!

To give peace, protection, and solace.

As long as we stand,

So shall the hollow!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that joining me can be part of your “hollow uprising” experience.  I hope that I can provide some peace and relief for you.  May you “uprise” this week to protect your favorite spot.  And if you don’t have one, find one soon.  You cannot believe how it can improve your health and your spirit!  Rise up this week and reside in your “hollow”!






Falling Inward

Falling Inward

All seasons bring new awareness and different experiences.  But for some reason the fall just enlightens us all!  The fall with all its warmth and coziness just turns inward on us and fills us completely up with good feelings and safety. We yearn for the outside, but it goes inside us for the best moments ever!  We see so many miracles from the Earth at this time, which gives us hope and anticipation of the many blessings we are given.  As you absorb all the fall colors and feelings this week, take yourself inward and examine all the many blessings you have.  Fall right into this amazing season!

Falling Inward

The grey sky carried the wind on its shoulders.

The trees knew it was here.

All the flowers were tucked back into their stems and seeds.

All could feel the fall.


Inside our bodies tell us.

It is time to return inward toward your soul.

Yet we outwardly want to touch the cool air.

We want to see God paint the Earth.


Colors of all hues.

Smells of every scent.

The Earth releases all she has.

Before going inward.


Even the animals start inward.

The squirrels find their tree nests.

The rabbits go to their burrows.

And the birds huddle near their trees.


All only coming out to forage.

The final fruits appear.

Many fall to the ground.

Waiting to provide nourishment to many creatures.


As the days shorten their light.

And the sun moves further away.

May our inward selves,

Reflect on the miracles we see and feel every season.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so glad we are given the opportunity to see and enjoy all the miracles that God gives us through all the seasons.  Thank you for taking your valuable time this week to join me in celebrating an amazing time of year!  I pray that your inward and outward blessings are bountiful and glorious this season.  Miracles are present every day, don’t miss out on them.  Look outward to really see these blessings, and fall inward to examine all that you are freely given!









Dry Bones

Dry Bones

With all the hot weather we are having in our part of the country right now, I could not help but to think about how dry my own bones become at times.  Life and living will just suck your bones dry.  It is the little things day after day that dries them out completely.  Unfortunately, with activities, jobs, and tasks that really do not address our mental or physical health, the life of our bones can become very exhausted and tired.  There are days I need to be filled with love and hope.  God will send me that in the form of spiritual souls.  These souls will give me a call, send a message, or show up providing me that love and hope.  Then my bones start replenishing little by little!  They are massaged back to health by the Spirit through these souls.  Accept these notes and messages with welcoming arms.  Make sure this week that your bones are getting replenished!

Dry Bones

My bones dry out.

They get brittle.

Close to breaking.

They need to be replenished to survive.


Life wears on them.

Each day they lose a little more moisture.

Til they want to crunch under the pressure.

They sound hollow.


Bone rattles against bone.

As more of life’s demands seeps into the marrow.

Eating away at the life there.

Leaving empty vessels.


I find myself right before the breaking point.

Ready to lay down in the dust.

So, I can blow away with the wind.

And feel no more pain.


Then I feel the slightest breath.

A sweet whisper.

It flows across my dead bones.

And refreshes their substance!


Your gentle air lifts my bones from the dust.

Into the surrounding world.

Adding moisture to the bones’ surfaces.

Bringing me back to life!


You send a simple word.

Or a simple phrase.

Maybe even a note from a friend.

That gives the bones support and hope!


One by one.

They support my whole being again.

You put life and meaning back into their existence.

Giving reasons for moving on.


My bones are plump again!

Supporting my heart and soul.

Carrying me into the new future!

Remaining strong from Your magnificent Spirit!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough this week for reading with me.  Sharing with you is one means of my replenishment!  Look for the many ways and the many souls that replenish your bones this week!  You will be better equipped to face your hopeful future.  Blessings on your bones!