A New Dream

A New Dream

Doesn’t everyone love a new start?  We just get excited thinking about a new dream.  Or we find ourselves like kids again at Christmas when a new opportunity or direction presents itself.  Being a retired teacher, I could not help but to be reminded this week of the beginning of a new school year.

It was always so exciting and I mean for everyone!  Even for the students that I had known from broken homes, those that did not always find learning the required way easy, those that always found themselves in trouble, those with shoes from Walmart, or those with shirts from Dillards.  No matter what had happened in the past, who you were, or where you had been——It was always a new beginning and a new dream for everyone!  Including the teachers!  This gave me such hope.  Because I always knew new relationships would be made and new bonds would be found.  I could always make a difference for some sweet soul that needed love in their lives.  Now isn’t it really ironic that God always gives us that new beginning.  When I make poor choices, I make wrong decisions, or I go the wrong way, God says I give you grace.  God says try again.  He gives us a new dream.  And He doesn’t just hand it to us, He gives us a new lesson to go along with the new dream!

Many of us beat ourselves up for these mistakes, but God does not.  He sees this as a great opportunity for us to learn.  Just like our teachers do with our students!  So take it easier on yourself next time and remember to give yourself what you would give others—a new beginning, a new dream, or a new start!

A New Dream

I can smell the excitement of newness!

I can see all the vivid colors.

I can hear all the sounds of hope.

I hold the just purchased supplies as gems to never let go!


Feathering the paper as it comes out of the pack,

I can already see the new stories created,

I can hear the facts of new leaning,

I can imagine the new drawings that appear across the pages!


Opening up the new packaged pencils,

I get a sniff of the rich wood from where they were cut.

Holding one pencil tightly,

I can feel the discoveries that will be scribed.


The snap of the new notebook back and forth quickly makes a tight loud sound.

Oh! To think of all the treasures that will be placed there!

The colors and patterns on the front inspire me.

The space allows for my personal influence.


The highlighters’ lids click on and off, as I check to see they are quickly ready to go!

Different colors are lined up in a row like little soldiers to vividly mark the new terms.

The brightly designed dividers slip out of the pack.

I find a special location for each of them in the snappy binder!

They will help me sort my new finds to later peruse.


The new pack of pens glisten demonstrating their eagerness to make their mark!

They will penetrate the paper creating adventure, drama, and reflection.

New sneakers, new jeans, and new views.

New seats, new people, and new environment.

All saying I have another chance for a new beginning!


Do these new things represent money?

Do these fresh items represent class?

Do these new items represent intelligence?

Can someone know who I am by these things?

Absolutely not!


They represent a new beginning!

They demonstrate an equal chance for everyone again.

They show that we all can have new start!

No matter where we came from and no matter where we are going—

We are all new again!


A new start with new discoveries!

A new direction with fresh perspective.

A new hope by going further in seeking more knowledge.

A new me, going further than I ever believed or than anyone ever told me!


So you see, this is not just a new pencil or paper.

This is not just a notebook or highlighters of many colors.

This is my new chance to dream life beyond imaginations!

This is my new beginning to dream!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope this week gets you excited about a new dream!  Whether it be within a relationship, a career, or some special area of your life.  As my son has learned and says—tomorrow is your extra day for living!  Live it like a new day!










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