Watching Her Live

Watching Her Live

I come to you this week with sadness. I really know I should not be sad, because I have been so blessed to have known this person and to have lived with her for 56 years. My Mom’s birthday is this week. She went to her garden in heaven one and a half years ago after an 11 year battle with Alzheimer’s. She was and is my best friend, my decorating companion, my security, my questioner, my supporter, and I absolutely knew she would lay down her life for me.  My sadness comes from the absence of her physical being, her voice and body beside me. However, I have to be joyful because I would have rather known her and loved her than never have met her. I find peace this week because she is still watching over me and my family through her loving soul. There is someone in your life to watch live—don’t miss out on every second you have to love them! Rejoice in the opportunity you have been given!

Watching Her Live

The same question comes up again and again.

She smiles.

She rest.

She works.

Then she begins again.


She has given so much to all she loves.

She have given everything for her home.

She has lived!

She has loved her Lord,

Enjoyed her friends,

Served the community,

And always welcomed others.


Watching her live has meant so much,

But it has become hard.

She does not always remember.

She has especially forgotten the times of joy in the garden,

The celebrations,

And the cooking together.

Her soul so much wants to do the tasks from the past,

But her body tells her it is time to rest.


I know her love of life is there.

I know her love for me remains for all throughout eternity.

She has rescued me,

Loved me,

Guided me,

And led me to freedom as a woman.


Even though it is hard to watch her live at times,

I will not only watch.

I will hold her hand,

I will share with her,

And I especially will love her beyond this life.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Alzheimer’s is a really difficult disease. It is not just someone simply getting older. The person goes through changes that they would never want to be revealed. They can lose dignity in themselves, and they can become very fearful because they do not know what is actually happening. It is a disease that is especially hard for the family supporting their loved one. Love a family this week going through this disease.

Thank you for reading with me this week. Sometimes we cannot always feel good about all things, but I hope I have shared some awareness this week about loving those we know that are battling tough situations. I really appreciate your support and love through this blog. Do not hesitate in telling someone how much you care and love them.





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