He Is There

He Is There

Loneliness—what a thief! It sneaks upon us in seconds. Especially after times where we have enjoyed friends and family. Or after times where we were able to find enjoyment. When everyone has gone home or you return to an empty house, the culprit sees the opportunity to enter your space. Maybe you don’t find yourself in this situation, but I really believe many of us do. We try to continue our joy and our feelings of blessings, but when we find ourselves in the middle of no one, the thief hits! It tries to steal our happiness and our feelings of joy. I think one of our best defenses against this trespasser is acknowledging and realizing we are never left alone. God is always there. He can always fill the space that the thief tries to occupy. He provides us with these amazing minds that allow for memories and thought patterns, so we can store those wonderful times. So put your smile on and welcome the quiet times, because God is always there! He has given you the power to defeat the thief!

He Is There

Sometimes I just can’t describe what it feels like to be close to God.

The times my heart fills so full that I can’t keep it in!

Or the times joy brings tears to my eyes.

I always know that He is with me.

He is there.


But when I see the faces of my children or grandchildren,

I know He is right there.

When someone sacrifices to give to me when I really don’t deserve it,

He is in them shining through.

He is there.


When I have been delivered from an almost accident.

Or when I say something I should have not said.

Or when I did not say what was on my mind.

When I should be bold and brave.

He is there.


He knows me.

He knows me more than my own soul knows itself.

God fills me up and lifts my soul into the space of the night.

Allowing me to soak in the darkness so that it can change into light.

The emptiness becomes illuminated.

He is there.


He cares for me.

He protects me from myself.

He provides people that love me.

He is always there.

He will always be there.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Remember—if you find yourself in that alone spot, there is someone, somewhere that depends on you and your love. And God is there to show you that someone! Reach out today—Stay connected today—God loves you and he has given people to love you! My love goes out to you today. He is always there!

And thank you for reading with me. I hope God has blessed you with our time together!







One thought on “He Is There

  1. Beautifully expressed, Renae. I frequently have these feelings. I can and do visit my kids whenever I want. They love me. They are there when I need them. Living alone as I do — and want — there are times when I feel that lonely sadness. Not often, not long. I have my puppy . . . and I have God. I am blessed.

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