Surprise from the Stars

Surprise from Stars

I am finally back!!! Technology problems have kept me out of the communication realm. You know how the saying goes—Technology: You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it! I also took some time to be with family. And that is where I want to start today.

I have been so blessed to spend some really quality time with two of my babies the last several weeks. I can hear them now—we are not babies! And they are right—one is 24 and the other is 23. They are beautiful, wonderful adults contributing to society in their own very special ways. It just reminded me that we are given so much from God that we take for granted. We become so caught up in the everyday grind that we dismiss the most precious gift we are given—life and the witness of living! We forget to appreciate those we are given to live with, and we forget to live that life with them. So this week the following writing honors a life given to me 23 years ago. Don’t let 23 years go by without honoring the ones that bless your living!

Surprise From The Stars

You never know what to expect when surprises come along.

Sometimes the surprise is just so wonderful

And beautiful that you know it is surely from God.


One day a surprise in the form of a star fell from God into our family.

Her blue piercing eyes gave a clue to the rich woman that lay inside.

The smile that she showed brought happiness to everyone she met.


She has brought so much joy to all.

Some waited for their deaths from this world just to see her.

Some have learned to live their own lives

Even greater in this world through her.


The curls that she was blessed with make her stand out as one to be reckoned with.

As the curls cascade around her glorious face,

They like her always have a mind of their own.


She has spoken with authority from day one.

She is strong, loving, and caring,

But most of all her heart is for others.


The words she creates are vibrant and alive.

They touch the soul of others reminding them of who they are.

Her imagination reaches into worlds that others could never conceive.


Her personality is one that beams sunshine

And the light of the Holy Spirit.

This star came to our family to provide warmth, honesty, and challenges.


Work to her is simply God’s blessing.

She always expects much more of herself than from others.

That surprise from the stars will forever change this world and worlds to come.


It is so amazing to believe that one could touch so many in such a short period of time.

This amazing person influences all of our lives for now and will through eternity.

As God placed the moon in the dark heaven, he also placed this star here to shine

upon this Earth.


We love you to the stars and beyond.

We love you for eternity.

We could never love a surprise as much.


Shine! Star! Shine!!

Beside the moon and in the flowing dark sky.

Wait for your surprises as we did,

And know you are blessed forever with that wait.

For this world and other worlds are better

By the birth of this great surprise!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

All my love goes out to my two souls that have blessed me with their time and love over the past weeks. Send love to those you share this life with! Thank you for being with me and reading this week. I have really missed living with you! I wish for you blessings and life!



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