Ode To The City

Ode to the City

My interpretation of a city visit has been expressed in the writing today.  I had the opportunity to visit my daughter in New York City a couple of years ago and was rudely awakened to the pace of my life compared to city life!  I have always lived in the south and in a small town that moves at a snail’s pace.  Although everything seemed to be going so fast in the city, it was at the same moment there was a timelessness about the whole space.  The cultures, the religions, and the sacred were all so visible.  I would catch a glimpse of a person reading by a shaded tree, a person lunching at a table in a small park, creative people entertaining others who had stopped to peak into the arts, a squirrel finding some yummies in the grass, a family having a special moment at a fountain, and even a person sharing their apple with another person on the subway.  I was able to see all of this fast time slow down and even stop for just a minute.  I think it is important no matter where we are we understand our environment.  In understanding it, we can find and see spots where the Holy Spirit is working!

One of my favorites on that trip was in the Natural History Museum.  There is a room dedicated to sea life, and the center of the room holds a gigantic whale suspended and floating above you.  There is a gigantic pad across the floor representing the sea floor.  You are encouraged to lie down and experience the real sensation of the sea.  That experience lets you realize very quickly the perspective of man and his hierarchy in the world.  But at the same time the uniqueness of this experience happening in the middle of this fast pace.  I was so happy that here in this city my southern snail pace could be accepted by a whale!  All of this to say, no matter where you are visiting or where you live, control your pace.  You are the only one that can!  If you are at the lake, at the ocean, in the city, on a farm, or where ever you are this summer, find the pace that allows you to experience a blessing provided by the Holy Spirit!

Ode to the City

Swoosh!  Swish!  Swash!

Buildings buzzing by.

There are so many.

They cover the sky.

They cover the ground.


They pierce into the clouds.

There is something in every millimeter.

They block the air.

They take over the trees.

They have many, many windows.


Pictures, people, lights, blur together from so many!

Fast!  Faster!  Fastest!

Everyone chooses to go fast!

Speed trot!  Speed walk!  Speed run!

Go!  Go!  Go!


Brick, mortar, metal melts together like a big sculpture.

Weird smells, loud sounds, and colored lights.

Parks and benches in the middle of art and architecture.

Excitement and entertainment everywhere!


All types of foods for the palette.

Italian, Chinese, American, Tai, English, Japanese.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, drinks.

Fresh ingredients, new mixes, old taste.

Every corner, every crevice, every street.


Scary but comforting.

Emotional but prideful.

Police, ambulances, firemen, security guards.

Big City!  Big Buildings!  Big!

Life moves differently.

Oh! City

Oh! City


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for reading with me this week.  I am so pleased you chose the pace that led you here!  I have to say Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband today.  That is the reason I am a little later posting, we were just enjoying the company of each other.  After 38 years I still find such peace enjoying an afternoon with Danny at the pool!  You could say my paced just stopped a little today!!  Let your pace stop and enjoy your summer!












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