Modern Day Miracles

Modern Day Miracles

As the one I love so much turns the “Big 60” this week, I have to reflect upon a time that I really thought I had lost him in this world. The miracle we were allowed to be a part of was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. We found out what it really means to be a part of a real family (community). But most importantly we found out how God creates modern day miracles through amazing people! Please read and reflect on what miracle you have experienced this week!


Modern Day Miracles

You do not know who you do not have,

Until you are made to imagine what it would be like without that one soul.

Your greatest fears well up inside of you.

You move into a panic mode.

Your heart hurts more than you thought it could ever hurt.

You are just in a state of unbelief.

You are in a state of denial.


You feel the soul at the tip of your fingers.

That soul is trying to hold on, but slipping away.

You have to ask “What did they smell like?” when they were near you.

“What did their clothing feel like?”

“Where are their shoes that you so want to trip over?”

These are the hard questions that one has to face as this soul slips away.

These take you to a place you do not want to go.

What if you have to go on without them?


You see those around you and closest to you hurt with pain in their hearts.

They fear never hearing that voice

Or having that conversation with that soul again.

They fear having only half a soul instead of a full soul.

You see the one whose hand you hold fight.

They are fighting on a different plane.

The plane between the present, future, and past.


They wrestle with their position.

They fight.

They ask for help.

Then they rest again. Quiet. Calm.

One day turns into another, but not quickly-slowly.

You wait for that one moment to visit.

The one moment to caress the soul’s arms and legs.

The one moment to tell them about your day.


Not that your day is more important,

But that together you have always shared the day.

It is the sensing of each other.

Together you have always shared the simplest things.

The simplest things were always the most profound.

They were yours together.


But no response and no sound from the soul.

Then you want to cry and lay your head on the soul’s shoulder,

But you have to smile.

You have to stay cheerful.

You have to stay positive.

You have to present yourself with hope.


Tubes are everywhere.

You never imagine the human body can have so many holes with tubes-

And still live.

Just about the time you adjust to one nightmare.

Another nightmare emerges itself into the scene.

The doctor says a feeding tube has to be put in.

Another hole. Another tube.


Now you have to think about realms in this world.

The realms that no one wants to think about.

Realms that make you think you may not ever have this soul with you again.

How and where will you and this soul go?

How will you live together?

Will be able to live together ever again?


Times during the wait, you pray for the next step.

You pray your request,

Even though you do not know what that request is.

You pray for God’s wishes.

You pray for strength.

You pray for understanding when days have passed.

Your prayer turns from silence to wails.

You pray for a miracle.


Will God allow a miracle today?

Or will He allow the miracle to happen another day?

Or will He allow a miracle at all in this modern day?

Then out of others and out of the process one realizes God has already showed us the miracle.

The miracle emerges right in front of you.

No one easily sees again.

No one easily walks again.

But the miracle is happening.


The miracle is anyone living every second.

The miracle is anyone living every moment of every single day.

The miracles are those that love you.

The miracles are the souls that hold you so close.

Those that wrap you in their love.

They provide for you and your family.

Those that tell the stories about this special one.

Those that sit in silence with you.


The miracle souls of the community visit the one fighting.

They talk to him.

They share with him the moments of their lives.

They encourage this one to fight.

They pray for him.

They cry for him.

They laugh for him.


With the miracle souls of the community at watch,

The one that has been so quiet starts to stir!

The one starts to awaken-slowly and with each breath.

One word, two words, sentences.

One finger movement, a hand movement, and then body movement.

He awakens slowly but he does awaken.


The miracle has happened!

However, not one miracle, but many.

You see the real miracle is the souls.

The souls of all those who have been on this journey with this one.

The journey taken so this one soul can revive and rejoin the community.


The miracles happen through so many!

So many that know God’s hand is upon us all!

Each one experiences what this soul has experienced.

They all experience this miracle together.

Their hope and belief is God’s mighty hand through them.


So you may ask-

Are there miracles that happen today?

Just ask someone.

Just ask anyone.

They will be glad to share God’s miracle for them with you.

Because where man is so is God.

And where God is so are miracles.

Miracles yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

There will always be miracles.

Whether we witness them is whether we are open to see, feel, or experience them.

And where miracles are there always lies the hope.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

We are so thankful for our family and community—the entire American Karate Academy, the entire Independent Karate Schools of America (from the east coast to the west), Lis and Jeff, Aunt Katie, Uncle JT, The YMCA at Franklin and Concord Road, educators in Williamson County, West Franklin Baptist Church, nurses and doctors at Centennial Medical Center, and on and on! You were certainly the miracles in our lives!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and being with me this week. It took me over 2 years to write about this miracle. I hope you can find the miracles that are happening in your life or be open to the miracles that will happen!













