The Bed

The Bed

During this time of the year as parents, we have to send these special blessings we have been given out into the world. We help them supply their backpacks with pencils, notebooks, and markers. We help them pack up a microwave, comforter, and pillow. We are sending them off to some type of school where they will learn to live on their own. This time slips upon us quickly! We experience joy for their accomplishments, and we experience sadness for the loss we will experience. As you read my passage this week, you may remember a “bed” that touched your soul and caused you some joyful and painful growth!


The Bed


It was only a bed.

How silly I must have been.

I found knowing this and facing this moment were two really different things.

It was so quick.

We just always think there is more time with them.

I really thought I was so much stronger.

Oh! Em You were so brave!

It was all about the time and the space that time occupies.

In one moment you’re so glad and blessed,

In another you are so sad.

You wish for those little hands in yours again.

You see these magnificent adults are not for you and me.

They are for God in this world.

You want their lives to be full and rich.

You watch as God blesses them.

For a flash you see them excitingly waiting for Santa.

You see them sick and help their bodies healing.

You watch them reading.

You watch them playing video games.

You see nightmares go away as you lay beside them.

You watch them doing homework.

You watch them playing ball.

You see them playing chase in the grass.

You see them hiding with great anticipation to scare someone with fun.

You watch them in plays, in games, and in all types of events.

You just don’t expect them to be gone.

You just always expect their little quilt be there.

You always expect them to be in their special spot.

You know they will have this special place in your home.

They will have a special place in your heart forever.

It was just going to be moving a bed that day.

But it turned out to be one of my biggest days of growth.

It’s funny how a bed can bring one so many memories that are joyful and tearful.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thanks so much for taking your personal time this week to read my passage. I hope it has helped you understand a learning about yourself that is important. It is never easy to let them go. If you need some emotional release, head out to the local furniture store and find a new piece of furniture to replace that bed! Maybe it will be a great comfortable chair where you can write your own memoirs!





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