God’s Breath

Gods BreathThe senses are so important in this life. We see, touch, feel, breath, smell, hear, listen, and more. Much of the time we quickly want our reactions to these senses to be recognized before we actually experience them. I wrote this piece at a time when I just wanted to “be” and take in all that God was offering me through my senses. After you read, let yourself “be” today and don’t miss out on an amazing experience!


God’s Breath

I stand with the dark sky at my face.

Quiet surrounds everything.

I then feel the breath pass across the back of my neck.

Not warm, not cold, but gentle.


Awe feels my thoughts, my heart, and my spirit.

My face lifts to feel His touch.

I hold the warm cup closer to me,

As I breathe to take in His Spirit.


For one second I feel as though I am on another plane,

Another time,

And at peace with the Holy Spirit.

I know I am His.

I know that I am in a sacred place.


My heart feels joy.

Time disappears because there is no need for space when we are filled.

The chimes slowly draw me back to the present.

As I glance up toward the sky,

The darkness has been illuminated from the light of the stars and moon.


The gentle flutter of wings are heard.

In the far, dogs yawn and wake.

The rustle of the creek water rushing the reeds.


God has brought another day into our lives.

To live, to love, to find joy,

To overcome fear, to have faith, and to move forward.

His breath carries us on.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 This week as your senses go to work remember a key one can be to listen. Listen for God’s breath upon your life!







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