Words of Life

Words of Life

Many times my mind is so busy with words and thoughts. It bounces from one word or thought to another with all the rush and hustle of everyday life. Thoughts of what to do next, where to be, who to care for, what needs to be done, and oh yea, plan my purpose! Of course that one always seems to be last. Don’t let this happen to you. Grab those purpose words swirling around and hold on tight. Speak them, write them, draw them, and let them guide you hearing God’s purpose for your life. All of this mind and soul activity is your own specific purpose trying to get out! Use these word of life to unleash your creative purpose. Watch God lift your words to life!

Words of Life

The mind is so very busy.

Or does the brain cause this busyness?

Most of the time words are just constantly floating, spinning, and whirling.

I am confident that my soul will recapture that mind—

Or brain—or words to bring forth my Creators purpose.


Even when I do not understand the words—

The Creator does.

The Creator helps me to create my purpose.

This purpose is unique.


A purpose that carries this mind to reach where the physical cannot go.

A passion that moves the mind from chaos to creativity.

Oh! Creator let my soul always be open so that—

These phrases can take me to levels never conceived!


The mind is my purpose and my passion.

But only with the soul as its guide.

And the soul has the Creator as its mentor.

Mind-or Brain-or Soul please always float, spin, and whirl my words.

For the Creator sets those words to life.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Whether it be music, words, laughter, painting, acting, cooking or any creative thoughts, let them be your words of life. And most importantly, share those words with others! Thank you for starting your year off reading with me. I know your year is going to bring many blessings and experiences that will be lifetime moments. Bless you and yours!









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