Passion Through Purpose


As I sat with my daughter this week looking across the Hudson River at Ellis Island and Lady Liberty, I could not help but to reflect on the bravery and passion represented by so many of our family members. How their sacrifice and passion for a better life for their families carried them to a new world. I am so thankful for their love for me and for seeing the future for family.  They have allowed all of our dreams to come true!  They have allowed our children’s dreams to come true!  This is for those who loved us before they knew us. Reflect on your loved ones who sacrificed for you.

Passion Through Purpose

Let us be as immigrants-

As we know, love, and honor from where we came.


His short pencil, knife-sharpened, and pad in pocket,

Scribbles on paper.

Some words with patterns,

Some words with loss of letters,

Yet the model of my life.

His valor through the $1.50 work weeks.

His respect from all of those who shake his hand,

The sparkle in his blue-green eyes.

Pride for the one who he had given life.


With one by his side,

Together and young as their school days ended.

Celebrating life as change made its way.


She continued to work as the child grew to her heart,

Miles from the 260 acre farm.

Her soul never met a stranger.

Her heart fed them all.

She was real.


It is my purpose that stands through these words.

For and through this man and woman-

I celebrate the hope that my pencil and soul holds.

That my hand and heart reaches out to each child.

For each child has a pocket to fill and a soul to satisfy.

Will it be you or I?

No matter.

Let us all be as immigrants with passion

As we share, grow, fill, and satisfy where we go.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman



Don’t let those down that sacrificed for you—go out this week with passion and a greater purpose!






Family and Traditions





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