Always At Home


New York Skyline

At this time of year many families and family members are traveling away from home. This writing was for my daughter as she ventured out into the world last summer. This week I am so blessed to be with her in New York! As we travel, we will carry our families and family traditions with us no matter where we go. These memories and rituals allow us to be at home no matter where we travel!


Always At Home

This is your journey.

You are afraid and it is ok to be afraid.

Do not let that fear stop you.

Many have sacrificed for you to be able to go this path.


Em, Jim, Great Grandmothers, Great Grandfathers, and Great Greats!

They have not sacrificed money or finances,

But they have sacrificed in order that you can make the journey.

Making the journey further than they ever did.


Remember where you have come from .

Remember how you have been raised.

Never lose yourself or give yourself away.

Deep inside you know who you are.

Although new relationships will be made and new environments will be in your life.

Stay true to you.

Stay true to the soul God made.


See, this journey is not just for you.

It is for those whose lives you will change.

You are going to be God’s servant to someone else.

Even though you do not know who this is.


Experience and live and sing and dance.

Take all that you see with you.

Carry it on to the next part of your travel.

When you stand at the Statue of Liberty-

When you see the sun set behind the Brooklyn Bridge –

When you present your work to others,

You are not standing alone.


I am beside you.

Dad is beside you.

All that have struggled, lived, and learned are beside you.

Everyone is standing with you to triumph.

You will be someone else’s experience, joy, and light.

Someone else will be blessed to have known you.


Just know when you cross the porch leaving to travel.

You can always come home.

Come home not to hide from the world,

But come home to rest from the world.


Then you can go on to your next path .

You can go with confidence, security, and hope.

But you can always come home.

Don’t forget you are always at home wherever you are.

Why? Because we are with you.

God will always make sure that you are always at home!


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


Happy trails for the summer!

“Home Sweet Home” is only a moment away!





Family and Traditions


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