Is It Life or Is It Living?

Is It Life or Is It Living

Over the years I have observed that way too many people just exist.  They simply trudge from one second to another never feeling love or joy.  I am not sure if this is a learned behavior or just an emotional behavior due to environment where someone has lost hope.  Then we see these other individuals that are joyful, loving, and hopeful every second of every day in every situation.  They understand they must live to have a life in this realm.  And they know this cannot happen without a purpose and passion.  Examine where you are in this journey.  Are you exhibiting life and living or are you just existing?  Let your life live a little bit this week!

Is It Life or Is It Living?

It was on that day that I knew what life was about.

It was also on that day that I discovered what living was not.

Life begins with our souls being placed in our bodies.

Living begins when that body finally catches up with the soul.


Our lives are composed of years, months, and days.

Of hours, minutes, and seconds.

All coming together to make up a life.

A life in one realm from beginning to end.


If only we could discover that living is really what is in our souls.

People could be happy and childlike.

They would be able to experience real joy.

Their joy would lead to loving others unconditionally.


Simply living from year to year.

Or second to second.

Is only the body moving through time.

Not the soul experiencing life.


Our souls have to feel and love.

We are created from a place of feeling and loving.

Our bodies are created from a place of miracles.

And they carry those atoms of those before us.


When the two meet.

We have life.

Living becomes our way of feeling the earth and loving the heavens.

Living gives us passion and purpose.


As the body catches up with the soul.

The living process becomes so important.

Not to just travel through time.

But to reach that purpose and passion.


Then as the body weakens and comes to an end.

It gives in to the soul once more.

The soul reaches past the stage of just life.

It has to leave the body in order that it can once again experience living in creation.


And we are again welcomed by the Creator.

The soul uses all that it has learned.

To live again.

Feel and love again even more.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that the piece this week has provoked you to think about this special place we all need to be, life and living.  I hope you are questioning, thinking, and examining what’s really happening to you here in this time and at this moment.  Try to not always engage in just something to do.  Don’t fill the space within a schedule that cannot let you have life and living!  Especially the life and living God has so freely given you.  Blessings on this journey!














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