Lula Lane

Lula Lane

With so many changes in nature that will begin in the next several weeks, we just really need to stop and see what is all around us. What colors do we see? What do we hear? What can we smell? What are we missing? Let time stop for you this week for just one moment. See what is all around you in your part of the world!


Lula Lane

There is a road that most people chose not to travel.

If only they knew the jewels that could be found there.

The first lives in a small cabin home on a small hillside.


He is Mr. Junior Ray.

He holds the pipe in his mouth near his scruffy beard.

A smile creeps out as he begins describing his gardens.

His eyes brighten as he describes his paintings.

He proceeds to explain how he is so close to God.

His closeness is under the trees, in the dirt, and with a hoe in hand.

He has all rights to shine about his gifts.

The gardens that he tills for God blossom.

The displays show every color imaginable.

The cockscombs are blood red.

The lilies are so delicate.

The corn reaches to the sky, green with golden tassels.


Down the road a bit, Mrs. Ida, hat in tow, loves to share the seeds of her passion plant.

See she has grown these white delicacies for years.

The plants’ strong stems hold these big bells upright.

They become very heavy and begin to cascade down the rock wall.


Further up the road, Mike plants wheat among the clover.

Next year we will all feel like we stepped onto the yellow brick road.

The golden heads of the wheat will blow and the crimson clover heads will pop below.

Mike will till and sow.

To watch the seeds grow.

With a group of energetic teenagers,

The fruits of the field will be cut, baled, and stored.


On down the road, toward the heart of the hollow,

Mr. Sam’s tractor can be heard.

The smell of hay is not far behind the sound.

Brown Dog carefully, but faithfully, trots beside and in front, keeping a safe distance.

The cows Mr. Sam feeds shuffle to make room for the hay to be dropped.

Once dropped they feast eagerly on the meal.


All at once flitters and flutters can be heard.

The doves take flight when they hear all of us.

The creek trickles as it runs past rocks and roots.

A grey heron pushes from the bank.

Her babies are tucked away as she enters the sky to take flight.

Her grey body resembles the pterodactyl of prehistoric times.

She so gently takes charge of the wind.

A swarm of gnats spin like a tornado,

As sulfa butterflies dance between the blackberries and the passion vines.


This is one road, leading to a buried lane in Tennessee.

All people should be so blessed to live on Lula Lane.

All people should be blessed to lose their way onto Lula Lane.

They would never return to reality.


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

See the colors, hear the sounds, notice the people, and smell the basil this week in your world! Thank you so very much for exploring my world with me this week by reading my post. I really appreciate the time you have spent with me! Soak everything in this week!!








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