Mirror of Colors

Mirror of Colors

Look into your reflection this week and examine your own soul. Don’t be afraid. You will find all the beautiful gifts that you were given! Reflect those gifts onto all the other souls that will be blessed to be with you this week. You are truly a special soul, so don’t hold back on the opportunity to bless someone else!

Mirror of Colors

Your skin is cool,

But warmth is felt inside.

As the walnuts fall like rain,

The breeze gently touches your cheek.


It appears someone’s paint brush touched the Earth and trees.

If Monet where here he could not do as well.

One color after another blends

To make the beautiful palette of the land.


The last lady bug and butterfly rest and fly

Before the winter breeze changes coming from the North.

The breeze causes the water to ripple.

The leaves ride the waves like a swan glides across the glass.


Then of course when she sees the palette

As the reflection of the painter,

She also sees the reflection of herself in the mirror.

And knows the painter has created a masterpiece.


She settles warmly into the curves of the bench,

She contemplates the image.

She breaths in the air which is cool,

But warming and knows who she truly has become.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Reflect your beautiful self this week! I so appreciate you reading with me this week, and I hope I have reflected some beauty into your week!








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