Time and Space

Time and SpaceI am back! Sorry to have been away so long—major computer issues (sad face).  I have missed all of you so much. How ironic though because this week’s writing is about our perception of time and space. I cannot believe how the time has passed so quickly over the past month. I hope you have cherished each moment of each day especially with family and friends—because we are where we are suppose to be right now! Make the very most of that time. Do not count your blessings by the clock or calendar.  If you have not yet, start 2015 off riding a beam of light! Take in all that you can in this very millisecond—you do not want to miss any blessings that are meant to come your way!

Time and Space

Someday I wonder—

Time seems important yet so unnecessary.

I know my spirit is not where my body is,

But I do know that my heart is where my soul lies.


We don’t need time to tell us who we are,

Yet we number our years, our days, our hours, and our minutes.

The sun disappears in one spot and reappears in another.

Rainbows seem to have an ending and beginning,

Yet the ending and beginning are only real to the visual beholder.


If I could ride a beam of light in all its color,

I could go on forever!

Is time real?

Some days it is real,

And other days it is not,

But today is where we are in time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Hold in your soul and heart all that you experience on your light beam ride! I wish all the wonderful new year blessings that God will have for you and your family. Thank you for taking time to read with me this week. I am honored how you spend your time!






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