God’s Breath

Gods BreathThe senses are so important in this life. We see, touch, feel, breath, smell, hear, listen, and more. Much of the time we quickly want our reactions to these senses to be recognized before we actually experience them. I wrote this piece at a time when I just wanted to “be” and take in all that God was offering me through my senses. After you read, let yourself “be” today and don’t miss out on an amazing experience!


God’s Breath

I stand with the dark sky at my face.

Quiet surrounds everything.

I then feel the breath pass across the back of my neck.

Not warm, not cold, but gentle.


Awe feels my thoughts, my heart, and my spirit.

My face lifts to feel His touch.

I hold the warm cup closer to me,

As I breathe to take in His Spirit.


For one second I feel as though I am on another plane,

Another time,

And at peace with the Holy Spirit.

I know I am His.

I know that I am in a sacred place.


My heart feels joy.

Time disappears because there is no need for space when we are filled.

The chimes slowly draw me back to the present.

As I glance up toward the sky,

The darkness has been illuminated from the light of the stars and moon.


The gentle flutter of wings are heard.

In the far, dogs yawn and wake.

The rustle of the creek water rushing the reeds.


God has brought another day into our lives.

To live, to love, to find joy,

To overcome fear, to have faith, and to move forward.

His breath carries us on.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 This week as your senses go to work remember a key one can be to listen. Listen for God’s breath upon your life!






The Bed

The Bed

During this time of the year as parents, we have to send these special blessings we have been given out into the world. We help them supply their backpacks with pencils, notebooks, and markers. We help them pack up a microwave, comforter, and pillow. We are sending them off to some type of school where they will learn to live on their own. This time slips upon us quickly! We experience joy for their accomplishments, and we experience sadness for the loss we will experience. As you read my passage this week, you may remember a “bed” that touched your soul and caused you some joyful and painful growth!


The Bed


It was only a bed.

How silly I must have been.

I found knowing this and facing this moment were two really different things.

It was so quick.

We just always think there is more time with them.

I really thought I was so much stronger.

Oh! Em You were so brave!

It was all about the time and the space that time occupies.

In one moment you’re so glad and blessed,

In another you are so sad.

You wish for those little hands in yours again.

You see these magnificent adults are not for you and me.

They are for God in this world.

You want their lives to be full and rich.

You watch as God blesses them.

For a flash you see them excitingly waiting for Santa.

You see them sick and help their bodies healing.

You watch them reading.

You watch them playing video games.

You see nightmares go away as you lay beside them.

You watch them doing homework.

You watch them playing ball.

You see them playing chase in the grass.

You see them hiding with great anticipation to scare someone with fun.

You watch them in plays, in games, and in all types of events.

You just don’t expect them to be gone.

You just always expect their little quilt be there.

You always expect them to be in their special spot.

You know they will have this special place in your home.

They will have a special place in your heart forever.

It was just going to be moving a bed that day.

But it turned out to be one of my biggest days of growth.

It’s funny how a bed can bring one so many memories that are joyful and tearful.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thanks so much for taking your personal time this week to read my passage. I hope it has helped you understand a learning about yourself that is important. It is never easy to let them go. If you need some emotional release, head out to the local furniture store and find a new piece of furniture to replace that bed! Maybe it will be a great comfortable chair where you can write your own memoirs!





Family and Tradition





Moon and Sun  Contentment

When life becomes so busy and when day after day and night after night runs into each other, we many times become restless. We forget to savor each second, each moment, and each ray of light. We quickly forget that this time needs to be slowed and protected. We forget to slow down for this time. I share this writing with you this week so you can contemplate on slowing down. Savor contentment in your heart!


As the sun goes down,

The moon comes up.

Another measure of time is discovered.

Where we are sets our time.

Just as God has set the Earth.

My spirit feels excitement and apprehension.

I know my measures are with God.

My mind thinks it can arrange those times,

Only to find the Spirit within the heart is discovering the true way.

As life rises and sets each day,

I realize contentment does not come from the mind.

Contentment comes from the heart.

As I rise and set again in this world,

Time no longer measures living.

Only the soul measures living.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I just want you to know that we all seek this contentment. It is not an easy thing to seek. Thank you for being with me this week as you take in a breath of contentment into your life!