Follow the Star

Follow the Star

I am never more amazed than when we are spoken to through God’s natural creations. God’s imagination, discoveries, and creations very much encourage us to use our own imaginations, seek new discoveries, and create! We are so blessed to have imagined space flight, discovered dinosaurs from the past, and to have created technology. God’s plan for our living in this time and space. It is no wonder that years ago explorers, the wise men, astronomy, the star of the east, and a virgin birth, cytology at its best, led people on this Earth to believe in a purpose of love and peace. What people believed in years ago can give us hope of our futures and God’s great blessings to come! May all our imaginations, discoveries, and creations continue to strive for God’s special purpose. Allow God to carry out His purpose through you, and use all you have for this love! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Creative Living! May God bless you, and may you be able to pause and see those blessings!

Follow the Star

The star glided across the glow of the moon.

It landed in the pitch dark sky.

Growing in heat and warmth.

The small star was no longer small.


Its tiny flame spread across the black sky like a fireball moves through the wind.

It settled its gaze upon a blue planet with shades of green.

God told it to shine as much as it could.

He told the star to spread its glory across the planet letting its light provide hope for the world there.


The star heated and heated until its rays spread over the planet.

The inhabitants watched the star and followed it to the great place were God came to them.

After the star carried out its purpose, God allowed it to set itself in the East.

It was the purest white of whites.


The choice that star made that day set it into the history of the planet and in the culture of the inhabitants.

It was used to honor God.

The little star represented the hope of the unknown.

The star gave all its warmth and glow to supply the inhabitants with the light for tomorrow.

Look up and follow the star.

The star leads to the one and only light of love.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Begin this new year with your mind open and your heart giving. Peace can only be gained by following God’s star. Follow with your life! Love to you.











Prepare yourself this week. Have your heart bursting with joy, have your mind praying, let your voice bring comfort to others, make your hands provide help, see that your eyes glean the sparkle to others, and stop to share all that you can about this amazing season! Reflect and remember through all the hustle and bustle that this season is for one main purpose—to love. Love in all the ways you know how. Dig deep and prepare your heart and soul to share one of the greatest gifts of all—love. So don’t just prepare your home this week for Christmas, but prepare your heart so that you can give all year long!


 The scent of the cedar tells me the season is upon us.

The light, blue-green fruits and feathered branches provide a wonderful backdrop.

The nativity scene has been carefully unpacked once more.

It occupies the special place in the house where all can honor its purpose.

The song from the music box helps the skaters glide around the base.


The advent log rest comfortably waiting to glow as the time draws closer to the great day!

Bells jingle all around.

Songs and verses that are familiar to all can be heard.

Lights twinkle,

As ornaments strut their glory about the tree.

The magnificent star with its gold and stones represent the great birth.


The smells of ham and cookies make our tummies yearn for their taste.

The musical carousel stands tall atop the special crafted tree skirt ready to entertain.

The adorned angel holds the ornament reading Merry Christmas Ya’ll.

The paper Coco Cola Santa sits on the cabinet holding his finger to his nose sparking excitement of the little ones looking up from below.

All these represent preparation for the great season of love and giving.


Then we see their arrival.

One by one.

Smile after smile.

Hugs after hugs.

This is truly the season.

When those we share love with sit among all the other earthly things!

And we celebrate the best gift of all-

The born and risen King!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


I cannot thank you enough this week for loving me by being here to read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May this holiday bring you and those you love peace, joy, and love. God please bless each one! Merry Christmas!











Such a small word with such a big meaning. Quietness, tranquil, calm, and restful are just a few words that describe this amazing word. More than just the physical word itself, this word is so gigantic in reality. For unknown reasons some people just cannot bring themselves to practice this word. They seek chaos, argument, tension, and busyness to their lives. When we seek this word and its true meaning, our own lives become so rich and joyful. We take ourselves into the reality of clarity rather than confusion. Hundreds of years ago a text that is very important to me was written with the exclamation “Peace on Earth, and good will toward men!”. Quit ironic the word peace was used indicating for the Earth to be quiet, tranquil, and calm. Let’s practice this word during the week and see how restful our lives and the lives of others can be!


 The feelings are very anxious.

The fears become greater.

The focus becomes dim.

The foundation is shaky.


Then within seconds or moments all become so little.

Joyful feelings take over the anxiety.

Hope consumes the fears that were once there.

The mirror becomes bright and the focus sharpens.


And under our feet the ground becomes solid once again.

The light becomes bright.

The glory surrounds us!

Comfort spreads from bone to bone.


God is with us.

God is in us.

God is the joy.

It is not me or I or us.


God is the peace.

I am the peace.

We are the peace because God is us.

Peace in this reality can be true!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Peace be to you and your family as the holidays arrive. I just thank you so much for blessing me with your presence this week. What peace you bring to me!










As the cold crosses the Earth, the night becomes pitch except for the beautiful, magnificent lights! I love having a sweater on, pulling it tight around me, and gazing at the light show that I have been given. I don’t know why but in the winter the show is just so much more spectacular! I truly believe our souls are that light that exist with God before we arrive here. That is why our babies have such innocence. They are pure love and light from God. I wish and hope for each of us that we return to that pure light as our existence here continues. We should not have to speak only or appear only to have this light—our presence should be this light!


 With every star a soul is born.

I use to just gaze

And I would wonder how could these be so bright against the dark sky?


Then as I realized

The lights were not just those of gas and nuclear power,

But from a power greater than a chemical reaction.


A source that streamed forth from every soul that was to arrive on the Earth.

Souls that would spend so little time in these weak bodies,

But forever in these strong hearts.


So what is a soul?

Is it energy?

Is it the glory from an unknown world?

Does it matter what it is?


What seems more of essence is not what it is,

But what it becomes.


A light that is beyond description.

A light that is eternal.

A light that has no words,

Only presence.


How many souls will I meet tonight upon my gaze into the dark?

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Tonight when look into the sky, be open to meet new souls throughout this world. Become the everlasting light to others! During this hurried season, do stop and look up! Thank you for your presence with me this week.