Seasons and Souls

10  7  14

Celebrate the souls you have in the particular season of life you are experiencing! The beautiful colors of fall are individual colors yet together create such amazing scenes. The same is true of the many different people we live with or encounter day to day. Find the souls that help you create that spectacular scene! Stop, rest, and breathe in the amazing richness that you all create together this time of year!

Seasons and Souls

I do not know whether it is the brightness of the hues.

Or the richness of the textures.

The various oranges, reds, and yellows.

Golds, browns, and greens.

They all contrast each other,

Yet they hold to the specialty of each other.

They complement each other.


So much like people,

Each brings great depth to the full scene.

Yet together the scene becomes alive

And engraves the beauty in our minds.

Each has their own special place.


All the colors just make my heart rise in joy!

Mixed with the path of the butterflies,

The ironweed and golden rod line the rows.

Yellow and deep purple,

This sight gives us such hope.


The different feel of the breeze gently tosses the colors and hues.

They dance around or move back and forth,

Making them reach higher for the last moments of sun.

Some flicker with silver and gold as they are blown.

Just as souls shift and glide and blend with other souls

To make the dance so rich,

So do the colors.


As I take in the fresh air

And I see the extreme variations of the art,

The scents are intoxicating with their soothing blends.

No wonder the bright yellow bumble bee searches for the last hints of nectar.

The birds nibble on the last beautiful, bright fruits.


I know these scenes could only be painted by one.

That one has chosen us to have this precious experience.

A small touch of His coolness creates such warmth.

There is only one that can create such beauty

Within our lives through seasons and souls!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I really appreciate you being one of the souls I can visit with this week! I ask for blessings on the scenes you see this week and the souls you touch! Thank you again for reading!







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