The Pumpkin Place


There are very few real farmer’s markets left in town.  You know the ones where strawberries and tomatoes are available in the spring and summer and Christmas trees in the winter.  The large mega groceries have filled the demand of fresh produce which has caused many mom and pop stands to go by the wayside.  I find this so sad.  I am so happy we still have one left called Reed’s.  There is no better way to celebrate the beautiful harvest than with a visit to Reed’s.  Just all the colors alone will spark up your brain cells!  Combine that with the great alluring smells and you can’t help but be thankful.  We would always take the family for each person to pick a pumpkin and then of course we would pick the one to carve.  If peanuts or a jar of relish got in the mix, we were even happier!  It just was a great way to share love, excitement, and appreciate the harvest given to us so freely.  So don’t let the miracle of this season pass without enjoying it.  Get on the computer and find a pumpkin place near you.  Take someone you love, indulge in the bounty, and truly realize how thankful you are!

The Pumpkin Place

I drive by slowly.

Looking intently.

Just waiting in excitement!

For what?

For the arrival of the pumpkins at the Pumpkin Place!


The Pumpkin Place has white-wash wood boards that support a tin roof,

Which provides a dry spot during the afternoon rains.

The little building has withstood the rise of the river during early spring.

And the winds that howl through the cemetery during the winter.

The same winds that toss the leaves and pile them up against the stone fence.


Why all the excitement?

Because the pumpkins come in and parade their colors and special shapes like a line of floats at a homecoming parade!

All wanting to be chosen as the special one to go home and find their perfect place to shine.

Whether it be in a pie or on a porch.

Large and small tables hold the beautiful specimens.


What colors will there be this year?

Rust, spice, sunburst, white, green and orange, speckled, burnt sienna, and bright orange.

The rich colorful hues float in my head!

What shapes can I expect?

Round, oval, tall, small, bumpy, smooth, short, and large.

All having their own special spot.

Making the Pumpkin Place a rainbow of fall!


I can smell the strong scent of the mums sitting amongst the pumpkins.

The tan and crunchy corn stalks surround them like soldiers guarding a treasure.

I feel the rough Indian corn with its multiple colors to soak in the warmth of the season.

The canned goods all lined in a row capturing all the flavors of summer that will make our Fall meal complete.

The dry roasted peanuts just waiting to be scooped up as a snack!


The Pumpkin Place will open like a magical land.

Row after row of excitement.

Moment after moment of anticipation.

All that venture in should be prepared—

Prepared to be overtaken by the autumn haven!

And go home with your Pumpkin Place prize!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

May the miracles of this blessed season be yours to enjoy and share.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.  I pray you have received something insightful and can truly take away a blessing!  Happy Fall!







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