Tears, Touches, and Time

Tears Touches Time

Healing hurts so badly.  It does not matter your age, personality, or status in life.  But it is so necessary to heal and move on in order to recognize the worthiness of life.  I have known many people that just could never get past circumstances that have affected their lives.  They lack hope, joy, and peace.  I have struggled with difficulty moving forward just like you have in certain situations.  We have to move forward.  The alternative is to move backward which brings resentment, depression, and fear.  God intended for us to be the very best we can be in this life.  We cannot do that if we allow fear and pain to control and manage our existence.  Stop and don’t let it in!  You can do it.  I know if I have and can, that you can to.  Think positively and with hope!  You are the only you in this world and God has great plans for your life!  And mine!!

Tears, Touches, and Time

It is so hard to understand why life hurts so much sometimes.

One experience or two or three,

Can make small holes in your soul.

Not holes in your heart, but in your soul.


Your soul tries to heal by letting the pain go through,

But one can feel the pierce,

Then the puncture,

And then the pain piercing completely through.


The Spirit touches the hole with people,

With miracles,

And even with His majestic art.

But this is a slow process.


People remember at first,

Then they forget.

Time expands between miracles like it should,

And the majestic art turns into a bleak and rainy day.


Of course if we would not feel, see, or touch these helps,

Healing could not happen.

If we did not experience pain,

We really could not experience the joy.


Then when the holes start healing from inside out,

The pain becomes less,

But also changes.

With each pang,

The soul can smile at that one memory or that one joy.


It might be a small bunny in the grass,

It might be a field of red clover,

Or it might be dinner with a friend.

God’s touch creates layer after layer to cover the hole.


The soul starts creating again.

The mind sees the beauty in all things even death.

The heart searches again for peach, love, and happiness.

Just as God forgives us each time we cause a hole in His soul,

We forgive others.


Just as God’s tears fill the hole in our souls,

So does our kindness and giving heal the souls of others.

Life does hurt.

Living is a process that is not easy.


God’s tears, touches, and time—

On these experiences make heaven even more real.

Tears soothe, touches caress, and time refreshes the mind.

The realism of hope brings healing.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

May healing bring you peace, love, and hope this week!  Thank you for being with me and reading my thoughts of this world and beyond.  I so appreciate your time and effort to think, dream, and love!






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