Birth Day

It’s your birth day!!!  Oh! How we all interpret this so differently!  As a youngster the most exciting thing in the world is to know your birth day is coming or it is here.  It brings gifts and parties which means cake and yummies.  Then as teens we are so excited because it is usually a day we get to celebrate with peers.  A time where you have established yourself as a member of a group.  You start to understand belonging.  As a young adult we see the birth days giving us that freedom we have so desired.  We are out on our own exploring the world! The next birth days in our 30’s and 40’s become a little less about you and more about who you are sharing your life with.  More of reflecting on the goals you are reaching and are you pursuing the right path in your life.  Then the middle years arrive.  Our birth days remind us how precious life is.  As we lose some of those we love and gain others that we love, we understand the true meaning of living.  We examine our life to see if we have done all the great things we dreamed of, and if we have not, we become very focused on making those happen.  Then the years begin to add up to the golden years.  Wow!  Are these birth days special!  We are very excited to see another birth day!  Our day to day living includes hobbies you dreamed of, trips you planned, and the miracles you witness each and everyday of this life.  No matter where your birth day lands in the year, and no matter what level of celebration you are at, never let a birth day go by that you do not give thanks!  Give thanks that you were chosen to be here for others! Celebrate your uniqueness as a human!  Be joyous over what you are doing or what you have done or what you will do!  This day is so important because you were chosen to put your mark in this time and place for a specific reason.  So—Celebrate!  Party!  Give thanks!  And rejoice for who you are and for the fact you really do have a birth day!

Birth Day

Moment by moment.

Hour by hour.

Day by day.

Year by year.                                          

These seconds of our lives are connected.

We turn around and it is another birthday.

The minute, hour, and day we were birthed.

We become a separated physical and mental being.

Capable to physically live by oneself.

Mentally able to grow.

We either go from this birth,

Kicking and screaming.

Or flailing and in a panic.

Or inquisitive and calm.

All entrees demanding our own needs.

From that day of celebration.

We make our tracks in this world.

We are our own individuals made like no one else.

We lay our hands on the lives of others.

Our growth is due to the care and love of others.

Our memories lay in our rigged minds.

The experiences we go through are stored there as well.

The heart and the soul that is ours.

Make choices that create this path of our life.

The decisions within our souls on that birth day.

Some of us support birth days.

As if there may never be another.

Others of us see them coming,

And wish there had never been one.

But no matter our view they come around.

But that is not our choice.

What sets that birth in motion,

Also sets the life we will live.

Or the life we will continue to live.

Documented from year to year.

Maybe that birth day,

Is when we were picked from the stars and the angels.

To enlighten others in another world.

To bring love, joy, and happiness to someone else.

To carry out our specific purpose and to serve others.

Then a day comes when our journey ends.

Our hearts and souls move to another place of love and joy.

Bringing all our experiences that has fallen from birth day to birth day.

Making each little moment between those precious.

All of these moments there forever.

Let not your birth day come without celebration!

Someone somewhere felt you were worthy enough to be chosen to love others.

Chosen with your own special code of structure.

Do not let a moment go that you do not love.

And do not let a year go by without truly living these seconds of your life!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for being with me this week.  I totally understand that your time is very special.  I am so honored you spend some of that with me!  Stop and think about your birth day this year.  Do not let it go by without celebrating.  This does not have to be put on by other people.  It is your day, so celebrate like you want to.  You make it happen because it is your day.  Make it happen in the fashion you want.  Just never hesitate to celebrate the unique person you are!  Happy birth day to each of you all year long!





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