Village Prayers

Village Prayer Flags

A few of you may have noticed that I have not been posting recently.  Lately, our family has been hit head on with life.  I wish I could say all positive, but that would just not be so.  I post today to let you know that I am coming to my village to request prayers be lifted up for my family.  I know that even the smallest prayer can be heard by our Creator, but I especially know when a village joins and voices their request that the Spirit moves so greatly on our behalf.  Please put your prayer flag out for us.  I will be absent from my post for a little while, but please remain with me.  I need to care and focus on my family at this time.  Maybe at a later date I can share how our Creator has used this time to help us grow, love more, and strengthen our relationships.  I will be back to share with you after our healing has occurred and our family strength has increased.  Thank you in advance for your support and love!  God bless you and yours!





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